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Microwave Electromagnetic Emissions: Radiation Test (UHF)


Due to exposure to high levels of microwave radiation, health problems can occur, including cataracts and burns. Although the leaks are often small to cause serious health problems, it’s best to protect yourself and check the microwave — especially microwave ovens that are damaged or older than nine years. You can check your microwave for leaks even at home.

Microwave Basics

To find out if there is harm from the microwave, it is worth knowing how it is arranged and works.

Cooking in the microwave is carried out using electromagnetic radiation. Its action takes place inside the device, it is absorbed by food. Water molecules inside the product, absorbing energy, change their polarity. As a result, strong friction occurs, and the dish becomes hot.

Products in the microwave do not heat up from the inside. Due to energy, the outer layers are heated, while the inner ones become hot due to the thermal conductivity of the food.

Microwave emission range is approximately twelve centimeters. The microwave radiation frequency is 2450 GHz. This is a very high value, but it is because of this that food is heated.

Currently on sale you can find a wide variety of models with additional features. For example, with a grill, a double boiler, convection. In addition, in different stoves, the radiation power is also different. Mono devices have low power, because it does not require much to defrost and heat it up. But models with many features are already more powerful.

What's so bad about that? It, on the contrary, is very convenient and fast. However, there is no completely useful radiation.

Microwave Radiation: What Harm

People like to believe in myths and rumors. Currently, the opinion about the dangers of microwaves is quite common. Is this really so?

  • In the microwave, the formation of completely new substances that are neither in the human body nor in nature. Scientists still have not determined how dangerous they are for the human body.
  • Microwave radiation can affect the structure of water. If ionization occurs, atoms can gain or lose electrons. Such water has an adverse effect on all living organisms.
  • In addition, in the scientific world, microwaves are used in order to disrupt the integrity of the cell membrane. After such exposure, the cell becomes completely defenseless against various bacteria and viruses.

However, other scientists argue that such radiation cannot have a negative effect, if only because the wavelength is too short.

Manufacturers of microwave ovens also insist on their safety, because they create a device design from reliable materials that do not allow harmful waves. In this case, the harm from the microwave should be minimal.

However, few people know that harmful particles tend to penetrate through tiny holes. At the same time, they are rapidly absorbed by objects containing moisture, including the human body. By the way, cracks can occur not only due to the fact that the factory allowed marriage, but also due to the time of uncleaned soot.

Is radiation harmful in this case? Of course, the constant effect of waves has a certain effect on the body. A person begins to feel bad, certain symptoms appear.

  • Dizziness,
  • Constant desire to sleep
  • Vision problems
  • Violation of cardiac activity.
  • Mental problems in a child.

Apparently, there is little pleasant. Therefore, the use of a microwave oven must be accompanied with caution.

How to check the microwave for radiation

Many people are interested in how to check the microwave for radiation. After all, I do not want to see a device in the house that poses a health hazard.

A worldwide network offers quite a few ways to detect the leakage of harmful waves.

  • For the first experiment, you need to take two mobile phones. Put one of them in the microwave and close the door, and call the second one. In the absence of radiation, the device in the stove will not ring. If this happens, then the waves stand out. (you can see about the cure from the phone on our website here)
  • A glass of cold water must be heated at a power of eight hundred watts for two minutes. Water should boil. If this does not happen, then radiation penetrates the external environment.
  • If the fluorescent lamp that comes on lights up in the dark while the microwave device is running, there is a leak.
  • Another way - you need to bring a bunch of keys to a working microwave oven, the light should be turned off. If sparks appear, then, therefore, the radiation frequency is very high.
  • If there is a leak of harmful waves, the edge of the door will heat up.

Thus, finding out if there is radiation is quite simple. However, all these methods were invented by craftsmen, therefore, it is impossible to say for sure that they are accurate.

The most effective way to check if a leak exists is to use a special detector.

  • A glass of cold water is placed in the oven,
  • Close the device and turn it on,
  • The detector is held near the front wall,
  • The door is circled around the perimeter and diagonal.
  • The green bar indicates that there is no radiation.
  • Red indicates the opposite.

This method is the most accurate.

Microwave Safe Use Guidelines

It is unlikely that anyone will want to refuse a microwave oven. It is very convenient, especially for very busy people. However, you can reduce the negative impact when using this device by adhering to certain rules.

  • Keep the appliance away from the stove and dining table.
  • In no case should you put metal dishes in the microwave. Otherwise, you can ruin the device and cause damage to its casing.
  • It is best to use a microwave oven to defrost and heat food. Cooking in it is not worth it. It is necessary to stay away at the time of operation of the device.
  • You should refuse to use the device if a person has a pacemaker. The fact is that radiation can adversely affect the operation of this device.

If you follow these tips, using a microwave device will be safe.

Microwave radiation exists. However, if this device is in perfect order, the waves will not have a negative effect. In addition, you should just be careful when using it.

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