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How do children start their own business?


Children are subject to increased attention. They are provided, educated, developed, invested in education. They are hardly the most important thing in the life of the vast majority of families. They do not save on children, and the costs of them make up a significant share of both family budgets and the budgets of various social entities. therefore a child-related business is considered one of the most stable. And business ideas related to children are constantly updated. In this area all the time something new, bright, original appears. To be able to independently generate new business ideas, we consider the general features of this area and then highlight several possible areas of business development.

Business Features

  1. The main difference between business for children is its unevenness associated with age-related characteristics. Services and offers are highly dependent on the age of the audience they are targeting.
  2. Three main components of the business can be distinguished: life support, development, and entertainment business. Life support is clothing, food, medicine, disease prevention, care, etc. Development includes games, textbooks, sections, consultations, and more. Entertainment business - everything related to games, entertainment, travel, etc. All three components of the business overlap to a greater or lesser extent. Finding a healthy balance between them increases the attractiveness of a business product,
  3. As hermetists said, like attracts like. Therefore, attracting children to participate in a business in one capacity or another usually has a positive effect on the profitability of the enterprise,
  4. In view of the unimportant development of the country and the crises of recent decades in the business sector for children, as in many others, foreign experience prevailed. Often it was copied one to one, which sometimes led to anecdotal situations. Foreign experience in many cases is useful, but in its implementation it is still necessary to take into account Russian reality.

Some areas of business development

It is more convenient to present business ideas for children by age groups. We will also try to group some universal ideas that are not focused on a specific age according to certain characteristics after age groups. Each age solves its own problems; each age has its own needs.. Let us dwell on the classical age periodization of DB Elkonin, which is very common in academic circles.

Business for Babies

Children under 1 year. Communication with adults, primarily with the mother, using sounds, gestures, facial expressions. Minimum independence. Examples of business ideas:

  • Baby food at home on order. Production and delivery of food. Or cooking directly at home,
  • One of the original foreign ideas is reusable diapers.

Business for early childhood

Children under 3 years old. Children begin to play actively with objects, there is a rapid development of speech. Examples of business ideas:

  • Private day nursery. Many parents tend to go to work and a nursery or nanny is a good solution to the problem,
  • Leisure center for parents with children,
  • Master classes on child development.

Business for Preschool

Children under 7 years old. Role-playing games come to the forefront of the child. Children begin to collaborate. Elementary education. Readiness for school. Examples of business ideas:

  • Children's houses, the idea of ​​the business is to make toy houses to grow a child. A small house can be placed in the apartment, a large house is quite well located in the country. The child will have his own house,
  • Testing preschoolers in kindergarten. On the eve of the transition to school, services for checking readiness for study are becoming popular,
  • Children's hairdresser. More adult children may well already visit beauty salons for adults. Children at this age can be difficult to sit on a barber’s chair, and the process itself can be very lengthy. Therefore, the idea of ​​organizing a hairdresser for the smallest is justified.
  • Children's playroom.

Business for primary school age

Children under 11 years old. The main thing for the child is education. Addictive to order, perseverance. The development of self-control. Examples of business ideas:

  • Teaching a foreign language. Usually at school immersion in a foreign language is not enough and the bulk master it superficially,
  • Electric car rental.

Business for teens

Children under 15 years old. The main thing is communication. The desire for adulthood, independence. Examples of business ideas:

  • Team games. Including detective, sports, economic and more,
  • Business incubator. Providing children with the opportunity to generate ideas, implement them, earn some pocket money,
  • Interest clubs. Scientific, environmental, travel and more.

Life Support Business

Everything related to the life support of the child. The main feature is the rapidly changing requirements and needs. Examples of business ideas:

  • Commission of children's things. Children grow at lightning speed and parents do not have time to buy clothes. And there are two points: where to put on old clothes and it does not always make sense to buy new ones, you can look for a little worn one,
  • DIY baby clothes. In addition to originality, if the child is involved in the process, there will also be an educational effect,
  • Rental of children's furniture. Just as a child quickly grows out of clothes, he grows out of furniture. In this case, you can offer furniture for rent,
  • Balanced food. It is successful to offer food products specific to a certain age and occupation.

Development Business

Here is everything related to the school. Any children's goods and services aimed at the development of the child. Examples of business ideas:

  • Tutoring studio. Comprehensive offers for different ages,
  • Educational games,
  • Master classes for children in the manufacture of toys, dolls, children's snakes.

Entertainment business

Any games, shows, entertainment. Including consulting centers on this topic. Examples of business ideas:

  • Organization of shows, masquerades, holidays, concerts,
  • Development of children's entertainment programs,
  • Making unique toys for gifts.

The choice of how to open a business for children is large enough. Since the competition in this area is also great, before starting a business it is worth taking a closer look at the surroundings so as not to copy the idea already existing in this place. There are many ideas for children's business and you can always find something original..

Business instructions

How to open a game room?

A business aimed at providing services or goods for children, obviously, will never lose its relevance. This is one of the most stable areas for entrepreneurship. Receive.

How to open a children's studio?

Find out what remains to be done to open your own children's studio, how to start a business on children step by step and start earning and developing.

How to open a private kindergarten?

If you are thinking about opening a private kindergarten, then most likely you are a young parent whose baby is approaching the age when it is time to go to kindergarten. Despite the fact that private children.

Children are flowers of life. And a business that makes money on children flourishes day by day. No decent parent will save on his own child, on the contrary - he will try to provide his child only the best - whether it be clothes, toys, leisure or education. Thanks to this, the business for children brings its owners stable income and success.

If you believe in the profitability of the children's business, but don’t know which side to approach, where to start and how to succeed, the step-by-step instructions in this section will help you draw up your action plan and choose the most suitable option for the volume of investment for the children's business. Fortunately, there really is plenty to choose from.

For example, here you will learn how to open a children's development center from scratch, how much it costs to open a children's clothing store, where to start a kindergarten business, etc. Extreme attention should also be paid to the issues of what documents are needed to open a kindergarten, where to open a children's playroom and whether it is profitable to open a children's hairdresser.

Along with this, you will learn the small features of each of the options for the children's business, which, despite their apparent insignificance, play an important role, for example, in the business of a children's entertainment center or baby food store. Knowing all the nuances and small things of a business, it will definitely be easier for you to start it and avoid possible mistakes and misses at the start.