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How to draw a pumpkin


How to extend the beauty of autumn and bring a piece of it to your home? One simple and bright idea is to come up with Autumn home decor with Her Majesty the Pumpkin! Pumpkins of any colors, both natural and artificial from any materials, will go to work.

In the piggy bank "Handmade Runet" by tag "pumpkin" a large number of various projects were picked up, but we have never once in detail talked with you about the simplest way to organically fit pumpkin decor into home decoration: paint the pumpkin.

How to paint a pumpkin?

First we need the pumpkin itself. It can be a real pumpkin, or any artificial blank. It is not so difficult to paint a pumpkin in any, even the most nuclear color: we prepare the surface for painting, primer as necessary, then paint, paint and decorate.

The main thing here is not even the painting itself, but the creative idea. How to color a pumpkin in an original way and not overdo it? We offer you a dozen warm-up ideas. In addition to giving the pumpkin a new color, we can, for example, apply any pattern or ornament, add glitter, use a stencil or draw a picture by hand.

10 ideas for painting pumpkins for autumn home decor:

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Do it yourself pumpkin: 5 workshops

And now we present to your attention 5 lessons on coloring pumpkins in different ways. All master classes are in English, if necessary, use the services of Google Translator.

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How to draw a pumpkin in stages with a pencil

There are many varieties of pumpkin, which differ not only in their taste, but also in the color of the pulp and in the shape of the fruit. In this case, the most common type of pumpkin, which is in the form of a ball, will be presented. On the sheet we will depict it in the form of a circle.

Next, find the middle of the pumpkin in the upper part of the oval and draw a thick twig. From it in different directions we draw arcs to begin to form the volume of the fetus.

We divide the pumpkin into many parts, completing the arched lines.

We form the correct and natural contour for the pumpkin, and then draw veins over the entire surface of the fruit.

We draw all the lines in the pumpkin drawing with a black marker to get a beautiful outline for the autumn drawing.

We completely paint over the pumpkin drawing with a yellow pencil to obtain a basic tone.

We put on the base tone strokes on the pumpkin with an orange and brown pencil.

Next, use a red or burgundy pencil.

Finally, we work out the pumpkin with a black pencil to get a shadow in many parts of the picture. For the background around the pumpkin we use a yellow pencil, but below we take a brown one for the shadow.

We get a beautiful drawing of a pumpkin on our sheet of paper, which is made with colored pencils using black marker strokes.

How to draw a Halloween pumpkin in stages with a pencil

Take a piece of paper, a pencil, an eraser. The drawn pumpkin can become a separate wall image or can be used as a stencil for drawing a picture on the surface of the fruit.

Step by step drawing a pumpkin face:

  1. Draw a circle that will become the main face. It should not be absolutely round, but slightly flattened. Make the lines thin so that you can wipe them with an eraser later.
  2. Now you need the lines of symmetry. Draw vertical and horizontal lines dividing the circle into 4 parts. They do not have to exactly pass through the center of the face.
  3. Now you need to draw elements of the face: nose, eyes, mouth. And the main figures with which you can do this: triangles and circles.
  4. The simplest nose and eyes can be drawn with equilateral triangles. They can be large or small, equal in size or not.
  5. The mouth is filled with arched lines, like the mouth of a laughing smiley.
  6. With the help of circles, crescent eyes are easily drawn. By changing the direction of the crescent horns, you will get different shades of emotions: laughter, anger.
  7. For a complex picture, you need to add vertical lines, like a real pumpkin. They will divide the fruit into large rounded lobule segments. From above, draw a small pumpkin stalk (tail).
  8. At the final stage, add partial shade so that the image looks three-dimensional.
  9. Color the picture.

How to prepare a pumpkin for crafts

Masters use sharp knives with a thin blade. A small hat is cut off with an instrument so that a hand crawls into the hole. Then thoroughly clean the inside of the seeds and dry the walls with a paper towel.

For clarity, I suggest watching a short video. A skilled craftsman will show how he cleans a pumpkin, and then with the help of an ordinary knife he cuts a funny face.

Such a craft will certainly decorate the interior of the apartment and add a cheerful mood to the upcoming party.

If you want to keep your masterpiece for many years, I advise you to pre-dry the vegetable.

Clean the cavity from seeds, wipe the inside and outside walls dry.

Now put the pumpkin in the oven (t = 80) or in the microwave (600 watts). Keep the vegetable in a hot atmosphere for about 2-3 hours (depending on size), but do not forget to turn the pumpkin so that it does not burn out and evenly dries.

DIY crafts from pumpkin to an exhibition at school

A healthy vegetable can be of the most bizarre shapes, colors, and sizes. Thanks to its half-empty internal cavity, the pumpkin is similar to a house in which various small rodents can live.

Let's study the photos together and understand how the craftsmen made such wonderful decorative houses out of pumpkins.

How fun is it to paint a pumpkin for Halloween?

You can apply the picture directly to the pumpkin. To do this, prepare the fruit, as well as brushes and paints. For convenient drawing, choose a fruit with a smooth surface without spots and external damage. Do not use fruits with signs of decay (traces of rot, soft parts of the surface) and then it will delight you much longer.

Step-by-step algorithm for manufacturing Jack-lantern:

  1. Rinse the vegetable by gently removing dirt with paper towels.
  2. Dry it. Do not rub the surface with hard objects (brush, washcloth) so as not to damage the peel.
  3. Choose the pattern that you would like to apply to the pumpkin. Do not get involved in complex images if you are not a professional artist.
  4. Evaluate the fruit visually and analyze whether the selected image will fit harmoniously into the relief. If not, consider how to adjust it.

Tips for drawing and decorating:

  1. If you do not like the natural shade of the fruit, you can paint it in any color, and then paint the main image. Use acrylic paints for drawing.
  2. Sketch with a marker.
  3. Apply the paint so that each coat has time to dry before applying the next.
  4. Using a stencil can ease the process. To do this, put a picture on paper. Carefully cut the image with a clerical knife.
  5. For those who can not draw straight lines, a masking tape will help. Just attach it to the fetus and draw a line.
  6. In the process of creating an image, you can use cotton balls and brushes of different thicknesses. With their help, the picture will become more natural.
  7. Decorate the painted pumpkin with decorative elements. Around the stalk stick green yarn or raffia to simulate hair. With the glue gun, you can attach rhinestones, pompons, beads and other elements.
  8. When placing the finished pumpkin in the room, set it so that the incoming person sees its frontal projection. When placed outside (on the porch), take care that direct sunlight does not fall on the fetus.

How to make a pumpkin lantern?

To create a pumpkin lantern you will need a sharp knife and the fruit itself.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Set the knife at an angle of 45 ° as if you would like to cut a stalk with a piece of pulp of a triangular shape.
  2. Start cutting the stem. Cut carefully, as the cover will need to be installed back.
  3. You will have in your hands the future cover from the flashlight. Peel it of pulp and seeds.
  4. Remove the seeds and soft parts from the inside with a spoon, leaving a border of 2-4 cm to the edge of the pumpkin.
  5. Draw a marker on your mouth, nose, and eyes.
  6. Now with a sharp knife, remove the crust and part of the pulp in the marked places.
  7. Place the candle inside the fetus.
  8. Close the finished lamp with a lid to give it integrity.

Interior decoration

Decorating a house should start with a porch or front door. To give the entrance a sense of celebration - install several pumpkins, hang a wreath of autumn leaves or a decorative lantern. The main element of the festive interior is a pumpkin lantern. From pumpkins make floor and table compositions, hang them on trees.

They are present in the design of sofa cushions, wall panels, decorative rugs and other items. Cushions in the living room can also be decorated with other thematic patterns: bats, ghosts, crows, cartoon characters about ghosts. It will be nice if you have a set of bedspreads and pillows in the same theme. Decorative spiders are made of balls and wire, and cobwebs are made of thick threads. Such an ornament will look not only unusual, but also elegant. You can make ghosts out of glass bottles if you cover them with white paint and draw a black marker on your eyes and mouth. If you do not have time to make decorative elements, then you can purchase various decorative skulls, candles, bats or birds in the decor store.

Halloween decorations make extensive use of wooden decorations. And the most popular of these are coffins. They are installed outdoors or indoors to create a sense of horror. If you like a terrible atmosphere, then no other decoration can compete with such an element of decor. Warning signs are another good interior solution. They make you laugh and entertain your friends at the same time. If you come up with original inscriptions, it will be a lot of fun. Delicious holiday snacks can be served on special decorative plates, complemented by napkins with the image of pumpkins. Decorate the table with a small fall arrangement or candles. Do not forget that the holiday treat should amuse and tease the taste buds of your guests.

The main color palette of the holiday is white, black and orange. But the use of other colors will also fit perfectly into the atmosphere of Halloween. Decorate the house with painted or real pumpkins to your taste. Add other decorative elements. Do not forget to connect children to the process. They will be happy to participate in the creation of festive decorative elements.

Pumpkin houses

Have you noticed? Dreamers used simple materials at hand, all kinds of twigs, blades of grass, toothpicks, and more sophisticated models were supplemented with fine, exquisite details.

Another master went further. He created a pumpkin box using scraps of fabric and his indefatigable imagination. A large vegetable served as the basis for an unusual craft, and small pumpkins with the help of additional details turned into funny touching kittens.

House for Cinderella

Ah, what a wonderful fantasy! The funny snail turned out of an orange pumpkin and a half of zucchini.

Using long toothpicks, connect the parts together, and then complete the picture with all sorts of jewelry and a laughing face. Do not forget to give the snail a soft litter of fallen leaves.

The kids like the fairy-tale character from the movie about Pinocchio - the kind tortoise Tortilla. Creating it is easy! For work, you need half a pumpkin, four potatoes, a hat, glasses and other small additions. Look at the photo, charge with positive, create your own cartoon turtle.

Pumpkin tortoise

To implement the following idea, you will have to invite dad or grandfather to the desktop. Using one knife, you can create a carriage for Cinderella from a pumpkin, and then supplement the main part with four wheels of watermelon peels.

Pumpkin carriage

A hollow large pumpkin in 3 minutes can turn into a beautiful basket. Cut the openwork handle with a knife, fill the empty space with fruits or gifts of autumn, and the natural basket will become a bright spot at the school exhibition of handicrafts.

Kids love Smesharikov. One of the favorite characters is the funny grumbler Kopatych. Watch how the young master made a cartoon character for presentation in his native kindergarten.

The following craft is made by the hands of a real artist. Pineapple was made from an oval pumpkin, and natural leaves and a candle turned an ordinary vegetable into a decorative lamp.

Spider house with cobwebs

Large pumpkin turned into a house for a spider. A web of thread braided the pins step by step around the perimeter of the hole.

The pumpkin cavity is filled with generous gifts of autumn, and the spider is made of cones and ordinary wires.

Birds and animals

A separate topic is animals and birds from vegetables. See what wonderful crafts!

How much imagination is invested in creating these small works of art. Inspire the products of the masters, create your masterpieces for the home interior and for exhibitions in kindergarten or school.

Do you know who the Angry Birds are?

These are such round birds from American cartoons that constantly fight pigs for the integrity of egg laying. Noisy birds constantly get into some kind of trouble, and kids love to play with these funny roundabouts.

However, the feathered Angry birds are inferior in popularity to the unusual Minions. See how parents and children cut out a cartoon character for an exhibition in elementary school.

In conclusion, I want to offer a visual master class. The photo shows how a funny clown was made from a bottle pumpkin.

  1. First, according to the template, 4 details of future shoes were cut out.
  2. The blanks were stitched, filled with filler and attached to the bottom of the vegetable with glue.
  3. They made an accordion out of white cardboard, decorated it with a red speck, supplemented the character’s head with a wig of thread and a tiny hat.

Do you want to see how they make pumpkin clowns for teenage parties?

Watch the video in all eyes, I guarantee it will be interesting!

A photo of autumn crafts from pumpkins with their own hands for the kindergarten on the theme "Autumn has come"

Ripe healthy pumpkins are harvested from mid-September to the very frosts. Solar beauty can rightly be reckoned with the generous gifts of autumn. Mistresses are happy to cook dishes of juicy pumpkin, and the craftsmen put a piece of the soul in beautiful handicrafts.

Let's see the gallery of vivid photos. The pictures depict creative work on the theme "Autumn", which parents created together with the children for kindergarten.

Here, for example, such a hedgehog! Making a cute animal with a 3-year-old baby is easy and simple.

You can also make a banana and pumpkin hat fungus in 2 minutes. Looking at the photo, parents will quickly make funny pigs, and red piglets will become a decoration of a small exhibition in kindergarten.

During the autumn leaf fall, mothers with children, walking in the park, collect the most beautiful leaves. They can be useful for creative compositions and the creation of original crafts on the theme "Mistress Autumn."

Here is an oval-shaped pumpkin from which a funny face is carved. And another photo shows how to step by step, easily and quickly create a scary grimace for the autumn holiday of horror stories.

To get a prize at the Autumn has come exhibition, let's create a red cheat for a fox or a cartoon moose.

Из половинки тыквы, кусочков баклажан можно собрать настоящие часы, а глядя на фото, маленькие мастера с помощью родителей сделают чайник или целый сервиз.

Часы и сервиз

Нельзя забывать про популярных советских персонажей. Вот Чебурашка и Чиполлино, созданные умелыми руками из обычных овощей.

And next to them are funny little men with plastic eyes and in knitted hats.

Fans of the good bear Winnie the Pooh suggest collecting a character of 10 pumpkins of different sizes. Use the wheels from an old broken car and make a new car with an orange cab.

Dad will help to cut a mouse from a ripe vegetable, and mom will dress a bottle pumpkin into a real Russian nesting doll.

Really beautiful? Highly! See photos of home creativity, be inspired and create your own unique exhibits for autumn exhibitions.

Halloween Pumpkin Crafts

World horror festival has ancient Celtic roots. If earlier Halloween was celebrated only in Europe, now in Russia they are looking forward to a cold October to dress up in Count Dracula or the famous Frankenstein.

Let's figure it out together how to make pumpkin faces for Halloween. Watch visual photos and a video, try to repeat crafts created by talented masters.

What an impressive pumpkin-shaped pear shaped face. To create it, an elongated vegetable, squeezed black paper, a knife, a candle and skillful hands were needed.

Make your Halloween lamp, surprise your friends with an unusual creative find.

In recent years, on a terrible holiday, craftsmen began to cut helmets from pumpkins on their heads. The biggest vegetables are used, and the grimaces are terrible and truly frightening.

Sculpture of pumpkins.

Autumn Halloween will not do without carved pumpkin lanterns. See examples, grasp the tools and, observing safety precautions, create pumpkin masterpieces.

For fun, I suggest watching a short video. The American creative craftswoman, already familiar to us, decorates the house with the children for the upcoming holiday with the children.

Crafts from pumpkin and zucchini do-it-yourself for kindergarten and school: photo

The autumn season rich in vegetables makes it possible for craftswomen to create wonderful crafts together with the kids. I offer you, dear readers, a large photo gallery where works from pumpkins, zucchini, carrots and other gifts of nature are presented.

Watch, admire, call the kids to the table for joint workshops.

My dear readers, good friends! The golden season of beautiful Russian autumn is a time for poetry and creative research.

I tried to collect on this page the most successful examples of pumpkin crafts.

Invite your friends from social networks to appreciate the autumn collection, and maybe today parents and their children will create their best vegetable masterpieces.

On this beautiful note, let me say goodbye!

Come visit again to draw bright grains of kindness and light on the islet of positive!