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Peace of mind, calm and harmony in life


In the life of every person there are times when it is necessary to relax, find peace in the soul, put in order thoughts. And then a person wonders how to find peace of mind? The answer is very simple and we will consider it in our article. Important decisions should not be made hastily. Peace of mind has a beneficial effect on human health in general.

Benefits in a state of calm

Calm - this is a state of mind in which there are no internal contradictions and conflicts, and the perception of the external objects surrounding you is equally balanced.

Thanks to calm, a person is able to:

  1. To overcome internal contradictions and external obstacles,
  2. Freed from self-doubt, their complexes and fears,
  3. Cultivate oneself
  4. Have others around you
  5. Be confident in your abilities
  6. To think correctly and to make deliberate actions.

How does calm appear in everyday life?

Discussions. A calm person is able to take his time, not getting lost and not anxious to defend his thoughts and position.

Household situations. A calm person is able to drown out a beginning quarrel between relatives, relatives or friends.

Extreme situations. In the most difficult situations, the qualities of a calm person, such as rationality of actions and clarity of mind, increase the chances of salvation.

Scientific experiments. After a series of failures, only a calm person (scientist) will come to the intended goal, being sure that he is right.

Parenting. Only a family in which there are no quarrels and loud cries can raise a calm child.

Diplomacy. Calmness helps a diplomatic person to take rational actions and restrain his emotions.

So, we conclude that what is peace:

  1. This ability to maintain sobriety of reason and clarity of mind in any life situations,
  2. This ability to act rationally despite their emotions,
  3. This is the strength of character and self-control of a person, which will help in any situation to achieve the desired result and success,
  4. This is a full power of attorney to the world and life,
  5. This is friendliness to people and benevolence to the world.

How to achieve peace of mind in practice

In practice, many adhere to the following set of exercises necessary to achieve peace of mind:

  1. You need to sit on a chair and completely relax all parts of the body,
  2. Take a few minutes for pleasant memories in your life,
  3. Slowly and calmly repeat the words with which you associate peace and harmony of the soul,
  4. Let your breath bring you to a state of complete calm.

What is peace of mind and how to achieve it

Mental balance, according to many people, is utopia. But for most, it is considered normal to receive both positive and negative emotions. Of course, positive emotions should dominate. And in order to experience less negativity, you need to be aware and understand your goals and desires, while not paying attention to the opinions of people around you. Those people who have learned this live in harmony with their soul and mind, and their actions and actions do not contradict what they said.

To overcome negative emotions, one should adhere to the following rules in life:

  1. You need to stop reacting to the situation in the way that is familiar to you. Basically, we create any situation for ourselves, and later we try to understand what is its cause and what is the way out of it. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to distinguish a causal relationship. You need to learn to see the positive, even where it may not be at all.
  2. Learn to see the opportunity, even in the worst situation, and to respond to it is not entirely adequate.
  3. Thank others you people anyway. Indeed, gratitude is the best way to return to a state of peace of mind and protect yourself and your thoughts from negativity.
  4. Remind yourself constantly that you live in real problems, not past and future. At the right time, all people have everything they need in order to be happy and free. The duration of this condition is up to you. As soon as you recall past grievances or start thinking about something bad, this state will immediately turn into negative.
  5. Do not be offended in any situations. Resentment is dangerous and harmful to the human body. Experts say that those people who are often offended for a long time besides mental disorder can develop many other diseases.
  6. When dealing with grievances, laughter helps well. If in the current situation you will not see anything positive and funny, you can just turn on the fun music, watch a funny concert or movie. Just try chatting with friends or family about positive topics.
  7. Watch your condition. If you feel that you are on the verge of collapse or you are in very poor condition, it is better to stop communicating with others for a while and just calm down.
  8. As soon as someone asks you for help, do not refuse. This will bring a positive result both for you and for the one who asked you for help. But it is worth remembering that you need help only to those who really need it, and not to those who just want to take advantage of your weakness and kindness.
  9. Another surefire way to restore peace of mind is through physical exercises such as walking in the fresh air and fitness. When performed, the human brain is saturated with oxygen and the level of the hormone of happiness rises.
  10. Peace of mind is always directly dependent on physical health. A person who has any chronic illnesses or simply has a cold will never have balance in his soul.

Reasons why you can lose peace of mind

In fact, there are many reasons in the world that can cause you to lose peace of mind and balance. But we will single out the most important of them:

  1. Fear. Fear of an event that should happen in the future often worries us and our peace of mind. All these events that are not related to the present moment disturb us in advance, we suffer and worry about them. And this happens until this event occurs and we see the result.
  2. Wines in front of any person. Guilt is inherently an inner voice that reproaches us from within because we did not do something or simply offended someone. The feeling that we experience is very burdensome to our thoughts. The most unpleasant thing in such situations is that we do not know how to atone for our sin and as if we are in a state of expectation of some kind of miracle.
  3. Burden of circumstances. In this concept lies the fact that we undertook to do some business, but subsequently we can not fulfill it because of any circumstances. Having made a promise, we simply cannot keep it.
  4. Resentment. Very often a person loses peace due to the fact that someone offended him. Constrained pride constantly reminds us of this factor and does not allow us to calm down on our own for quite a long time.
  5. Aggression and anger. These factors also depress the balance of the soul.

How to find peace of mind in the above circumstances.

  1. Very often, factors such as resentment, guilt, or fear lead us away from reality. We are constantly worried about those situations that should have been or already were, but you just need to learn how to live in the present moment and be content with what you have in the present.
  2. Everyone is mistaken, but not everyone perceives it adequately. Having made a mistake, you need to learn admit guilt and survive it appropriatelyand not torment yourself because of this for a long time.
  3. Learn to say no"Immediately, if you understand that you can’t do what you were asked to do. By refusing immediately, you will not give a person hope and will not be tormented by the fact that you will not be able to fulfill your promise.
  4. Learn to forgive resentment immediately, and do not wait for the moment when the offender asks you for forgiveness. This may not happen at all, and your peace of mind will be lost for a long time.
  5. Everyone experiences negative emotions. But you should be able to release them on time. Just do not show your anger and your annoyance in public. This, too, can lead to negative consequences and you will ruin the balance of mind not only of yours, but also of those around you.

Why do people need peace of mind

Every day you can meet people with an unstable emotional platform. They are irritable, aggressive, cutting. Such personalities “flare up” at the slightest opportunity, they are constantly tormented by anxieties and doubts. The accumulated stress and psychological overstrain over the years translates into a number of serious diseases that are not always treatable. The body prematurely ages and loses its vitality. It is impossible to relieve stress, anxiety, anxiety, despair with pills without harming health. And to heal the body without resuscitating the soul is pointless.

At the same time, a mentally balanced person has a number of irreplaceable qualities:

  • Keeps a clear mind, sober mind, regardless of what is happening.
  • He acts rationally, not succumbing to emotions.
  • He has benevolence, openness, friendliness, trust in people and the whole world.
  • Maintains self-control, which helps to achieve success and good results in any business.

Enemies of peace

Even after reaching the desired state of mind and body, a sense of peace can be lost if you succumb:

  1. Fears. All people are subject to phobias. For each person, fear can manifest itself in different ways and be of a completely different nature. Some are afraid of the future, other opinions of others, others worry before passing the next standings. Mental balance usually disturbs the fear of an event that has not yet occurred. A person doubts, worries and suffers until the cherished date comes.
  2. Feeling guilty. When the calls of conscience begin to torment after the perfect incorrect action, sleep, appetite, and mood are disturbed. Feeling guilty, every minute he recalls his misconduct, and thoughts that you can’t change anything can not oppress even more. Self-flagellation lasts until the situation is resolved.
  3. A load of obligations. Many are brought up from childhood, that if he gave his word, then it must be kept. But they do not always mention in time that it is not worth promising overwork. Some people try to fulfill a request because they cannot say no. Others deliberately try to show their superiority by promising many impossible things, without even thinking about what they are doing.
  4. Insult. If a person is offended by someone, then he loses his inner balance due to an overabundance of negative emotions. Prevalence passes to impaired pride.
  5. Anger. Hatred, resentment, desire for revenge - this cocktail instantly destroys a person’s peace. Pondering a plan of revenge, preserving aggression, recalling the evil done, a man himself winds himself up in thoughts. This prevents him from sleeping soundly and soberly.

Express methods to achieve internal balance

In addition to constant work on your consciousness in some situations, you need to quickly normalize peace of mind, for this a number of exercises are used:

  • You need to sit down and try to relax. Usually helps close your eyes and thoughts about pleasant moments from life, the sea.
  • You must slowly repeat the words that bring peace of mind. It is better to decide on them in advance, because in anger it will be difficult to find the necessary associations.
  • It is worth performing breathing exercises - a deep breath-exhale.
  • If you can, you need to do what you love or switch to work.
  • The best cure for bad emotions is positive music.

Live in the present

Some memories and grievances from the past, fears of the future haunt the present reality. A person rushes to extremes and tries to understand how it would be if the situation had turned out differently, how it would be when it is not possible to do this or that. Such thoughts take away precious minutes of life and do not allow you to fully experience the taste of reality.

Learn to refuse

Do not take on an excessive burden. You need to be able to soberly assess the situation and not be shy to refuse if for any reason.

You can’t hold a grudge against the whole world. The fact that we do not let go pulls us into the explosive swamp of negativity and utopia. It’s worth forgiving a person, even if he doesn’t want to apologize. And no need to wait for the culprit to come running for forgiveness.

Let go of the negative

Periodically, it is necessary to conduct relaxation sessions, psychological techniques to remove blocks and relieve emotional burden. You can go to nature and retire with the forces of the universe, beating dishes and a strong scream in the open helps well. After each unpleasant incident, quarrel, scandal, resentment, a small precipitate of negative feelings remains. If these “weights” are not removed, then they accumulate and become a heavy weight, with which it is difficult to have a balance of soul.

Assistants in Overcoming the Hard Path to Peace of Mind

Each person has a favorite pastime. A hobby helps to clear thoughts, to be alone with oneself, to know one’s world. But there are universal exercises that help to find peace, strengthen the mind and body.

  1. Doing sports. Since childhood, it is known that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. From the point of view of psychology, this can be interpreted in such a way that during physical training, especially in the fresh air, blood circulation normalizes, all metabolic processes start, and the necessary hormones are released. Daily training strengthens the immune system and has a beneficial effect on the whole body. When a person is healthy, then nothing worries him, he is cheerful and cheerful. Poor people who do not like sports, do not follow food have a lot of health problems. The occurrence of pain, regardless of the localization of the affected organ, cannot but disturb the "poor fellow."
  2. Yoga. Meditations relax, help to know oneself, provide an opportunity to relax the body. To benefit from the lessons it is better to first sign up for a good coach.
  3. Music, cinema. Watching positive clips, listening to fervent music and incredibly funny comedies bring a lot of vivid emotions to life. If you constantly receive a portion of positive, then it becomes easier to deal with negative moments in life.
  4. Books. Reading pacifies and tunes to the desired wave. It is important to select interesting and useful literature. It is enough to give the book 30-40 minutes daily and soon the desire to read will come by itself.

Strange but effective tricks

In psychology, sometimes extraordinary methods are found that in a special way change our consciousness and allow us to remove the blocks of negative. Help can find peace of mind can:

  • Selfishness. You cannot constantly think only of others and sacrifice yourself for the happiness of others. People who do not know how to take care of themselves constantly feel discomfort if they did not have time or could not help others. They unconsciously create an environment around them when others safely use their kindness and selflessness. Therefore, you don’t need to reproach yourself all weekend or take a bag of papers at home, forgetting about the rest if you did not finish the work on Friday. It’s better to have a good rest, and on Monday come with renewed vigor and work fruitfully. At the same time, rushing to extremes and crossing the line is not worth it. It is necessary to think about other people and respect their opinions, but this should not turn into “voluntary slavery”.
  • Thanks. In any situation, you need to say thanks to everyone around you, even your enemies. It is not necessary to do this by ear; the main thing is that everything should be sincere. You can thank you for your help, your beloved express words of recognition for being near and you can always rely on them. It's hard to say thanks to enemies, but it is they who give us a very valuable quality in life - experience. It is worth remembering that it is impossible to know the world only on one side, and the versatility of life is reflected in the character and actions of people.
  • Laugh. When you really want to cry, you just need to laugh. This will help to release all the clamps and drive away the negative.
  • Installation for happiness. Our brain as a computer can be programmed for any action if you choose the right cipher and password. Every morning you need to start with encouraging words and the attitude that the day will go well, calmly and nothing can bring you out of balance.

Everyday Tips

In order for harmony to last constantly, you need to learn how to transfer it from thoughts to everyday life.

  1. Hobbies. It is very important that the work is fun. It is difficult to remain mentally calm if most of the time during the day is spent on an unloved affair.
  2. Search for the pros. In any situation, you need to find the positive side. To begin with, you may need a leaf and a pen, especially if thoughts are difficult to put together. Remembering the positive angle, you need to write it down, and upon completion of work, get acquainted with the reading matter and smile.
  3. Acceptance of people with their disabilities. In an effort to find the ideal and surround themselves with the very best, people often try to change their loved ones. Нужно понимать, что у всех свои идеалы и нельзя быть безукоризненным для каждого.Close ones must remain exactly as they are, if you start to change them, then these will be completely different unfamiliar personalities. The main thing is that these people are close and in their own way, as they know how, love. But this is their most important advantage, overlapping other visible shortcomings.
  4. Sleep. Proper rest is very important for the body. It should be of high quality and last at least 8-9 hours. If possible, you can enter a day rest of about 30 minutes. In developed countries, having a daily siesta indicates an increase in employee productivity and productivity.
  5. Prayer. Prayer helps believers in times of depression. It allows you to spiritually distance yourself from problems and external irritation.
  6. Avoiding negativity. In order not to lose peace of mind, it is better to refuse to watch depressive films, talk shows. If a scandal is brewing, then you should not respond to the "poddevy" interlocutor. It’s better to just leave at this moment, if this is not possible, then you need to mentally draw yourself a picture of the sea or another soothing landscape. This will help to distract and focus on the negative will be less noticeable.

Peace of mind is hard to find, but easy to lose. To maintain balance, you need to work on your emotions and outlook on life. The soul in its trepidation and vulnerability resembles a guitar. The way you tune it and which tune you choose, it will play. It’s not difficult to become a good “musician”; the main thing is to really want it.