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Making minced meat without a meat grinder


It would seem that it’s very simple to cook tender minced meat yourself. It is enough to use a meat grinder. However, often because of a small piece of meat, I don’t want to get an electric meat grinder, and then wash it. Then methods come to the rescue that will tell you how to make minced meat without a meat grinder. For them, you may need knives, a hammer for beating meat, a grater. Sometimes a blender can come to the rescue.

The method of cooking meat with a blender

One of the easiest meat grinder substitutes is a blender. It can be full, with a special bowl, or submersible. For this, the meat is processed, washed, and then dried. How to make minced chicken without a meat grinder? Finished meat is cut into pieces. Be sure to remove all bones, skin and excess fat. For a more dietary recipe, you can take chicken breast, but the meat is perfectly prepared in this way from any part of the chicken.

Next, the pieces are placed in a container for a blender. If there is none, a deep enough bowl will do. Grind the meat several times until the desired consistency is reached. If necessary, you can add a couple of teaspoons of water, then the stuffing will be juicier.

There is not always a desire to mess with a blender, so the tips below are on how to make mince without a meat grinder and a blender.

Children's cutlets: cooking minced meat

Very often, when preparing cutlets for children, other recipes are used. For such a dish, breast is often taken, since this part of the chicken is the least fat. However, thighs are also used, as the most tender.

How to make minced meat without a meat grinder? To do this, you need a good knife, a hammer for beating meat. In this example, it is the hips that are taken, however, any part of the chicken can be cooked in this way.

Bones are removed from the hips, the skin is separated. Cut off excess fat. Hips are cut into small pieces. With a hammer to beat meat pass through all the pieces. First, they do this with large bulges, then with small ones.

How to make minced chicken without a meat grinder, when everything is already beaten off? With a sharp knife they crumble the whole mass, pass several times.

After the stuffing is mixed several times, chopped, mixed again. If sufficiently large pieces are visible, then use the hammer again. Such stuffing in the end is ideal for children's cutlets. He is tender and juicy. Also based on it you can cook delicious cereals, for example, buckwheat, with chicken. Or pearl barley.

How to make minced meat without a meat grinder? Using a grater

One of the easiest ways to cook minced meat is to use a grater. For this method, any kind of meat that can be frozen is suitable. That is, it is better not to process fresh meat in this way, otherwise it will lose a number of tastes.

To start, the meat is frozen. After they take out a solid piece, leave it for about five to ten minutes. Then it will melt slightly, but it will be hard.

A piece is cut into several fairly large parts. Each tinder on a grater. It is better to choose a side with medium holes. But you can take a smaller one, if you want a very tender stuffing.

Such a blank can be used as the basis for cutlets, navy pasta and so on.

Cooking minced meat

How to make minced meat without a meat grinder, if you do not want to freeze the product? Here you will need a pair of sharp knives. To begin with, the meat is washed, dried. Cut across the fibers into slices with a thickness of about a centimeter. To do this, you need a very sharp, large knife. After the slices are stacked on top of each other, they begin to cut them into strips, after - across. As a result, you should get cubes about one centimeter in size on each side.

After they take another knife, thinner, they begin to finely chop the meat, periodically mixing it. It must be remembered that for high-quality grinding, you need to cut at least fifteen minutes, constantly mixing meat pieces. Watch the minced meat to achieve the desired consistency.

Delicious mincemeat is the basis for many hearty and beloved dishes. And it's not just about cutlets. However, there are situations when it is not possible to use a meat grinder for any reason. Then other methods come to the rescue. Of course, you can buy minced meat in the store, but it is not always tasty. And for children, using the finished product is not recommended at all. A great way is to use a blender. In it, the meat is perfectly chopped, although longer than in a meat grinder. For lack of this kitchen assistant, you can use knives to get minced meat, or a kitchen hammer. A simple grater also copes with the role of a meat grinder. But then the meat should be frozen.

How to cook grated minced meat

To rub through a grater, you need to get a frozen piece of meat from the freezer. Then let it lie down for about 5 to 10 minutes so that the meat thaws a little (while it is important that the meat remains solid).

It is better to rub with medium slices on a coarse grater. It will be easy to rub, the pieces will be cut evenly, which will result in good uniformity.

How to make minced meat

The second way to make mince without using a meat grinder is slicing with two sharp knives. This method is suitable for higher quality and more expensive beef or pork. It is extremely undesirable to freeze such meat, because when it freezes fresh meat, it loses its taste and juiciness.

Use a thin-blade knife to cut chilled / uncooled beef or pork into thin strips across the meat fibers. Next, add several strips together and cut them into 1 x 1 cm cubes.

After preparing the meat, we start chopping with chopper to the desired consistency. You need to chop slowly and shift all the pieces of meat to the center. The cutting process itself should be 10 - 15 minutes.

Features of the preparation of minced meat for cutlets

For chopped meat, one chopped / grated meat is not enough. The main binder in them will be the egg.

The question often arises, are yolks or protein added to cutlets? Cooks have a different opinion on this. Numerous communities even have whole discussions and debates about this. Someone lays a whole egg, someone exclusively yolk. The most important thing that unites and “reconciles” all opponents is that you cannot categorically put one protein, cutlets will be tough.

But adding eggs is not all. In case you still do not know what to add so that the patties do not fall apart, we answer - bread. The crumb is an important component for maintaining the shape of future cutlets and meatballs. But just do not throw it in it, first you need to moisten it with water so that it is easier to mix.

How much minced meat is stored

As you know, at room temperature, meat products can not be stored for more than two hours. How much minced meat can be stored depends on the dish you want to cook from it, and when exactly you are going to cook.

Freezing can lead to a decrease in the quality of meat, but if you have to choose less from the evils, then of course it is worth choosing freezing. Because minced meat can be stored in the refrigerator with a temperature of + 4 ° C for up to 12 hours, after which it will need to start cooking immediately.

Now you know how to make mincemeat, if there is no meat grinder, and even if your favorite food processor is broken, and you want to treat homemade cutlets, there is a way out!

2 types of blenders

Experts explain which blenders are suitable for meat.

Type 1. Stationary Blender

Durable (usually a metal case) with an electric motor and a capacious bowl fixed at the top.

A knife for grinding the product is installed inside the bowl.


  • a device can have one or more knives,
  • the lid has a hole for adding meat as needed,
  • the device cannot cut meat into cubes, but is well suited for cooking minced meat with a small fraction,
  • may have an additional ice chopping knife
Type 2. Hand blender

Designed as a long narrow

handles, at one end of which rotating knives are fixed.

For grinding, it is necessary to immerse the working part in a container with the product.


  • submersible models are more versatile,
  • for the preparation of minced meat, the kit must have a special chopper nozzle,
  • depending on the nozzle used, you can make either minced meat or chop meat into pieces or cut into cubes

3 selection criteria

Professionals have identified criteria to help choose a blender for chopping meat and recommend the 5 best models.

Here are their criteria:

1. Power. To grind raw meat with veins, you need a fairly powerful blender - with a capacity of 1000W. With raw meat without veins, 600W will be enough. With a boiled meat, a meat blender with a power of 300W can easily cope.

2. Bowl chopper. It is this accessory with a submersible blender that allows you to chop meat.

3. The quality of the knives. Insufficiently sharp knives will leave large pieces of raw meat. Knives must also be durable, otherwise they can simply break, especially with frequent use.

6 recommendations from professionals

6 best blenders for chopping meat and minced meat.

Recommendation 1. BORK B800

Type of: stationary.

Price: from 28 900 ₽.


  • high power (2000W),
  • strong bowl of 2 l.,
  • 12 speeds
  • convenient control
  • well suited for grinding solid foods,
  • non-slip legs.


  • high price,
  • no soft start function
Recommendation2. Stadler Form Blender Six SFB.555

Type of: submersible.

Price: from 9900 ₽.


  • powerful (900W),
  • rich equipment
  • thick sharp knives
  • comfortable rubberized handle.


  • high price,
  • noisy,
  • barely put on nozzles
Recommendation 3. Element EW06PG

Type of: submersible.

Price: from 9900 ₽.


  • high quality and sharpness of knives,
  • ergonomic rubberized handle
  • low noise
  • base stand for compact storage.


  • high price,
  • small capacity for grinding
Recommendation 4BraunMQ 535Sauce

Type of: submersible.

Price: from 3350 ₽.


  • good power (600W),
  • pulse mode
  • high build quality,
  • low noise
  • comfortable rubberized handle.


  • tight buttons
  • it’s inconvenient to wash the knives
  • small capacity for grinding
Recommendation 5RedmondRHB-2908

Type of: submersible

Price: from 3990 ₽.


  • high power (1200W),
  • excellent combination of price and quality ,,
  • low noise
  • high quality grinding.


  • the buttons are too small
  • in reliability inferior to more expensive models
Recommendation 6GorenjeHB 804E

Type of: submersible.

Price: from 3500 ₽.


  • reliable metal case,
  • convenient stand for storage,
  • good power (800W),
  • acceptable price.


  • a small spring inside the nozzle creates inconvenience when washing,
  • not very strong plastic bowl

2 expert tips

Experts explain the principle of work and advise on how to grind meat with a blender.

Tip 1:

  1. Training. To grind meat, free the meat from the films and cut into small pieces. Cooking minced meat in a stationary blender requires mandatory preliminary defrosting of meat.
  2. Power. For successful meat chopping in a stationary blender, the recommended power of the device should be about 1000 watts, for submersible models 600 watts are enough, but still, the more the better.
  3. The goals of cutting meat. If you need minced meat for dumplings or meatballs - it is better to use a submersible blender and a special bowl. A stationary device is better for making minced meat for casseroles and baby meat puree.