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How to wear a swimming cap: two best ways


When going to the pool, we all face the need to fulfill some requirements. These include passing a medical examination and obtaining a special certificate, as well as collecting things that will be required for classes. This is a bathing suit, towel, personal care products, as well as a swimming cap. This is a mandatory attribute for girls and women, which will have to be purchased, otherwise the entrance to the pool will be closed. Today we’ll talk about how to wear a swimming cap.

Important rule

Let's first find out what this attribute is for. First of all, such a requirement is put forward by the administration of the pools due to the fact that the hair falling out during the bathing process gets into the filtration system and can spoil it. Some sports complexes today allow swimming without hats, explaining this by the perfection of modern treatment systems.

But to know how to wear a swimming cap is still necessary. In particular, because it is no longer necessary for the pool, but for you.

  • Water is usually disinfected with chlorine. Therefore, it is very harmful for any type of hair. If you swim without a cap, then very soon the hairstyle will leave much to be desired, the hair will begin to fall out.
  • The cap keeps hair relatively dry. Usually they get wet only along the contour, and it is not difficult to dry them.
  • Thanks to the cap you do not freeze. The water temperature in the pool is usually not too high, and through wet hair the heat goes much faster.
  • The cap makes the body contour more streamlined. This affects when swimming for a while and makes it possible to quickly reach the finish line.
  • If you use goggles for swimming, they can get tangled in hair that is not covered with a hat.
  • Most often women use this accessory. Therefore, manufacturers produce sets of swimwear and hats. That is, you get the opportunity to look fashionable and stylish in the pool. So, there is a direct reason to learn how to wear a swimming cap.

Where in front and where is the butt?

  • Silicone hatAs a rule, there is no front and backside - it does not matter which side to wear it on. You just need to make sure that the seam (edge) goes from the forehead to the back of the head, and not across.
  • In rag and combination hats the seams also go from the forehead to the back of the head, but at the same time, it differs between the front and back - you will see it by tailoring, the tag is usually sewn on the back.

Option 1. A bunch

  1. Hair put in a bundle (if the average length - you can tail).
  2. Put on a hat, but first back and then forward (although you can and vice versa - as convenient).
  3. Then remove protruding hair ends (if any) under the hat.

Demonstration of this method:

Option 2. Without a beam

  1. Comb hair back (but leave it loose).
  2. Put on a hat any of the above methods.
  3. Pull the hair from one side back, then back from the other side.
  4. Behind all the hair under the hat.

This is clearly demonstrated in this video:

How to wear a rubber hat on a child?

She dresses in children the same way she dresses in adults, more preferably method No. 1 from the above.

How this is done, you can also see at the beginning of this video:

If you just bought a new silicone or latex hat, you can add some talcum powder to it and let dry. So it will be easier to dress.

Points: top or bottom?

Professionals wear glasses under the hat, as this increases the streamlining of the head and won additional fractions of seconds, which are important in competitions.

If you practice for yourself and do not participate in competitions, then the classic, more comfortable option is to put glasses on top of the hat. Nevertheless, nothing prevents the “professional” option, if it is also convenient and comfortable for you.

In conclusion, I will bring to your attention another way.

He is comic, more of a series of tricks, but someone might like:

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Benefits of Wearing a Swimming Cap

Often those who are fond of swimming believe that it is completely optional to wear hats, but such people are definitely not right. The cap has a protective function, protecting the hair from getting wet, although none of them can provide absolute dry hair when a person is immersed in water with his head. It also prevents the harmful effects of chlorine-saturated water on the human body, helps the body not to lose heat, because it leaves the body mainly through the head.

Adults should take into account that a swimming cap for children saves the child’s ears from water, it slightly reduces the resistance of water masses that any swimmer inevitably encounters. Successfully selected in accordance with the existing bathing suit, a swimming cap looks great on every visitor to the pool, regardless of gender and age, emphasizes his individual external advantages.

Varieties of swimming caps

Caps for swimming today can be made of various materials that have their advantages and at the same time disadvantages. There are latex caps, but because of their obvious drawbacks, people have long classified them as obsolete. They are characterized by subtlety, insignificant strength, they are quickly and easily able to tear, the term of their use in action is insignificant. It’s hard to take off and put them on, they cause unpleasant sensations, every now and then, sticking to the hair. Caps made of latex can only be used by people with the shortest possible haircut; after each visit to the pool, such a cap should be sprinkled with talcum powder, otherwise it will stick together. Among the advantages of a latex hat you can mention only a fairly low cost.

The most popular option at the present time is swimming caps in the pool made of silicone, they tightly fit any head and, if necessary, are able to stretch more than two times. Silicone hats are very durable, however, they can be damaged and pierced by hairpins, it is best for a woman or girl to fix long hair with rubber bands when putting on such a hat. There are varieties of any colors with interesting patterns, with this choice, any buyer can find a hat that he will really like.

However, a too tight fit to the head of a silicone cap can sometimes cause headaches, and in such cases it is better to use textile swimming caps. They are usually made from fabrics used for sewing swimwear. Such a cap does not exert any pressure on the head, and the adult and the child will be able to quickly put it on and take off, in addition, its price can not be called particularly high. Its disadvantage is water permeability, so it is perfect for water aerobics, but swimming in such a cap is not recommended for a long time.

There are also combined options for hats for the pool; two different materials are used to create them. The inner component is made of fabric, and the outer one is a coating of silicone. They are characterized by ideal comfort; it is very convenient to practice regularly in the pool. They cost much more than silicone, however, the advantages of using it fully pay for the price.

The correct process for putting on a swimming cap

Before swimming, the question usually arises of how to wear a swimming cap. For children, and even for adults, this process is often extremely painful and lengthy, and a person's mood worsens before training in the pool. But problems can arise only with latex caps, with silicone there should not be any difficulties if you follow some simple rules.

With very dry and clean, electrifying hair, it is worth pre-moistening them with water a little. Long hair must be collected in a bun, while it is better to use elastic bands, hair clips can make holes in the material.

Then two palms are pushed into the cap at the same time, it is stretched, and the person inserts his head between the palms. The cap slides over the head, while the palms slide down, thus gradually turning the ears to the covered. After this, the wearing swimming cap neatly straightens in all directions, the person checks to see if there are any strands of hair that have fallen out. If available, they also fit under the hat, then the swimmer simply smoothes it for a few seconds, achieving the feeling of maximum comfort.

Parents who want to provide children with constant classes in the pool should definitely pay attention to the fact that children's swimming caps will provide the child with maximum protection against hypothermia and colds during training. Adults should check whether the boy or girl is sure to always put on a hat before going into the water, whether the children can correctly pull it on their heads.

Beautiful and bright hats for swimming will help the child feel more confident in training, he will be more willing to visit the pool. It is advisable that the little swimmer himself choose a hat for himself, the appearance of which he will like.

How to make the right choice

First of all, you need to buy a hat that will be convenient to use and reliably protect your hair from chlorinated water. After this, it will be possible to consider how to properly wear a swimming cap. If you come to the sports center without a hat, then you will most likely be offered to buy a one-time. And this is a plastic dome with an elastic band, which is not very convenient.

In addition, the following varieties are found:

  1. Starting. Designed for professional swimmers, it has a different thickness on individual parts of the head.
  2. Water polo. Designed for playing water polo. It is equipped with special plastic inserts that protect the ears from the flying ball and other blows.
  3. For the beautiful half of humanity. The most difficult question is how to put on a swimming cap on long hair. He gets up especially sharply when you send a girl to training, and she will have to deal with her suit in the locker room herself. There are special models that consist of a fabric bandana and an outer cap. This makes donning easier.
  4. Latex models. They are the cheapest, but leak water. Price is the only advantage. They stretch very poorly, putting them on the head is difficult, and the removal process is very painful at all: the material clings to the hair. These patterns break easily and can cause allergies. It is quite difficult to care for them, because every time you need to pour talcum powder.
  5. Silicone models. If you do not know how to wear a swimming cap, you need to pay attention to this option. They cost no more than latex, but it is much more functional. They are easy to remove and easy to put on, easy to clean. After visiting the pool, it will be enough to rinse the cap in water and dry. They are sutured and seamless. For children there is the opportunity to choose a special model with a bright print.
  6. Fabric patterns. They are bright and soft, easy to put on and take off. But get wet completely. They do not allow pool contamination with hair, but this is the only function that they perform well.

Often people make a typical mistake. They buy a standard hat for the child or put the one they use with them. As a result, he will come out of the water with a wet head. And if this is a girl, then she will have to untangle her braids and dry them for a long time. It’s not enough to know how to wear a swimming cap for a child. You also need to buy him a suitable model.

In principle, they are standard. But if you buy in a specialized store, then they will certainly offer a children's and adult option. The first is smaller in volume, which means it will optimally clasp your head. But caps from different manufacturers may vary. Therefore, it is best to come to the store with your child if the purchase is for him. In this case, it will be possible to try on the spot.

Process features

In specialized stores, a consultant usually works, who will tell you how to wear a swimming cap. The photo on the packaging sometimes gives only a distant idea, but after training you will know exactly what to do.

The main thing is to minimize the unpleasant sensations that usually accompany the process of putting on this accessory. For many children, this is a real problem, and few people like this process. Unlike swimming in the pool.

Key recommendations

Now let's talk directly about how to wear a swimming cap and where the seam should be. If you have long hair, you must first collect them in a bun or braid a braid higher. The main thing is that the neck is open. For fastening use a simple elastic band, without decorations. Do not pin hair with hairpins or use hairpins with sharp edges.

Often, beginners ask how the seam should be located, from ear to ear or from forehead to neck. Most often, the cap is placed in the second way. But there is no fundamental difference, this does not affect the swimming process.

To put on a hat, you need to put both hands inside it so that the back of your hand touches the hat. Now gently pull it from the top of the head. Knocked out hair can be gently tucked inward.

It does not present any problems. When you learn how to wear a swimming cap in the pool, this procedure will seem very simple. And looking after her is even easier. After class, the hat can be folded into a bag with a wet swimsuit. Upon arrival home, do not forget to immediately get it, rinse it with water and put it to dry. You can’t use a battery for this, just place it on a drying board. After an hour, it will be possible to put it in a bag, where she will wait for the next visit to the pool. Be sure to protect the product from direct sunlight and do not dry near heating appliances.

A modern hat can act as a decorative accessory. There are models in retro style, with a strap under the chin. They are well fixed. There are bright hats with a voluminous pattern. Models for girls and women are decorated with bright colors. Interesting models for girls with long hair are also produced. They have a pronounced comb in order to hide curled braids in it. In this case, they first hide the hairstyle inside the hats, and then pull it on the head.

Instead of a conclusion

This is almost all the necessary information on the topic of how to learn how to wear a swimming cap. In any case, it is more than enough for you to cope with this task. If the cap is intended for a child who will attend training on his own, then you should definitely practice at home, even before he remains in the locker room one on one with his bathing accessories. And of course, you need to choose the model that you just like. This is a guarantee that a visit to the pool each time will be filled with positive emotions.