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How to make a candle from an old candle at home


A candle is a mysterious and bewitching item. Nowadays, a huge assortment of candles can be found on store shelves. They can be of different sizes, colors, aromatic and decorative. It's nice to wrap up a blanket in cool weather, light a scented candle and enjoy the view from the window or listen to your favorite music and enjoy the peace.

A candle will help to create a romantic atmosphere or complement a birthday cake. Over time, cinders accumulate old candles and, so that goodness does not disappear, you can make a new candle. This article will provide examples of how to make a candle from an old candle.

DIY candles

To make candles with your own hands from old candles, you do not need a special skill. It all depends on your artistic look and wild imagination. For work, you will find many items that are in your home. All kinds of jars, phials, cups, shells, sparkles, etc. All subjects can be given a second life. Let's look at a few tricks on how to make a candle out of old candles.

The main items you will need:

  • Old candles or cinder from candles.
  • The rope for the wick.
  • Container for filling a new candle.
  • Aromatic oils, if you want a candle with a smell.

Candle "Watermelon"

Let's look at an example of how to make a candle from an old candle in the shape of a piece of watermelon. For this we need:

  1. Old candle.
  2. Paper cup.
  3. Wick.
  4. Paints.

We cut the old candle into small pieces and melt it in a water bath or in the microwave. The resulting wax is divided into three parts and painted in green, red and white. At the bottom of the paper cup we attach the wick and fill in the first layer of green wax and let it harden. After that, wipe it with medical alcohol so that the next layer adheres well. Fill a small amount of white. We repeat manipulations with alcohol and fill in the third, red wax. After the candle completely hardens, we take it out of the glass and draw black seeds on a slice of watermelon.

Winter scented candle

In winter weather, you can create a cozy atmosphere in the house that will help you relax after a working day. How to make a candle from an old candle, in principle, we already know. There are some tricks for making a candle an individual subject. For a winter candle, we need a standard set, vanillin and coffee beans. In any container, it can be a bowl, and a mug, and a small vase, put a wick and pour a small amount of melted wax. Next, place the coffee bean and vanillin. Then pour wax to the edges of the container. Using a wooden stick, you can move the grains for even placement. Such a candle will give you a pleasant sensation and the aromatic smell of vanilla and coffee, which will give the room coziness and comfort.

Floating candles

Nowadays, small floating candles are popular. They can add charm to the home interior or you can use them when you take a relaxing bath. How to make a new floating candle out of old candles? Yes, very simple. Instead of molds, you can use silicone molds for ice with all kinds of figures. Pour the melted old candles into these molds, insert the wicks and the new candles are ready. At your discretion, you can give any color to your candle and aroma that will help you relax. These candles can be made individually to your taste. They can also be a great gift for your friends.

Lavender candle

A pleasant lavender aroma is good for health, helps to relax, soothes and relieves stress. So, in any home the presence of such a candle is only welcome. You can buy such a candle in the store, but it will be nice to enjoy the aroma, knowing that you made it yourself. How to make a candle from an old candle and what we need for this.

Firstly, dry lavender flowers and an essential oil with a similar smell. Secondly, the capacity is to your taste. From the old candle we get liquid wax. We put a wick in the container, pour a little wax and lay out the dried flower. Add oil and pour wax again. So by alternating fill our candle. For aesthetics, you can make the wax purple. As a result, the candle is very attractive and individual.

In this way, candles with any aromas can be made. Dried orange peels, pine needles, lemon candles, mint or almond, etc.

Sea shell

Each person has been at sea at least once in his life. The main souvenir from there is a shell. To make it pleasing and reminiscent of relaxation, you can use it to make candles. Let's look at an example of how to make a candle from the remains of old candles and seashells. We already know the wax preparation process. Melt old candles in a microwave or in a water bath, pour into shells and place a small wick. To add flavor, you can add essential oil.

Made candles at home can be decorated by any means. These are ribbons, and rhinestones, sparkles, decorative pebbles and multi-colored applications. You can also make curly carvings on candles.

Forms of products can be very peculiar and of any size. You can prepare themed candles, or if you decide to please your friends or relatives with a gift, for example, surprise a child, make a candle in the shape of your favorite cartoon character for a birthday cake.

If you want to make a decorative candle of an unusual shape, using cardboard you can make a shape for a future masterpiece. Melt old candles, add decorative sparkles, a little trendy dye, a wick, and your unearthly candle will be ready to decorate the interior.