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Original DIY gift bow


Bows, bows, are one of the most used elements of hairstyles, clothing decor, a necessary accessory for girls' school uniforms, table setting attribute.

They serve as the main decorative decoration of gift wrapping. Regardless of the shape, size of gift boxes, ways to diversify packaging, a bow will be an integral element that crowns this creation.

You can make it from a special (decorative) paper or satin ribbon of different sizes, colors, creating all kinds of options. From strict, classic models, to magnificent, unusual forms.

Satin ribbon bow on box

At the beginning, the box is packed in gift paper. It can be purchased in various colors at the store.

Easy way to pack:

The required size is cut out (the ends are closed by two-thirds, the main part - by three-fourths of the box).
The long sides are bent (1 cm), glued with double-sided tape.
The paper is pulled, glued.
The ends are neatly folded, glued with tape.

The packaging is ready for decoration.

Starting to make a bow, it is desirable that the satin is already starched. This will help the bow, keep its shape well.

A variant of a simple classic bow:

  • The tape is selected according to the size of the box.
  • It is circled around the gift, in its midline, tied at the top without a knot.
  • Loops are made of tails.
  • Tightened by a knot.
A neat beautiful bow is formed by pulling each loop.

You can circle the box with tape around the entire perimeter, you get:

To make jewelry from a thin satin ribbon, you need a couple of multi-colored segments. The box turns around in a circle, an ordinary bow fits.

A congratulatory note attached on top is well suited here.

And also the bow itself, possibly made separately from the strapping. After it is glued to it or attached in another way (attached, pinned). One of the easiest options to make an accessory:

  • A piece of tape is folded in half, the joint is overlapped.
  • A separate fragment closes the docking point. For beauty, it is advisable to use a different color.
  • Variant of the classic one-piece ribbon bow

Bow on the corner of the box

You can tie a decoration on the corner of a gift box as follows:

  1. The desired tape size is selected.
  2. Starts as a gift, crosses.
  3. The ends wind up on the other side.
  4. The box is encircled by the long part.
  5. A bow fits.

After trimming the ends, tightening and straightening, the accessory is ready.

Another way to make one bow at opposite corners of the package:

  1. Two ribbons.
  2. The box is mounted on them with corners.
  3. The places of crossing tapes are fixed.
  4. Bows are tied with tips.

For models that have bows with tails, no matter how the ribbon unfolds (strews), the edges should be scorched with a candle or lighter.

Ribbon Bows

To make gift bows from ribbons, you will need satin ribbons, or pieces of braid or fabric that do not “roll in”. For some designs, you can use paper, thin plastic, fixing the components with a stapler or glue.

For stylish minimalistic gift wrapping, strict horizontal bows are perfect. In this case, you can use several tapes of different colors.

From scraps of colorful ribbons you can make such a cute bow:

Larger lush bows are made according to the following schemes:

A bright contrasting bow from two narrow and one wide ribbon we do this:

You can tie a present with real hair bows. Gentle, beautiful and reminds of school childhood! This option is great for wrapping a gift for a teacher.

Animal ribbons and ribbons bows

For gift wrapping for children and theme parties, we use the idea of ​​animal bows. See how cute elephant or bunny you can get!

It will be pleasant for the dog breeder to receive a gift decorated with an elegant dog muzzle.

Do-it-yourself simple ribbon bows: job description

We take corrugated cardboard, sticks and double-sided tape.

We glue both rectangles together to seal the structure.

On the cardboard blank from the side where the corrugation holes go out, make marks with a pencil: we need three identical segments. The length depends on the desired bow size. My distance between the marks is 2.5 cm.

In the pipes of the corrugated cardboard we insert our tubes according to the marks made.

The sticks should not be too short: the tape will wind up. The more magnificent you want bows, the wider the ribbon you plan to use - the higher the sticks should be. The excess on the back of the rectangles can be cut off.

We make a bow. We wind the organza ribbon onto the machine, as shown in the photo below, that is, passing the snake between the supports.

Please note: in the photo - the winding is made in such a way that there are two loops plus a tail on the finished bow on each side. The edge of the tape is cut off, we fix the winding at the ends with clothespins, squeezing the tape down.

We knit the bow in the center - either with a thread, if another ribbon is planned for this bow, or immediately with a narrow ribbon of the same or contrasting color.

Everything! A bow from an impromptu fork can be removed.

The ends of the tape are immediately scorched with a lighter or a candle, because the organza quickly crumbles.

We measure the white tape. I made a substrate for it under a red bow so that it protrudes slightly beyond the edges of the red ribbon, plus an allowance of about half a centimeter.

Cut the tape, singe the edges.

I folded both edges of the white ribbon to the center, putting them a little overlap on each other, and stitched the entire center of the future bow with a “needle forward” stitch.

She pulled the thread, made a back tack. It could be pulled stronger.

We put both bows on top of each other and tie them together with a narrow satin ribbon. Then I made a mistake - it was also necessary to attach the elastic there, in a bunch of bows, so that everything was fixed with a tape at once. But here I haven't done it yet. And just tightly tied and cut the tails.

So now it looks like a simple ribbon bow on the front side.

Do not forget to sew or gum.

Our do-it-yourself simple ribbon bow is ready. By the way, despite the extreme brevity, it looks very elegant on the tip of a pigtail, resembles a butterfly, ready to take off just about.

Eva Kashio specially for the site Handicraft master classes

Paper bows

Fold paper quilling tapes or strips of colored paper in the form of various rings, cut out the inscription with a wish from other paper or anniversary dates. Bind them together and you get an individual bow for a gift.

From paper curls you can collect a large flower, in the center of it there is a place for a wish, additional decoration.

We make a holly flower from many cut out paper circles. We wrap them with a cone and glue them around the edge. Then we collect in the form of a flower.

Paper bow with button decor - simple and beautiful!

If you really want to surprise loved ones with your originally wrapped gift, then you should familiarize yourself with detailed schemes for cutting, folding and attaching extraordinary bows. We look and get down to business!

Even a child can make such a bow: fold the paper "with a fan, fasten it with a thread - and the bow is ready!" In this case, you can use colored paper, newspaper and magazine clippings, wallpaper, maps.

Men's bows

For a gift to a man we are preparing a special bow. It can be a gift decoration with a tie or suspenders.

A paper bag with a gift inside can be decorated in the form of a shirt with a tie. Use colored ribbons or paper.

You can use the shirt itself as wrapping paper and a bow. See what you can do!

Jewelry for a gift from natural materials

A bow made of grass or straw is an original and simple solution.

Combining decoration and bouquet is a great idea. We decorate a gift with fresh flowers!

We use fresh green leaves and branches for a gift decor.

We decorate the gift with a vintage masterpiece: sequins, a flower made of strands of beads and a real feather.

Unconventional solutions

You can simply close the gift on the “button”.

A gift associated with photographs, or a gift for a photographer, would be very opportune to decorate with old film from photographs.

You can make fabric packaging and a bow from a single piece of fabric.

How to beautifully wrap a round gift? Packing from a flap of fabric with a handle and double rows of bows is suitable.

When a cake is presented, it is usually brought on a baking sheet in a towel. But what if you complement the work of your culinary art with beautiful packaging? An edible gift can be decorated with a fabric napkin and decorated with a “bow” of spoons.

Simple bow combination

All ingenious is simple. If you do not want to spend a lot of time tying the original bow, make a lot of simple bows. The main thing is to observe their harmonious combination.

Flower bows

Flowers are always bright, solemn and gentle. Therefore, we take note of gift decoration with flower bows.

We make a flower from two different ribbons.

Simple flower made of paper:

From paper you can make a flower with leaves according to the scheme:

Delicate voluminous flowers can be made of crepe paper or ordinary napkins.

See which flower can be made from plain newsprint.

Fabric flowers are very similar to real ones. If you “burn” the edges of the fabric, you can get the effect of real petals. Similar flowers can be made from a plastic bottle by heating its edges.

We hope that our ideas will certainly inspire you to be creative. wishes you and your loved ones pleasant gifts!