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How to scan a QR code on Android


Mobile Android devices allow not only taking photos and videos with your camera, but also reading encrypted information: it can be QR codes, Barcodes and Vcard (virtual business card). Thus, you can simply point the camera at the smartphone to receive and open a link, find out information about the product by its bar code, or quickly add a person to your contacts by scanning its QR code.

This is encrypted information, it can not be decrypted by a person (you can, of course, if you have 20 hours of free time), but your smartphone can do this in a second. There may be a link inside the QR code: often the links have a very long URL and it’s not convenient to pass them just like that.

Less often, data or virtual business cards are encrypted in QR codes - Vcard, by scanning such a business card you will immediately receive information ready for adding to your contacts: number, name, website and other data that a person will add to his business card. Often, QR codes are used in cafes and restaurants, for conveniently transferring a Wi-Fi password to everyone, to retype the password from a piece of paper, or even worse “by ear” - the last century. As a more advanced alternative to QR codes, NFC technology can be highlighted.

Often a scanner is already built into the phone’s firmware, for example, in all Xiaomi the scanner is built-in, turn on the camera and point it to any QR code: for convenience, you can use the code below (it leads to the main page of this site).

If nothing happened, then you have to use special applications, below you will find the best QR and barcode scanners for android. You need to install the application and run it, then point to the code you need.

This is a secure QR code scanner from Kaspersky Lab. Before scanning, it checks the data in the code for security and will alert you immediately if problems are found. Although he can only scan QR and Vcard, he does it well, and security is never superfluous :)

This is an omnivorous scanner that recognizes both QR and Vcard and Barcodes. This application will not be able to warn you about the danger, but at least not immediately throw it on the URL, but will give you the opportunity to look at it and decide for yourself. Barcodes are scanned accurately, after which they can be checked immediately on the Internet with one button.

  1. Lighting is important if it is not enough - the program scanners allow you to turn on the flashlight
  2. The distance from the camera to the QR code should not be too close, although you will see a "frame" into which the code should fall - often it does not coincide with the focal length of your camera. So try moving the smartphone’s camera closer and closer.
  3. If you come across "White QR on a dark background," it may not be readable until you enable the corresponding item in the settings of the scanner application
  4. Think twice before clicking on unfamiliar links, because attackers never doze off!

We did not list all the programs for scanning codes for Android for you, because there are a great many of them, they all work approximately the same and differ in interface (and bugs: D). If you didn’t like the options from our selection, you can go to Google Play and enter in the search “QR scanner”, and then choose to your taste.

The principle of operation and the purpose of the QR code

Probably, many were faced with the image of a small black square with an incomprehensible pattern inside. This is the QR code. Now it can be found everywhere: in the subway, on advertising boards, business cards, and even under your feet.

This is convenient because the information encrypted in this way can be read from the screen of a phone, tablet or smartphone. Why you just need to install the application program, which scans and encoding.

The main purpose of the QR code is a fast data transfer in a compressed form. Information can be any: contacts, a link to a photo or video, navigation on tourist routes or advertising. It is enough to take a picture of the “square” and the Android-based application itself will recognize and give the necessary data in just two “touches” to the screen of the mobile device.

The process of scanning a QR code on Android: instructions for dummies

Let's see how to scan a QR code and what tools are needed for this together. In solving the issue, a step-by-step instruction will help us:

  1. A device (tablet or smartphone) running Android must have Internet access - one of the conditions for working with programs. You can use Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot to connect. An internet connection is required to install the scanner application.
  2. Then there are two options:
    • download and install the application for scanning on an unverified site, issued upon request in the search engine line. In this case, there is a chance of getting a "non-working" program or infecting the device with a virus,
    • install Play Market on your device (in the latest versions of Andro OS />

Additional Information. You can also scan and recognize a QR code from a code image file that is stored on your mobile device. To do this, select the function in the application menu: "decode from picture". By clicking on the menu item, we get access to the gallery with image files. There we select an image with a picture of a QR code. The program scans and recognizes it from the picture. This function is useful if the image with the code was sent from another device and you need to read the information contained in it.

Tip: in order for the QR code to be recognized, and the information in it decrypted, the image of the "square" should be clear, not blurry and shot close-up.

QR barcode scanner

Available in Play Market is a free application with a basic set of features. Qualitatively scans barcodes, qr-coding and quickly recognizes them.

In addition to scanning and recognizing codes, the application is able to share them in SMS and social networks. It is possible to create your own unique QR code.

Advantages: fast “scanner” and encoding recognition, the ability to create your own codes.

Disadvantages: built-in advertising, there is no function for manually entering a bar code, it may “freeze” when updating a program.

Lightning QR Scanner

Another free application from the Play Marketa for reading and recognizing QR codes. Basic functionality: scans and quickly recognizes.

Advantages: fast recognition, the ability to add data from recognized code to the "contacts".

Disadvantages: a lot of built-in advertising.

Reader QR Code

Fast "scanner". In addition to the basic set of functions, additional applications are available in the application: highlighting the photographed QR code with a flashlight (useful when you need to scan the encoding in the dark).

Advantages: convenient menu, the ability to simultaneously flashlight when scanning a code.

Disadvantages: built-in advertising, localization of the application into Russian is illiterate.

QR Code Reader / QR Scanner, QR Code Generator

The program scans, recognizes and can create QR codes.

Advantages: speed of scanning, the ability to generate.

Disadvantages: built-in advertising.

As you can see, in the Play Market you can find a QR code scanner application for every taste.

What is a QR code and how does it work

The Kew Ar code is a black square with various lines and squiggles inside. The principle of its operation is quite simple. Any information using special blocks is encrypted in a black square.

To read the code, simply point the camera at it by first installing a special application. It is important not to forget to turn on the Internet connection, otherwise nothing will happen. After that, a link will appear on the screen, clicking on which we get access to the information encrypted in the square. Let's look at 5 ways to quickly and easily recognize a QR code.

Method 2: “QR Scanner”

Lightweight and easy to use add-on. Just point the camera and read the data.

After installation, the first thing we do is click the “Start"And give the application access to the phone’s camera (click"Allow"). To follow the scanned link, click "BrowseWebsite", And for copying"CopyLink". You can view the history by selecting the “clock"(See screenshot).

Method 3: "QR Code"

A convenient program that allows you to quickly scan information.

After installation, click "Well understood", Then"Allow". Now just turn on the QR scanner and wait 1-2 seconds, and after the procedure is completed, click "Open in browser". Going to the tab "Story", You can see links to all the squares read.

The program provides the ability to configure a QR scanner. In addition, here you can turn off the sound, vibration, as well as contact technical support with a question.

Method 4: QRbot

A modern program with a large set of functions. With it, you can read 39 types of barcodes.

Install the add-on and click on "a tick". A nice feature of the utility is the ability to scan an image. Thanks to which you won’t have to point the camera at the black square.

The principle of the application is no different from the previous options. Just find the QR code and point the camera at it. Then click "Open site»And view the encrypted information. The unpleasant side of software is the presence of a large number of advertising banners.

Method 5: "QR-reader"

The program has a nice design in dark colors.

The volume of the add-on is only 4.7 MB, which, of course, is a plus. At the first start, you need to click "Allow". Now just point your smartphone at the square and wait a second. As a result, an automatic transition to the encrypted link should occur. The main advantage of this software is simplicity. Quickly installed, pointed the camera, got the result.

QR reading features on Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei

Many popular devices already have a built-in scanner, so installation of additional software is not required. Below is a detailed description for the most popular smartphones.

To read the QR code on the device from "Xiaomi", you need to use the scanner program. To do this, go to the "Instruments"Located on the desktop. Here open the application "Scanner". After that, point the camera at the square and get hidden data. Simplicity and convenience - this is how you can describe this software.

On the smartphones of this manufacturer also has a built-in program that tells you how to read the QR-square. Swipe the screen and the scanner icon will be located near the line with the application search. Then click on it and read the information.

To work, you need a standard browser. First open it and click on "three dots»At the top of the screen. Then select "ScanQRcode”And point the camera at the square. After reading, there will be an automatic transition to the desired site or application.

How to create a QR code yourself on Android

To make your own square with encrypted information, we use the application from the list above - QR Code. Open the program and go to the “Create". From the proposed menu, select the option of interest. When creating a link to a website, enter its address and click on "a tick". Now you can save the resulting square or share it with friends.

What a strange square?

I am sure that many of you often find such “drawings” on the Internet, on advertisements, packages of goods, etc.:

So, we are dealing with such a thing as "Quick response code", Which was created for the Japanese auto industry, but after a while has gained popularity around the world. "Kew Ar"Is a type of barcode where, using the unique location and size of black blocks, practically any information is encrypted - links to sites, text descriptions, geographical coordinates, order and payment data.

The technology has such a wide scope that you can list for hours on end. For example, recently I purchased VR glasses for Xiaomi smartphone, and in order not to look for a special application in the Play Market, it was enough to scan the QR on the package and immediately proceed to download the software.

The reading procedure takes several seconds, and a prerequisite is to connect to the global Internet. Let's take a closer look at the tools.

Built-in Android smartphone features

Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to use them. Older OS versions installed on phones older than 5 years are unlikely to support this method. But more modern firmware cope with the task almost on the machine.

For example, on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 there is a standard application “Scanner". In addition, just turn on the camera and point it at the QR code so that the “More details", And in a new window you will see a link (or other information):

Again, it all depends on Android and the installed shell - in MIUI (in Xiaomi / Xiaomi) and Flyme (for Meizu) these functions are implemented, although in the latter case you must select the appropriate shooting mode:

Try to look for something similar in yourself, delve into the settings. If you do not find it, go to the list of useful utilities.

How to scan a QR code on Android with third-party programs

In the official Google Play store for this request, you can find many software that can be used to recognize different types of codes. But you should use only software with a high rating, it is advisable to choose options without advertising (although there are few). I have prepared a list relevant for 2018. Perhaps in the future more advanced solutions will appear. Although, what can a utility of this purpose offer new?

I will not specifically describe the interface and capabilities of each tool, since they are identical, have the same principle of operation, namely:

  • Connect to the Internet (mobile or Wi-Fi),
  • Launch the application
  • Choose a mode (if offered),
  • When a square is displayed on the screen, you should point the camera at the desired item that you want to scan,
  • After a couple of seconds, the result will be found and you will see information on the display,
  • Then you can go to the site (if you got a link), read the description, share it on social networks (instant messengers), copy it for subsequent pasting into notes, etc.

Now you know how to read the QR code on Android for installing applications, viewing web pages. In the case of confirmation of payment or order, authorization in Viber, Vatsap - the essence is the same. Follow the on-screen prompts and you'll never get confused.

By the way, many institutions - cafes, pizzerias, restaurants, hotels have long used such barcodes to provide access to a wireless network. It is enough to scan it to connect - you do not even need to enter a password. Very comfortably!