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10 simple rules to help you look great without makeup


Some pretty women are so used to make-up that they are going to the nearest bakery for an hour. This desire is easy to understand: what woman does not want to look bright even in rainy and cold autumn, warming herself in the rays of attention?

But in spite of the lovers of powder and mascara, natural beauty without makeup or with its very minimum becomes an important global trend. Without makeup, the Vogue editor-in-chief allows herself to be photographed at Fashion Week, Hollywood celebrities upload selfies the next morning after sleep, and some models even appear in commercial photo shoots like this. How to look good without using cosmetics?

Sleep soundly and much

Lack of sleep is one of the common causes of swelling, bags under the eyes and dark circles, which often have to be masked with cosmetics. Sleep for at least 8 hours every night and you won’t have to resort to them! Good sleep is important for another reason: when we sleep, skin cells regenerate, and this process should not be interrupted. After a good sleep, your mood improves, and you look rested, which gives attractiveness.

Tidy your eyebrows

Eyebrows on the face without makeup inevitably come to the fore. Give them the correct shape, focusing on the shape of the face. If necessary, make dyeing resistant with dye or henna using the shade that matches the color of the hair. If nature has not rewarded you with chic eyebrows, lubricate your hair daily with a mixture of castor oil and vitamin A - and after a few weeks you will notice their transformation.

Pay attention to your hair

For the natural look, the appropriate hairstyle is also important. We recommend choosing hair shades close to natural and avoiding complex styling. Often it is enough to simply wash your hair with a high-quality conditioner, thanks to which it will be easier to comb the strands. To stimulate the natural shine of your curls, complete the wash with cool water.

Emphasize the eyes

To make your look “wider”, give the eyelashes a bend using a curler (curling irons), and then cover with a transparent gel. Heavier artillery can also be used by building up.

Get rid of the dark circles under the eyes. First, review the diet - they may be due to a deficiency of iron or B vitamins (these elements are present in sufficient quantities in the liver of animals, red meat). For skin around the eyes, choose creams with a whitening effect or those that contain retinol. Cold compresses based on peppermint and green tea are very helpful.

Care for your lips

Beautiful lips always attract eyes. To make them look healthy and smooth, they need care: massage them every morning and exfoliate the skin with a soft toothbrush. Before this, you can try a proven folk remedy that helps make them puffier: apply honey on the lips, leaving it to soak while brushing your teeth. It is from here that the roots of the expression "honey sponges" grow. Do not neglect the care products: use a protective balm in the summer and hygienic lipstick in the winter.

Whiten tooth enamel

A sincere smile adds +100 to any look, so make sure that nothing prevents you from being attractive. Use whitening pastes, especially after wine or coffee, just remember that such products should not be abused. If tooth enamel naturally has a grayish or yellowish tint, do a professional whitening.

Don't forget about lips

Nutrition, moisturizing and sensible cleansing - all this is necessary not only to the skin of the face, but also to your lips. Use hygienic lipsticks, which can sometimes be replaced with olive or any other natural oil. Once a week, massage your lips with a soft toothbrush or fingertips, which should first be moistened and dipped in sugar.

Watch your hair

Against the background of dull hair color and having lost the shape of a haircut, a face without makeup will be lost. Choose simple shapes and natural colors, as more radical solutions will discord with a natural look. Cut off split ends regularly, use products with protective filters, and do not overdo them with styling products. Coconut oil will help to shine your hair, which also helps fight dandruff, dryness and other problems. Regular rinsing with herbal decoctions (sage, oak bark for brunettes, chamomile and linden - for blondes) also contributes to the appearance of shine.

Use sunscreen

Ultraviolet radiation significantly increases the likelihood of not only premature wrinkles and other unpleasant “bonuses” of skin aging, but also the development of cancer, especially for people with fair skin. Therefore, products with UV filters must be used not only in the summer on the beach, but also at any other time of the year.

2. Choose clothes in the right shade.

If you wisely come to the choice of the color of your clothes, you can easily make your face more fresh, your skin tone healthy, and your general appearance relaxed. The rules are simple: if you are a white-skinned blonde, choose pastel warm shades. If you’re tired recently, don’t get enough sleep and your face looks sickly pale, while your hair color is from light brown to dark blond, choose cold shades of pink, yellow or red, shading them with contrasting white. If you are a brown woman, pay attention to the warm shades of gray, sea blue, wine and emerald green. And if your type is fair skin and dark hair, then your win-win option is any combination of black and white.

4. Take care of your skin

How to look beautiful without makeup? Healthy, smooth and clean skin does not need masking with a tonal! Be sure to wash yourself with a special cleanser in the morning and in the evening, after which apply a cream or lotion suitable for your skin type. Proper skin cleansing is half the success!

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5. Remove excess

Make a mask based on white clay at least once a week: it will clean the pores, which will allow them to become narrower and less noticeable. If your skin is not too thin and sensitive, do a delicate acid-based peeling once a week, this will update the top layer of the skin and make its skin more even and the complexion more healthy.

12. Whiten your teeth

Your smile will make you much more attractive than any makeup! Of course, if your teeth are healthy, they have white enamel and no plaque. If you are embarrassed by going to the dentist or you have sensitive teeth that are not suitable for clinical whitening methods, try the most effective pastes or home-made methods - they are also very effective!

Use tanning

How to look good without makeup? Many will answer: rested and tanned skin, as after vacation, a make-up is not required. Why, in anticipation of the rest, do not let yourself in an artificial tone? Girls with very fair skin and red-haired girls are better off choosing products labeled light, dark is suitable for dark-skinned women with dark hair, medium is suitable for everyone else. As a rule, oil textures give a lighter shade, while cream textures give a more saturated one. Do not apply autobronzant to wet skin - you will be covered with spots. If you are afraid of too intense shade - thoroughly moisturize your face with cream or serum about 15 minutes before the procedure. To maintain the tone, use the tool twice a week.

Wear glasses

Half-face style wide sunglasses Victoria Beckham - In general, a win-win option if you rush out into the street without makeup. He often resorts to this fashionable trick. Mary Kate Olsen, which in everyday life does not painfully favor the make-up and escapes behind dark glasses of bizarre-shaped glasses from the paparazzi. By the way, the Japanese went even further. Antibacterial dressings are often not a panacea for all diseases, but a practical way to go outside makeup free.

Freshen up!

If you “cheer up” your skin in the morning, you will not need tonal products or blush. Collagen patches will save from swelling under the eyes that appear after tears, total lack of sleep or a couple of cocktails. To enhance the effect, you can put them in the refrigerator, literally, for 2-3 minutes. Light cooling can be used in the case of gel masks - get a drainage effect and rosy cheeks. Do not underestimate the cold shower and rubbing your face with ice cubes - put your vessels in order and make your skin elastic. A brightening cream for the area around the eyes and morning jogging sometimes work better than an expensive corrector.

Apply coconut oil to your lips

Coconut oil is constantly featured in the lists of favorite beauty products of all celebrities. It is used to moisturize the skin, and to remove makeup, and as a natural substitute for hygienic lipstick. Even pharmacy cosmetics often contain perfumes and chemicals that cause lips to look dull and lifeless, for which they are regularly boycotted by supporters of organic products. A completely different situation with oils - a little coconut essence will help keep your lips moisturized, relieve dryness and cracks, and at the same time add a natural shine, making the image more sexy. The effect will be even more impressive if you do an easy peeling in the morning with a scrub with olive oil or sugar, and wiping your lips with a damp cloth.

Buy eyelash curlers

Long and luxurious eyelashes and not a gram of mascara? Tweezers to help you. Choose a curling model with a soft silicone pad - they do not damage the eyelashes. Gently grip the upper hairs at the base and hold for a few seconds. If the tweezers are not at hand, you can use a homemade alternative. Breathe heavily on the fingertips to warm them up, and then grip the tips of your eyelashes with them. Another option is to burn a teaspoon in a glass of hot water, for 10 seconds the heat from the spoon will act like a natural wave. The third method is a toothbrush, which can be held under hot water, dried, slightly pressed to the towel, and as if to “color” her eyelashes, lingering on the tips.

Vaseline instead of carcass?

We know, this may sound strange, but instead of mascara you can easily use petroleum jelly - a tried and tested way of Western makeup artists to look beautiful, natural and fresh. Simply apply a bit of the product to your eyelashes to make them thicker and darker and your look more open and radiant. This trick is perfect for sex or during training in the fitness center - you won’t have to worry that the product will spread or leak. For the future: you can use petroleum jelly to gently remove mascara from the eyes. It is much softer than many makeup removers.

Get your eyebrows in order.

How to look beautiful without makeup? If you decide on a nude look, eyebrows will inevitably be in the spotlight. Do not pluck them too much. "Vegetation", of course, should be under control, but make sure that you do not overdo it. Get rid of the obviously "street" hairs above and below the growth line without changing the natural shape. Ideal option: eyebrows wide at the nose, which gradually taper towards the temples. A spectacular touch is a transparent eyebrow gel that separates and smoothes the hairs, giving them the desired shape and shine. Do not overdo it so that the eyebrows do not look “greasy.”

Whiten teeth

Another answer to the question: "How to look well-groomed without makeup" - teeth whitening. When your smile exudes beauty and health, it transforms the whole overall look. For these purposes, you can use gel or whitening strips. Yes, and try to avoid foods that stain your teeth.

Wear complimentary colors

Knowing complementary colors in clothes can always help you out. This is such an optical illusion: the skin visually looks homogeneous, small flaws become invisible. The type is determined by the ratio of your hair color and skin tone. If the tone of your skin and hair is naturally light, pastel colors will decorate your face. If your skin is creamy, pale yellowish, and your hair is yellowish brown or wheaten - the combination of any bright color with white will look great on you. Your skin is dark or olive, and your hair is dark brown - pay attention to the noble gray, purple, dark blue. If the skin is milky white and the hair is dark - choose bright colors, eye-catching combinations, black and dazzling white.

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Do not forget about eyelashes and eyebrows.

Well-defined eyebrows draw attention to your eyes. To emphasize them, you can use a special dye for permanent coloring, which looks much more natural than cosmetics. If you cannot determine exactly which shape of eyebrows suits you best, contact the wizard to give the initial contours, and you will be able to maintain this shape yourself in the future. Another tip - try to curl cilia, it looks very feminine.

Watch out for the sun

The sun's rays do not affect the skin of your face in the best way. Under their influence, it begins to age prematurely, wrinkles and age spots are formed. When leaving home, be sure to apply a sunscreen factor cream or make sure it is present in your daily moisturizer.

Take care of your health

A healthy diet with vegetables, fruits, herbs, fish, dairy products will give the body everything necessary to make the skin and hair look excellent. Give battle to bad habits: nothing destroys beauty like alcohol and smoking.

It’s not necessary to use expensive cosmetics to look good, and the time spent on applying makeup can be devoted to yourself, your development and your favorite things. Try to see for yourself!