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How to connect iPad to TV correctly


You can connect your iPad to your TV in several ways.

  • wireless wifi connection,
  • HDMI connection
  • setting up communication via Apple TV and AirPlay,
  • use of VGA or USB cables,
  • Connection via Google Chromecast.

Each type of connection is unique in its own way and is designed to solve different problems.

Wi-Fi Wireless

To set up a wireless connection, the TV must be able to work on DLNA or AllShare protocols (these options are available on many devices with the Smart TV function), and you need to download a special utility from the App Store, for example, iMediaShare, to the TV receiver. Such a connection will allow you to broadcast photos or videos on the screen of a television receiver for viewing on a large screen.

  1. Connect the TV set and iPad to your home LAN via a Wi-Fi router.
  2. On the mobile device, select the content that you want to transfer to the TV panel and specify your TV in the list of devices that appear.
  3. Confirm synchronization on the TV using the remote control.

If the user wants to connect the iPad to the TV to broadcast online video, he should install the Flipps program. It is equipped with a built-in web browser and can broadcast the contents of open pages via Wi-Fi. After the first launch of the utility, all devices connected to the local network will be synchronized. Now you just need to find the video of interest on the Internet.

Connecting your iPad to your TV with an HDMI cable is one of the most common ways to connect these devices, as it does not require the installation of additional utilities or parameter settings.
To connect to the TV via HDMI iPad 2 or newer tablet models, the user will need to purchase the Digital AV Adapter, as they do not have an HDMI port.

This is not necessary for first-generation Apple products. This module is built-in. This device is an HDMI-Lighting or 30-pin adapter, depending on the iPad model. The original device costs from 2000 rubles, so users often buy it in Chinese online stores, where it costs much less, but the quality is worse.

The procedure for connecting the iPad to the TV is as follows:

  1. Connect the adapter to the gadget.
  2. Connect the HDMI cable to the adapter and television.
  3. Turn on the television, select the broadcast image from the involved HDMI port.

After that, the iPad will automatically transfer the image to the big screen. If you select the 16: 9 format in the settings of the television receiver, this will allow you to remove the black bars on the display on the left and right.

Using Apple TV and Airplay

If the user has an Apple TV set-top box with built-in AirPlay technology, with his help he can watch video from the iPad on a TV or play other multimedia content.

With this connection, the image from the tablet screen is duplicated on the display of the television receiver, for the technician to work must be connected to the same network. If your TV supports AirPlay (certified LG, Samsung, Sony, and Philips TVs), you can connect it to your iPad without using a set-top box.

To connect, you need to run the AirPlay option on the console, open the tablet’s settings and make sure that the Apple TV and iPad are on the same Wi-Fi network. Next, click on the Home button on the mobile device, open the multitasking panel, go to the brightness and sound control section and click on the AirPlay button itself. A list of available devices appears, you need to click on the Apple TV box and select “Mirroring”.
If the actions are performed correctly, the tablet screen will be duplicated on the display of the television receiver.

Vga and usb cord

Often users ask how to connect the iPad to the TV using a USB or VGA cable. You need to understand that when connecting via USB port, you won’t be able to duplicate the screen, with this connection the iPad is used as a drive from which the TV will read multimedia content.

It is necessary to connect both devices with a cable and confirm the connection on the iPad. A list of the files available for playback appears on the display of the television receiver, the selection is made using the remote control of the television panel.
If the user decides to connect the TV to the iPad using a VGA cable, he needs to know that this output only transmits a video signal, therefore, to output the sound, you need to connect an external acoustic device, for example, speakers.

To transmit a picture from the tablet screen to a large display via a VGA wire, the user will need a VGA adapter that connects to the iPad via the Lighting connector or 30-pin. You need to connect the adapter and the TV with a VGA cable, then connect the adapter to the mobile gadget, start the TV receiver and set the signal to play from the connector to which the tablet is connected.
In general, the connections through the VGA and HDMI connectors look very similar, but it is recommended to use them to solve different problems. Sound is not reproduced through VGA and image quality is slightly worse, so this solution is suitable for showing presentations. The HDMI cable provides a better picture and transmits an audio signal, so this connection is used to watch movies.

Using Google ChromeCast

Google ChromeCast is a small device from Google the size of a USB flash drive that connects to a LG television set or other brand via HDMI. To broadcast the image, this gadget must be connected to a Wi-Fi network, and you need to download the Google Home application from the App Store on the tablet. After all these conditions are met, the user will be able to transfer to the large display any media content in resolution up to 1920x1080.

You can connect your iPad to your TV in several ways. This can be a wireless connection or a cable connection. The user can choose the most suitable solution for himself, depending on his needs.

Possible connection methods

Compared to other tablets, it is the “apple” brainchild that can be most easily connected to a TV device, since in most cases you can do with minimal costs for additional equipment. How to connect ipad to tv? There are several ways to do this:

  • via Apple TV
  • using Google Chromecast,
  • using an HDMI cable,
  • using a VGA adapter,
  • via USB.

Wireless Connection Using DLNA

The Digital Living Network Alliance standard is required for a quick and customizable connection of various mobile devices (including iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), computers, laptops and TVs into a single and inextricable digital network. Such a “union” allows you to exchange media content and display images, video and other information on the screens of the selected devices in real time.

The idea is not new, but, as practice shows, the DLNA functionality has not yet been perfected, especially on older and no longer supported TVs. And therefore, you can count on transferring images from iPhone or iPad in cases where TV from Samsung Smart TV, LG, Sony of a new generation and easily digests such a standard.

  1. If the equipment is in full order, it remains to finish two things: go to the App Store and download the iMediaShare tool (or UPNP / DLNA Streamer for TV or Allcast TV - Chromecast DLNA: the difference between the above options is not large, but the variety will definitely not hurt),
  2. Then - refer to the TV settings. In the parameters, firstly, you need to configure a Wi-Fi connection (you need to choose the same network that your smartphone or tablet is connected to), and secondly, deal with the "Broadcast" item (from a home server or PC - the names are different everywhere ),
  3. The final touches remain - launch the selected and already installed tool, create a pair with the TV, select the content for broadcast. There are essentially no restrictions - movies, music, and pictures are quietly launched
  4. Even the entertainment and those calmly run and pass without problems. Problems may arise with control and response. But, if Wi-Fi is smart enough, then here is complete calm.

And yet - movies from the iTunes Store are not played this way because of DRM digital rights violations. A similar nuance is definitely worth keeping in mind.

Using Android TV Stick or Chromecast

Perhaps, it’s not the best option to recommend such devices to Apple lovers, but if finances do not allow you to immediately get an Apple TV, then why not contact the competitors? Moreover, the same Chromecast will cost only $ 25 (on the official Google site) or up to 1000 rubles in stores of the M. Video network (supply problems are observed!).

Neither Android TV Stick nor Chromecast were nearby? It doesn’t matter - hardworking Chinese developers have already come up with a thousand options - such Smart Cast tools. The same manufacturer Rombica offers a whole collection of analogues at completely different prices (from 1,000 rubles to 3,000 or more, the functionality is almost the same everywhere, the difference in design and stability of connections).

The procedure is elementary. The purchased tool must be connected to an available HDMI or USB (before buying, you should immediately check to see if there are such jacks on the TV and if there will be connection problems).

Of the advantages of this method - you do not need a DLNA TV (new generation!), The setup is quick and suitable for both iOS and Android. If problems arise, then in each box with the tool there is sure to be a detailed instruction with the procedure.

Of the minuses - you can not transfer the image of the interface from iPad or iPhone content. Moreover, binding to iMediaShare (or - UPNP / DLNA Streamer for TV or Allcast TV - Chromecast DLNA) is still needed - even video and images cannot be transferred without helpers.

Apple Tv Wireless

The first thing you should know about the owner of the iPad: the gadget can be connected to a television set without using a bunch of extra wires. Of course, for this you need to purchase and connect an additional prefix Apple TV.

It is better to buy a similar device in an authorized store.

You won’t have to regret the money spent - such an assistant will make it possible to broadcast videos from YouTube, Netflix and other services, view and play your own media files. And this is not to mention how the games will look on the big screen.

It will be involved here airplay function, which will allow you to do all of the above deleted. You can activate it in the following ways.

  1. Connect the set-top box to the TV device.
  2. Go to “AirPlay” through “Settings” and enable this application.
  3. Check the coincidence of the network name in the settings of the tablet and the console (for no problems with the connection).
  4. Press the “Home” button two times.
  5. It remains to adjust the brightness and volume levels.
  6. Make a choice on Apple TV with the activation of the video replay (“Mirroring”).

Lightning-HDMI / VGA Wire

Modern TVs have been strewn with various connectors of the HDMI or VGA formats for a long time, and therefore they easily perceive any equipment connected according to the listed standards. iPhone or iPad is no exception. But it’s too early to rejoice, the disadvantages of this method are even greater than the pluses.

The advantages include real quick response and the ability to transmit - at least an image of the interface, at least the content (even on social networks you can wander on the big screen).

Of the minuses - the expensive price of such wires of the desired connector. A superficial "analysis" of the market suggests the following trends - on Aliexpress, such devices will cost from 900 to 3000 rubles in general, but it is not known how much in terms of quality and performance they will have to be checked on the spot.

If you purchase the appropriate “adapter” officially, then your pockets will definitely lose weight ahead of time. In the Apple store, the price of such a charm varies from 4000 rubles to 6000. Moreover, an HDMI cable is also needed separately for such an adapter. As a result - fast work, easy adaptation and greatly overestimated amounts that interfere with enjoying the process.

The main and perhaps the most stable option of all of the above. The main feature of the tool is the ability to pick up information transmitted by a smartphone or tablet on the fly. It’s enough to pair a pair of smartphone-Apple TV or tablet-Apple TV and next to the AirDrop function an additional icon will appear - Apple TV.

As a result, both the interface and any content from various sources (starting from YouTube and ending with third-party services, email clients, social networks and games) are transmitted, you will not have to spend several minutes on the connection, and the response is instant. Of the additional advantages - the ability to purchase accessories for the passage of entertainment. Joysticks, gamepads - it will become really interesting to compete and win! And Apple TV can become part of the “smart home” with the right settings, but it’s already from the category of “unattainable luxury”, at least in the realities of the domestic market, where technologies appear very late.

It would seem, solid pluses, but how can you do without a fly in the ointment in a barrel of honey? The disadvantages of this method include the price. For Apple TV, you will have to pay from 11,000 rubles, for Apple TV 4K - from 13,490 rubles. For additional accessories, such as a gamepad - 6700 rubles (well, isn’t it a miracle?).

Is it worth considering such expenses for the sake of a banal transfer of images from a smartphone or tablet to a TV? In no case! Apple TV is not an expensive transmitter, but a real entertainment platform with plenty of content. Another issue is access. The United States can use the variety of iTunes Store, and even in maximum resolution, and for special subscriptions. In Russia, it remains to wait until the translation or subtitles appear, and the prices for the content are at least somehow adapted to the domestic market. To give 700 rubles per film, when in cinemas the prices are a little higher than 300 rubles, a strange idea!

Google chromecast

There is another almost wireless option: the iPad can connect to the TV via Google Chromecast. This device, which looks like a USB flash drive, connects to any HDMI-connector. It has its own settings and work features.

  1. The functioning of the "assistant" will be possible only when it is connected to the electric network.
  2. Setup is done using additionally downloaded application. After completing this operation, sending media content will be carried out using a wi-fi network almost instantly.
  3. Google Chromecast is characterized as a reliable and excellent transmitter, but image transmission will only occur in HD quality.

Using an HDMI cable

To instantly, without distortion, accept all signals in HD-format, you must connect the iPad to the TV via hdmi. And here, too, you need a small additional purchase - “Apple” Digital AV adapter. In its appearance, the device reminds everyone of the familiar usb cord: it will make the work with the desired interface compatible.

How to connect iPad to the TV? You need to do the following:

  • connect ipad to adapter,
  • the hdmi cable itself is connected at one end to the corresponding connector on the TV, the other to the iPad,
  • in the TV device menu, select the signal source (the hdmi port number is usually next to its connector),
  • check connection - everything should be displayed on the TV screen.

Using a VGA adapter

Another “apple” VGA adapter is able to connect the iPad not only to the TV, but also to any other device that has the same connector. The connection technology is absolutely identical to the above. But there is one significant drawback - the sound will not be broadcast through the speakers of the TV device.

There are two ways out: either listen to audio through the gadget itself, or additionally connect external speakers.

Via USB port

How to connect ipad to TV via usb? This can only be done if the TV has corresponding connector. By the way, his brand does not matter. User actions will be as follows.

  1. Find a port that can be on either the back or the side panel.
  2. Find the appropriate iPad model USB cable: for the iPad, iPad 2, The new iPad, it will have a USB standard on one side and a 30-pin plug on the other, the remaining mini-ipads and iPads for the fourth generation already use special USB Lightning.
  3. Turn on both devices.
  4. Connect the cable first to the TV, then to the gadget (the 30-pin marking should look up).
  5. “Connect” took place, if the screen displays a message about the discovery of a new device - you can begin to transfer data.

However, this method cannot be called ideal. It all depends on the model of the TV device itself. For example, some tvs samsung photos and music are played with a bang, but movies do not go. In any case, you have to experiment with the settings of Smart TV.

It is also important that, for example, iPad 2 cannot be connected in this way, most likely (it will not be a problem with other models).

Many factors matter in how exactly the iPad is connected to the TV. Those who don't like the countless plexus of wires will focus on Apple TV and Google Chromecast. Everything will depend on the diagonal of the TV device itself - for example, an HDMI cable is suitable for large screens. But the capabilities of the yusbi connection are limited by the capabilities of the models of technology on both sides.

If you are a fan of Apple technology, you will probably be interested to know how you can connect your iPhone to the TV.