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Old Fashioned Cocktail - Old Fashion - (Old Fashioned) - the correct composition, proportions and recipe


The cocktail “Old Fashion” (“Old Fashioned”) was first mentioned in official sources in 1895. The recipe for this alcohol mix was published in the book “Modern American Drinks”. Now “Old Fashioned” is recognized as a classic. It is on the register of official mixed drinks of the International Barmen Association. Having tried it once, it is difficult to forget the taste of this vintage drink, which can both improve your appetite and help you relax.

The legend of the cocktail “Old Fashion”

The first “Old fashioned” glass was made in 1880 in one of Kentucky's bars. The bartender from the institution “Pendennis Club”, which was located in the town of Louisville, decided to please a new drink of a regular client of the bar of retired Colonel James Papper. The alcohol connoisseur liked the lover of alcohol, so he even asked for his recipe. It is interesting that later Mr. Papper will become the head of America’s largest bourbon production.

Papper shared a recipe for a delicious drink with one of the bartenders at a New York hotel. The introduction of the mix into the hotel’s bar card played an important role in the further distribution of the cocktail throughout the United States, and then beyond.

“Old Fashion” was the favorite drink of the 33rd President of the United States. Harry Truman made his own cocktail and used it as an aperitif. The president’s wife, Bess Truman, was not indifferent to the exquisite taste of “Old Fashioned”.

The recipe for an alcoholic drink has not changed for 130 years, however, along with the classic “Old-Fashioned”, there are also variations of the alcohol mix.

The composition and proportions of the cocktail

The basis of the cocktail “Old fashioned” is a variety of American whiskey - bourbon. This alcohol is prepared in a special way from cereals, mainly corn. Bourbon has a unique taste and aroma, so a cocktail with its participation is considered a classic option. For a cocktail, this alcohol is taken in an amount of 50 ml.

The next component of Old Fashioned is bitter. The strength of this balm can reach 45% vol. It is based on plant components (herbs and fruits). Traditionally, “Old Fashion” adds Angostur herbal tincture. At the same time, the amount of herbal alcohol should not exceed 3-5 ml, since extra drops of tincture can spoil the taste of the cocktail, making it grassy.

The composition of the drink includes several pieces of refined sugar, the action of which softens the somewhat harsh taste of bourbon. Sugar is added in an amount of 5 g.

If you want to reduce the strength of the cocktail “Old-Fashioned”, use water. Which liquid to take - carbonated or non-carbonated - depends on the individual preferences of the cocktail lover, however, its amount should not exceed 15-20 ml. Excess water will turn the mix into a kind of original drink.

An obligatory ingredient in the composition of “Old Fashion” is crushed ice in the amount of 150-200 g.

Decorate the glass with a slice of orange or cherry.

How to cook “Old fashioned”?

In order to prepare an “Old-Fashioned” cocktail, you should take the following dishes:

  1. A capacity of old fashioned, also called a glass of rox. A glass of this type is stable, has a large volume and weight. Thanks to the thick bottom, the contents of the glass are kept cool longer than in simple glass containers.
  2. A bar spoon. With its help layered cocktails are stirred.
  3. Knife for zest. It will help to gently peel the peel from the orange and beautifully cut the citrus.
  4. Cocktail tubes.

To get the classic version of the cocktail “Old Fashioned”, you must adhere to the following required steps:

  • cool a glass of rox in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes,
  • put in a cooled glass 2 pieces of sugar, add bitter, and then mix the ingredients,
  • pour bourbon into a glass, put pieces of ice, mix all the ingredients thoroughly,
  • if necessary, reduce the strength by adding water or soda,
  • mix the resulting mix, and then garnish with zest or cherry,
  • You can serve a cocktail with or without a straw.

The classic recipe involves the use of bourbon or whiskey, made on the basis of rye. However, bartenders are experimenting with the composition of the mix, adding other brands of elite alcohol instead of the usual alcohol. So, for example, there is the “Old Fashioned” version made of scotch tape, Angostur bitter and Drambui liquor, which is used to replace sugar. The basis of the cocktail can be rum, brandy or cognac. In the 40s. XX century it has become fashionable to add to the “Old Fashioned” gin. Alcohol can be anything, but always quality.

You can prepare the “Old Fashioned” drink using the Madele method, which uses the Madeler bar pestle. The process technology is as follows: sugar and bitter are mixed, then a slice of orange and cherry is added to these ingredients. The contents of the glass are kneaded by the madler, and then the following components are added to the glass. This method allows you to soften the taste of the cocktail. Although with a decrease in sharpness, the originality of the drink will also disappear.

There are recipes for the “Old Fashioned” cocktail, which contain various additives in the form of other liquors and bitters. So, an interesting option will turn out if you mix Cointreau and Maraskin liquor. The first can also be replaced with sweet alcohol Curacao.

They make “Old Fashion” and with the addition of mescal. For this, 1 tbsp. Muscovado sugar is mixed with Angostur herbal tincture and Efrodite bitter, after which 50 ml of mescal are poured and pieces of ice are placed. Decorate the glass with olives, which are pre-soaked in whiskey or bourbon.

Old Fashion is a rich ground for improvisation, but beginners should start by making a drink with traditional ingredients. This will determine the main notes of the mix, which make it in demand for 2 centuries.

Rules for drinking a cocktail

Cocktail “Old-Fashioned” refers to the varieties of aperitifs. The sugar content in the drink makes this mix soft, leaves a sweet aftertaste that lasts a long time. You need to drink this alcohol in small sips, savoring each of them. Attention should be paid to taste and smell, in which you can recognize many interesting notes and shades.

Despite the fact that the drink is served before the main meal, its use should be accompanied by light snacks in the form of cheeses or fruits. This is due to the fact that the cocktail “Old Fashion” has a great strength, so it is easy to get drunk from it.

History of creation

Old-fashioned - this is how the name of this cocktail is translated, and all because made from classic ingredients, which were part of the very first mixed alcoholic drinks of this kind, which first appeared in 1806.

In addition, throughout its entire existence drink such a drink only from old-fashioned glasseswhich can never be replaced under any circumstances.

Reference! Old Fashion was born in 1880, one of the bartenders of the Pendennis Club restaurant, located in Kentucky, prepared it for a retired colonel named James Papper.

Unfortunately, the name of the creator of the cocktail was not preserved in history.

How did the popularity of the cocktail come:

  • The resulting strong alcoholic drink very much pleased the man and later he shared the recipe for its preparation with his friend, who also worked as a bartender, but already in the hotel bar in New York.
  • The bartender and the bar owner liked the prepared cocktail, so it was added to the wine list. Thanks to this, for a couple of years, almost all Americans knew about Old Fashion.
  • Tourists also liked this drink, so it quickly gained popularity in other countries of the world.

Important! This alcohol product is included in the list of official cocktails of the bartenders association, while it belongs to the category “Unforgettable”, which only confirms its unique taste and aroma.

Step by step recipe

The classic Old Fashion is bitter taste, unusual aroma, and golden brown color.

It should be prepared from:

  • American whiskey or bourbon - 50 g,
  • Angostura herbal tincture - 5 g,
  • 2 pieces of refined,
  • orange peel - from 1 large fruit,
  • cocktail cherry for glass decoration - 1 pc.,
  • ice cubes - 180 g

Now many bartenders began to add such an ingredient as soda, in the amount of 15 g per serving.

There is no significant change in taste, but the cocktail itself is drunk more pleasantly. However, it should be understood that the original formulation of such a component does not provide.

Reference! At home, herbal tincture of this type can be replaced with a more affordable analogue. Jägermeister is best suited, although some bartenders find it quite appropriate to use strong Cointreau liquor.

Instead of bourbon, it is better to use whiskey or high-quality cognac, brandy is also suitable.

If, nevertheless, it is planned to add soda to the drink, then ordinary mineral sparkling water can become its analogue.


Cooking “Old Fashion” should immediately in the same glass, which he will be served. It is called Rox or in the same way as the drink itself.

The cooking procedure is as follows:

  1. The glass must be thoroughly frozen. To do this, he is sent to a freezer for a couple of hours. The stronger it is cooled, the sick soft, but at the same time saturated, the aroma of the cocktail itself and its taste will be.
  2. In the center of the prepared glass, put two pieces of refined milk and moisten them with herbal tincture on top.
  3. When the liquid is absorbed into sugar, it should be kneaded with a special device - madelerm. At home, you can use a pestle or a wooden spoon.
  4. Then pour ice on the sugar crumbs evenly.
  5. Slowly pour bourbon or whiskey into a glass and mix thoroughly the entire contents of the container. It is better to use a wooden spatula.
  6. Garnish the edges of the glass with finely chopped spiral zest of orange and cherry. If desired, it can be served with a straw.

For men diluting the resulting cocktail with soda or mineral water is not recommended, but for women in some situations, on the contrary, it is simply necessary.

Water should be poured into the glass also slowly with bourbon and only after that mix the resulting cocktail.

Properly prepared “Old Fashion” should turn out an amber color with golden tints; it is bourbon that predominates in its taste, but it is complemented by light herbal notes.

Due to the presence of sugar in the composition, the finish is quite soft and sweet, and very long. You should drink a cocktail in small sips, enjoying the taste and aroma, and always with light snacks, otherwise, due to the high strength, you can quickly get drunk.

Watch a video in which a professional bartender describes the process of making a famous cocktail:

It was this old-fashioned mixed alcoholic drink that was most beloved by 33 American President and his wife Harry and Bess Trumanov.

And they, as you know, had excellent taste, which only once again confirms the uniqueness and sophistication of Old Fashion.

Old Fashion Cocktail Recipe (build)

It was officially created at the Pendennis Club, in Louisville, Kentucky, the birthplace of bourbon. Nevertheless, the International Barmen Association does not exclude the use of both bourbon and rye whiskey (Rye whiskey) as part of the drink.

Old-fashioned is served only in a glass of old-fashioned (Old-Fashioned), aka rox - a glass with a thick bottom, so that the drink stays cold for as long as possible.


  • 25 ml of bourbon or rye whiskey,
  • 2 Angostur bitter dash,
  • 1 cube of sugar
  • A few dash of purified water.


  • put a cube of sugar in the rox and drip Angostur bitter on it, add some water,
  • dissolve the sugar completely and add a couple of large ice cubes,
  • pour whiskey, garnish with a slice of orange and a cherry.

Old Fashioned Cocktail Secrets

Traditionally, for Old-Fashioned they use bourbon or rye whiskey (you can use the Canadian Club), but today bartenders are not squeamish about using any other elite drink as the basis of alcohol.

A good scotch tape will be included in the cocktail, which can be supplemented with a few drops of Drambuy liquor instead of sugar - it emphasizes the Scottish character. Old Fashion also looks good with rums, brandy, cognac and even Armagnac. In some variations, drinks are mixed, but this is the lot of experienced imbiber.

In any case, the essence of the cocktail does not change - it will still be the good old “cocktail”.

A more fashionable trend is to make a cocktail using the Madl method. To do this, add a slice of orange and a cherry to sugar and bitter, and then knead them with a madler.

  • This will soften the Old-Fashioned, but at the same time completely mask both the positive and negative qualities of the alcohol base.
  • Nevertheless, dear don DeGroff prefers this method of cooking - he knows exactly how to please the bohemian little piggy bank.
  • Additionally, in Old Fashioned you can add various liquors and beaters. At a minimum, you can try to “mix” the orange and traditional Angostur bitter, as a maximum - a few drops of Cointreau or Curacao liquor, Maraskin liquor.

That is, there are practically no restrictions, and here everyone can find something for themselves to their taste and wallet.

Beginners should first try a simplified version in conjunction: cane sugar - bourbon - ice - water - orange zest (you can pre-squeeze essential oils from it - American drinks go very well with citrus fruits).

More experienced drinkers should pay attention to the classic version with Angostur beater.

But the most furious sybarites should try in their own way the unique Old-fashioned with a smoky mescal taste: a spoonful of muscovado sugar should be dissolved in a couple of drops of Angostura and Efrodite bitter, add a portion of mescal to it, ice, preferably chipped from a huge block, and olives soaked in island whiskey .

You need to drink Old Fashion after work, as they say - with a relaxed tie, at your favorite homework. Old-fashioned is, first of all, a men's classic - a potion paralyzing the mouth, but the paralyzing effect will pass over time, and the pleasure will remain!

Homemade alcohol cocktail recipes

In the cold season, warming cocktails are an ideal way to warm up and relax.

But one does not always want to leave the house for this. In addition, on their own make alcoholic cocktails at home it is much more interesting and cheaper than ordering them at a bar or cafe.

The preparation of such cocktails can be an occasion to meet with friends, or will allow you to spend a romantic evening with your loved one. The main thing is to first stock up with all the necessary ingredients and create some holiday atmosphere.

Everything else is sure to succeed!

The portal has chosen for its readers the simplest homemade alcohol cocktail recipesthat are easy to cook on their own.

Warming fragrant grog

For lovers of strong drinks, grog, which is prepared on the basis of rum, is best suited.

Grog was invented and implemented by British Vice Admiral Edward Vernon, whom the sailors nicknamed the old Grog.

Trying to save rum in the conditions of long sea transitions, he proposed to dilute rum with hot water. Surprisingly, the sailors liked the hot drink; it helped to quickly regain strength and keep warm.

Cooking it is quite simple. To do this, take 1/3 of the rum, 2/3 of the hot boiled water and add a few spices: ground cinnamon, ginger, cloves.

Also, if desired, you can add a few drops of lemon juice. Serve the grog in pre-warmed glasses with cup holders or in glasses for “irish coffee”. There are varieties of grog, which is often served to ladies. In the finished cocktail, you can add a little honey, milk or coffee infusion. Such grog is served in small porcelain cups.

Watch a video on how to make grog in a bar:

If you are going to a large company, the best is the punch, which is able to unusually raise your mood, warm, they can even prevent the development of a cold that begins.

  • The portal offers a special type of punch, which is prepared on the basis of lemon and orange juice, with the addition of honey, which helps to prevent the development of colds at the very beginning.
  • To prepare ten servings, you will need 2 lemons or 3-4 limes to make about half a glass of juice. Squeeze 2 cups of juice from 5-6 oranges.
  • Dissolve 3 tablespoons of honey in a glass of hot boiled water. Add half a teaspoon of grated nutmeg. Then add 1.5 cups of golden rum.
  • Если смесь недостаточно горяча, ее можно подогреть, но не доводить до кипения.

В полученную смесь можно добавить измельченную мякоть апельсина, лимона, ломтики дыни, клубники, немного ванили (фрукты добавлять по желанию)

А вот видео о том, как готовят пунш в ресторане:

Этот напиток обожают во всем мире. It is easy to cook, but the pleasure received from its use can not be compared with anything. To prepare it, you need to take 100 ml of hot black coffee, then add one and a half teaspoons of sugar, stir, then add 45 ml of Irish whiskey.

Gently lowering the knife into the glass, pour 50 ml of thick whipped cream on the blade. Cream can be squeezed out of the can. Top the mixture with sprinkled grated chocolate or ground cinnamon. The combination of whiskey, hot coffee and cold cream causes an indescribable pleasure.

Here you can watch a video on how to make Irish coffee:

English hot cocktail "Old Tom"

This cocktail is prepared as simply as the previous ones. To prepare it, you need to take a glass of water, boil it, put a cinnamon stick in the water, 2-3 cloves. Then cool slightly, add 50 ml of whiskey, 2 teaspoons of honey, and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. A few lemon slices are placed in a glass. This drink is conducive to long conversations, relaxes and pacifies.

The portal already described the recipe for another hot drink everyone loved - mulled wine. Mulled Wine Recipe you can see here.

Old Fashion cocktail - recipe, composition, proportions

If you tried the Old Fashion cocktail, then you are one of those alcoholic drink lovers who can confirm that the cocktail really meets its vintage and old-fashioned name. In 1806, an article on cocktails appeared in an American newspaper.

The note had approximately the following content: “A cocktail is a drink that the character stimulates, is created on the basis of any alcohol, water, sugar and beater.”

As it turned out, such a historical conclusion concluded the secret of the classic Old Fashion cocktail, which was the beginning of the culture of drinking alcoholic cocktails.

Old Fashion Cocktail - A Little History

The first rumors of an Old Fashion cocktail were noticed in 1880 at the Pendennis Club in the US city of Louisville. Classical and even slightly old-fashioned composition for us by name, at that time was a discovery for the public. An unknown American bartender created what we now call Old Fashion.

The drink was not created by chance, but for James E. Pepper, who had a military rank and also had his own production of bourbon. When he tried this masterpiece, he told the bartender from New York at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel as soon as possible about his experience. Our main taster helped make Old Fashion so popular.

The drink soon became a favorite for the whole family of the then state president - Harry Truman.

Essential Ingredients:

The drink has three recipes, we will consider exactly the classic version:

  • Bourbon - 50 ml. (corn whiskey)
  • Beater - 1 ml (a bitter tincture based on herbs. A classic example is vermouth, liquor) In our case, Angostura is best suited
  • Water - 10 ml
  • Orange
  • 5 g cubed sugar
  • Cherry - 1 PC
  • Ice - 200 g

Cocktail barware:

  • Rox glass (a wide glass for mixes and clean drinks. It is heavy and strong, the ice in it melts more slowly)
  • Cocktail spoon (a special spoon for stirring cocktails. Has a thin spiral handle for making puff cocktails)
  • Zest knife (for neatly slicing orange slices)
  • A few tubes for beauty (you can also without tubes, since the drink is served in a wide glass, you can drink as you prefer)

Cooking method:

The steps are scheduled in stages because the sequence matters. Making a cocktail is not only mixing the ingredients, but also knowing the sequence and proportions.

  • Garnish the bottom of the glass with an orange slice and a cocktail cherry. While the drink is preparing, the fruit will give a smell and aftertaste.
  • Add a cube of sugar, pre-soaking it with a beater.
  • Add water (carbonated or regular) and wait for the sugar to dissolve.
  • Stir the contents with a spoon, then pull out the orange and cherry.
  • Fill a glass with ice.
  • Pour bourbon, stir with a spoon and garnish with an orange slice.

Hot alcoholic drinks: keep warm in winter and more?

Actually, alcohol in all of them is not very much and the degree is small, but these drinks are warmed much better than regular tea or coffee. However, in order not to order a cocktail that you do not like, it is better to understand its components in advance.

For example, what is the difference between mulled wine and punch, and both of them - from a Swedish Christmas drink? What drinks did the sly French come up with, and what will delight gourmets a degree higher?

Mulled wine(German: flaming wine, hot wine). This is the most famous and popular of hot alcoholic drinks, which are prepared in the winter almost everywhere with slight national differences.

Mulled wine is a red wine boiled with sugar and spices, very often fruits are added there. It appeared in the Middle Ages in Europe, originally made on the basis of burgundy and claret. Nowadays, dry red and semi-dry wines are used for cooking.

Mulled wine is cooked in winter in almost all European countries, sold from trays in Christmas markets, and in many cities such trays are open from December to February - you can drink a glass while stopping for a minute on the street. However, in different countries there are slight differences.

For example, in Germany, a little rum and agave syrup are added to wine, in England - gin, honey and rosehip syrup. There is even white mulled wine - for those who do not like red wine.

Calvados apple shake. In France there are many original drinks that are produced only in this country, and Calvados is one of them.

They get it by distilling apple cider, and with the onset of the cold season in Normandy they begin to prepare a hot cocktail based on calvados. No wonder it is produced here! The classic local recipe suggests the presence of calvados, apple juice and ginger.

The mixture should be quite hot, but not scorching, and usually served in transparent glasses. This is a fragrant, warming and very healthy drink.

  • Grog(English grog). Diluted with water, the rum with spices was invented by Edward Vernon, nicknamed Old Grog, the vice admiral of the British Navy, back in the 18th century.
  • In order to save money, he ordered the sailors to distribute rum diluted with hot or cold water, and the team suddenly liked it. The drink took root, over time, spices began to be added there, and now it is one of the most popular hot cocktails.
  • Grog is a quick and easy to prepare winter drink, since you need a little spices here (usually it’s cinnamon, ginger and cloves, and even then optional), you only need strong alcohol and lemon juice.
  • Sometimes milk, honey or coffee infusion is added and the resulting drink is served in porcelain cups. The traditional rum-based grog is served either in “irish coffee” glasses or in heated glasses with cup holders.

Hot beer cocktail. In northern Europe, mainly in Germany, Poland and Sweden, they came up with a hot beer drink. His taste is quite peculiar, although this does not cancel the warming properties. Beer is a specific thing, it must be approached very carefully with heating, and therefore the recipe for “hot beer” also includes eggs, sugar and lemon, plus a little nutmeg.

For preparation, light wheat beer is used. Sometimes there is a "dark" option - then brandy and coffee liquor are added to the beer. To complete the picture and an interesting combination of flavors from above, whipped cream is also added.

You should definitely try such a cocktail if it falls into your menu! Mulled wine is sold on every corner, and such exotic is prepared only for true gourmets.

Punch(English punch) - collective name for cocktails. A fun collective drink that is so nice to prepare for a big company.

Now this name is collective: if in England, which got the idea of ​​punch in colonial India, it is still a drink with rum, then, for example, in Germany, a punch is usually called a mixture of fruit juices with spices and the addition of wine or liquor.

In one, everyone agrees: in the punch, fruits must be present. Usually these are apples, lemons, oranges, pears. The French, prone to originality, add melon, strawberries and bourbon vanilla to their version of punch.

Cocktail "Old Tom". It's time to warm up for those who prefer whiskey. The conservative English is very fond of the Old Tom cocktail: apparently, the name and composition resemble the patriarchal atmosphere of closed clubs, the soft light of table lamps and the invariable cigar smoking in the ashtray.

The composition includes whiskey, water (which must be hot), honey and some lemon juice. It also happens that at first boil a stick of cinnamon and cloves in boiling water, and then add whiskey, sugar, lemon and honey. A pair of lemon slices must be put in the glass itself.

You will not find this cocktail at street vendors, but in most cafes in the winter it is served quite often.

  • Irish coffee. Invented over a hundred years ago in Ireland, irish coffee consists of hot black coffee, Irish whiskey, brown sugar and whipped cream.
  • According to the main version, its author is Joseph Sheridan, the bartender of the Shannon Irish International Airport, who has decided to add whiskey to coffee to frozen Americans and called this mixture Irish coffee.
  • The highlight of this cocktail is not only the contrast of coffee and whiskey, but also the combination of a hot drink and cold whipped cream.
  • Hot chocolate with rum. The sweetest drink is, of course, hot chocolate. And if rum is added to it, as is done in winter in many European countries, then it turns into incredibly warming. Sometimes for cooking they use not thick hot chocolate, but cocoa, but this does not interfere with the taste.

To make a drink you need dark Cuban or Jamaican rum, from the Dominican Republic is also suitable. At times, vanilla, grated coconut, or even chili pepper is added for taste. It happens that rum is replaced by liquor or vodka (then the drink, like many mixtures with vodka, is called "Russian" - they do not forget us in Europe).

Besides the fact that this warming drink, it is also very nutritious and will allow you to hold out until the next meal.

Glogg(Swedish Christmas drink). This Scandinavian version of mulled wine is definitely worth a try in Sweden, Denmark or Norway. It resembles the German version, but it tastes much sweeter by adding raisins to the wine. Also in the recipe there are always apples, lemon, cloves, cinnamon and almonds.

In Denmark, ginger is added to this, and Sweden generally pours vodka there and sprinkles cardamom. The resulting result warms for a long time. To taste even better, it is recommended to eat Glögg gingerbread, oranges and tangerines. In cafes and restaurants it is served in glasses and glasses, on the street it is poured into simple plastic glasses and cooked in vats.

And according to the tradition, Glögg must first smell it, taking a deep breath of aroma, and then drink it.

Hot French wine. Vin chaud is a specific French version of mulled wine that is served on special occasions. Gourmets prefer it when it comes to winter cocktails. It is served in glasses, lemon oil, Provencal rosemary and almonds are added to the heated wine.

The traditional components of mulled wine - all these citrus fruits, apples, cinnamon, cloves, ginger - are not welcome: they are believed to spoil the noble taste of the drink. But in families and restaurants it’s simpler to add to all this. In the south of France, this is not complete without an orange. They shouldn’t be there in vain - not to disappear to good.

And with an orange, the wine becomes even more aromatic.