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How to clean your PlayStation 3 from dust


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"If you have a PS3 40Gb version:

1. Turn off the toggle switch (rear power switch) PS3.
2. Press the Eject (ejection disc) touch button with your finger and, without releasing the button, turn on the toggle switch and hold the button until the PS3 makes a noise like a powerful vacuum cleaner ...
If it doesn’t work out, we repeat, the above actions ...

If you have a PS3 60Gb model:

1. Turn off the toggle switch (rear power switch) PS3.
2. Turn the console upside down vertically, with the holes down, so that the drive (drive) is down, put the PS3 on a flat surface (down with the head) and turn on the toggle switch. The red diode (lamp) should light up.
3. Turn on the PS3 with your finger on the Power button (ON).
4. We wait until the PS3 makes a noise (5 minutes maximum).
5. Turn off the PS3.
If you followed the instructions, then everything will turn out 100%.

If you have a PS3 250Gb Slim version:

1. Pull out the PS3 power cord.
2. Press the Eject (ejection disc) touch button with your finger and insert the power cord until the PS3 rustles like a powerful vacuum cleaner ...
If it doesn’t work out, we repeat, the above actions ... "

I used the last option, it worked. But especially in my opinion nothing has changed. The curling iron stopped buzzing, but it periodically made noise, after a match 3-4 it turned off again! After which, I decided to disassemble it myself and blow it with compressed air!

Nothing complicated, turned it over, took off the protective rivets around the perimeter (ordinary screws + are under them), one bolt is hidden under the sticker, if your PS is under warranty - do not peel it off! Blue holds the hard drive! Next, near the front of the PS (also from below), unscrew the secrets (4 pcs of asterisks) and remove the cover! I waited for more dust, but no (Next, clean with compressed air!

Special cleaning mode

The PlayStation 3 has a special purge mode. Running it is quite simple. To do this, pull the power cord out of the off console. Then press the drive tray open button (Eject), and while holding it, connect the power cord to the console. The prefix will turn on and at the same time the fans will work at full capacity.

Unfortunately, this method not works on a PS3 model with a 60 GB drive. On the Internet, you can find a recommendation to turn the console over to start the purge mode. But this is bad advice. Indeed, if you turn the console over, then the fans after a while begin to work at full power. But the reason for this behavior is the overheating of the console, which in an inverted position occurs very quickly. That is, this is not a purge mode. By turning the console over, you run the risk of getting the "yellow fire of death."

Sony official recommendations

The purge mode is the so-called “undocumented feature”. That is, in the official instructions of Sony, it is not described and was discovered by users by accident.

Developers recommend cleaning the console not with a purge mode, but with a vacuum cleaner. The instructions suggest vacuuming the vents of the console, but it is not necessary to disassemble it.

How effective is the purge mode for dusting the PS3?

There is no clear opinion among PlayStation 3 owners about the effectiveness of this cleaning method. Some users believe that no purge in purge mode occurs.

But even those users who use the purge mode to remove dust, admit that in this way the prefix is ​​not completely cleaned, but this is quite enough for normal operation for some time.

However, to completely remove dust, the prefix must be disassembled. In addition, for the full cooling of the console, it is necessary to regularly change the thermal paste (this should be done after about 1.5-2 years). If you have the appropriate skills, all this can be done independently, but if you do not have the necessary experience, contact one of our workshops to prevent the console from overheating, that is, to completely remove dust and replace thermal paste.

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Thermal grease should only be replaced with a better one (with higher thermal conductivity), if you can’t change it to the same one, just don’t spoil it, but the fact that the thermal grease has dried doesn’t mean anything, since the thermal element in the thermal grease is metal dust (like You see, she does not spoil.

How to clean PS3 Slim (playstation 3) from dust

Some time after the purchase - usually from six months to a year, depending on the operating mode and location - your favorite Sony Playstation 3 game console may start to hum and howl. The reason is usually commonplace - the cooling system is clogged with dust. The solution is simple - you need to clean the PS3 from dust, since it's not difficult. There are two ways to do this.

The first way is auto-cleaning.
The console developers anticipated possible problems and made a special self-cleaning mode, thanks to which the PlayStation prefixes itself blows off the radiator and air duct from dust.

All the charm is that the device does not need to be disassembled. To start this mode, you must first turn off the console from the outlet or by the button on the rear panel. Then you need to press the eject button and holding it to turn on the power of the game console. As soon as you hear the fan noise, release the button and wait. He will purge the PS3 for 20 seconds, after which a beep will sound and the red indicator will light up. Next, turn off and turn on the prefix again, but now in normal mode, and see the result.

The second way is manual cleaning.
This option is a bit more complicated, but allows you to clean the Playstation 3 from dust much more thoroughly than auto-cleaning does. You need to turn the console upside down and unscrew the 8 mounting screws. Keep in mind that for this you will need a Torx screwdriver - an asterisk in our opinion. After that, you can remove the top cover.

The cooler will already be available. It can be cleaned with cotton buds. But in order to free the radiator from dust and dirt - you have to disconnect the power supply.

After the cleaning of the PS3 Slim from dust and dirt is complete, reassemble it in the reverse order. Do not forget to connect the connectors of the power supply unit.

PS3 Slim disassembly

First of all, disconnect the network cable of the console, then release all USB and other outputs.

Next, gently unscrew the blue bolt that secures the housing cover, remove the cover and pull out the hard drive.

We remove the warranty seal. Now your console is not subject to warranty service.

There is an anti-vandal bolt under the seal, which is twisted by a special nozzle-sprocket. We unscrew the bolt and remove the console panel. Under the panel is a body fastened with nine bolts. We untwist the case.

There are latches on the back of the frame. We open both latches simultaneously and carefully open the frame. Two parts of the frame are connected by loops - they are fragile and can break off when inaccurate handling. Disconnect the cables.

Next, we find the plastic latches that secure the card reader. Carefully open them and take out the card reader. It is also connected by cables to the main device, so we turn off the cables.

A black or silver box near a disk drive is a power supply. It is fastened with five bolts. We unscrew the bolts and disconnect the wires. Now you can get the power supply.

Near the power supply, we are looking for the chip responsible for the wireless connection. This board is attached to the frame with several bolts and connected by a loop. Disconnect the cable, unscrew the bolts and remove the board.

Now it's the turn of the disk drive. Disconnect all wires and remove Blu-ray. It is installed simply on the frame, without fasteners.

On the front of the frame is another chip. She is responsible for providing energy. Disconnect the cable, unscrew the four bolts and open the latch. We take out the board.

Finally, we get to the motherboard. We unwind seven bolts that fix the board around the perimeter. Carefully grab the ventilation holes and remove the motherboard with a fixed rear panel.

At the bottom of the motherboard is a cooler. We disconnect the wires, unwind a few bolts and get out our dusty cooler.

We clean the console from dust and collect

Dismantling is finished, you can start cleaning the device. We blow dust with compressed air from all hard-to-reach and simply dusty places: we process all cracks, ventilation holes, cooler blades and motherboard radiators. You can remove dust with a vacuum cleaner. We clean the inputs and outputs.

If your console is very hot and you worry that just cleaning it from dust will not fix the situation, then you can improve the cooling system by changing the thermal paste. We do not recommend changing the thermal grease yourself - this can cause damage to the device.

All measures for cleaning and improving the performance of the console have been taken. In the reverse order, we install all the details and connect the wires. You can verify the correct assembly by turning on the console before bolting the case. If everything works, assemble the case.