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When you connect to the Internet, the provider assigns you a unique IP address. Therefore, when you browse pages, read emails, or download a movie from the Internet, your activity can be monitored using this technology. An IP address can be used to locate a person and track their activities on the network. To achieve anonymity and protect your privacy, you need to hide your real IP address.

You can hide your IP address using VPN technology

A virtual private network (VPN) offers a connection to another network, and when connected, your computer receives a new IP address from the VPN provider. Each request from your computer goes through the VPN network, so your true IP address assigned by your ISP is hidden. In addition to hiding your IP address, using a VPN allows you to access any network, even if there are geographical restrictions.

Why are you hiding your IP address?

  1. You may have your own reasons for hiding your IP address, but here are some popular reasons why people would like to hide their public IP address:
  • Hide your identity from your competitors. You can comment on your competitor’s products in various forums, and using your IP address will show your identity.
  • Hide your geographic location. Some services prohibit users from certain places from accessing their content. Using a proxy IP address will work around this problem.
  • Prevention of tracking by site owners. Each website or webpage you have visited is monitored by a server hosted by the website owner. By hiding your IP address, your web visits cannot be tracked.

2. If you use a network using a real IP address, a variety of people can access confidential information about you. Given the level of modern threats, you need to protect your identity by hiding a real IP address. There are many tools to disguise it (free and paid).

Mask your IP address with a proxy

There are thousands of free web proxies that you can use to hide your IP address and anonymous browsing. Viewing through a proxy means that you are not accessing the website directly, but using an intermediate “proxy” that transfers information between you and the target website.

How to hide the IP address on the Internet

Even those who simply surf the Internet sites sometimes need to hide the IP address. And for those who worry about their privacy, this is generally a prerequisite for security. Every time you visit a particular site, order some product or look for information - the information about it goes in completely different directions - to the administration of web resources, advertisers, providers, government and even to various scammers. Do you need this? Of course not! Why let someone keep track of information about themselves ?! I think this is a good reason to hide your IP on the Internet from others. Here's how to do this, we will now talk in detail with you.

How to change IP in browser

The easiest way to hide IP is to do this using a special extension. This will allow you to maintain anonymity on the network, or go to a blocked site if necessary. There is no need to install additional programs or change the network settings of the operating system.

Note: As an example, I will use the most popular Google Chrome browser. On other browsers, everything is done by analogy.

Open the browser’s main menu by clicking the button with three dots in the upper right corner. In the menu, select the section "Advanced Tools" >> "Extensions".

The "Extensions" tab opens. By the way, you can also get here by entering the address in the address bar: chrome: // extensions and press the "Enter" key.

Next, in the left part of the window, click on the button with three dashes to open another menu in which you need to find and select the link “Open Chrome Web Store”.

By clicking on it you will be taken to the store of add-ons and browser plug-ins. It looks like this:

In the line "Search by store" you must enter here is a search query - vpn. Press the Enter key. Now we need to put a dot on the "Extensions" circle below, under the search bar, to discard all that is superfluous and leave only plugins. Now pay attention to the right side of the window where the search results will be displayed. I must say right away that almost any of the extensions found will allow you to hide the IP address on the Internet. For my part, I can recommend two of the most convenient in my opinion.

1. TouchVPN

This extension is one of the first to appear on the list, as it is very, very popular. Select TouchVPN in the list and click the "Install" button. The following window will appear:

Click on the button “Install extension” and wait. Upon completion of the installation, a message about this will appear, after which a special icon will appear on the right side of the application window. Click on it.

A black pop-up window with a large button will appear Connect. Click on it and your browser will connect to a special VPN server through which all traffic will now go. Accordingly, on the Internet you will already be working through the IP address of this server.

The remote server is automatically selected, but if you need a specific country, you can select the server manually.

You can check under what IP address you are working on at

2. Browsec

Another very popular plugin that allows you to hide your IP on the Internet is Browsec. The installation process is one to one, like the previous extension. Similarly, after installation, a button appears in the navigation bar. Click on it to open the extension menu.

To hide the IP address of a computer on the Internet, click on the “Protect me” button, after which the browser will connect to one of its VPN servers:

By default, it is usually hooked to a server in the Netherlands. If you click on the “Change” button, a list of all available servers in various countries will appear. This is convenient if you want the IP address to belong to a specific country.

If you need to disconnect from the server and then work under your real IP, just turn the switch in the extension menu from the ON position to the OFF position.

What is a proxy server?

If you explain in a simple way, in order to hide your IP address, the computer must connect to the correct server through another server, which will replace the address of your computer with your own. Such functions are usually performed proxy servers.

I’ll say right away if you know what is a proxy server, you can immediately go to the ways to hide your IP or change it in order to access blocked sites.

Proxy Server (Proxy) - a network software package that allows the user to access other network services through themselves, protecting against certain types of network attacks, maintaining user anonymity and allowing interacting with sites and resources blocked on the territory of your country.

Thousands of proxy servers worldwide. Their lists are published on thematic sites. Public proxy server lists are often updated, because every day some proxy servers are disconnected, and new ones come in their place. The mass of public proxy servers is not stable and not constant. There are stable proxy servers, but you need to buy access to them. The proxy server address usually takes the form - - IP address and port number through a colon.

The answer to the question "how to hide the ip of the computer" begins with what you need list of working proxies. Another question is where to find this list of working proxies? And here only search engines will be able to help you, because everything related to public proxies and their relevance is changing very quickly.

In RuNet, in particular, there are a bunch of sites in the tops of search engines, which allegedly contain actual lists of proxy servers. After checking, however, it turns out that all published addresses no longer work. It is best to always look for current proxy lists on sites in English.

After you collect three to five sites where the last time the proxy list was published no more than 6 hours before you found it, you can try to test the addresses for relevance. You can test proxies for relevance using online services, which are also quite a lot. Just type in the search "online proxy checker".

Tested? Have working proxies? Then let's proceed to our 5 ways to access blocked sites.

Method number 1: How to hide your IP with Firefox

What you need: Mozilla Firefox browser + lists of working proxies

Hide your ip FirefoxThe one that Mozilla allows, in principle, is the same as any other browser. Just for Chrome, for example, you need to go into the "Properties: Internet" window by clicking on the "Proxy server settings" button and edit the connection settings there. And in Firefox, it's a little different. How to configure a proxy server in Firefox:

The item "Configuring Firefox Internet Connection Settings" -> "Configure" Button ->

In the window that appears, select "Manual proxy service settings" -> Enter the proxy address and port -> Click "Ok"

Method number 2: Proxifier

Proxifier (Proxyfire), program that hides ip address, allows you to make any access of your computer to the network through the proxy servers specified in the settings. Moreover, if you specify several proxy addresses, then calls will come through a sequential chain of specified proxy servers.

There is a Proxifier program on the developer's site starting at $ 40, and you can download the latest version for free with a trial period of 31 days, but for the very poor who need a "free program to hide ip", there is always the opportunity to find a key for Proxifier or download a working one version from torrents.

Proxifier: how to use?

What you need: Proxifier + list of working proxy servers

All that is needed after installation is to start the program, enter the settings and enter one of the list of addresses of the proxies you found. The program has a built-in function for checking the relevance of the proxy server, which can be done by clicking the "Check" button.

Method number 3: Free web proxies

There are also so-called web proxy - sites that hide ip.

Web proxy server - this is a service designed in the form of a site that gives you the opportunity to access blocked sites, hiding your IP address, while showing you, for example, some kind of advertisement.

If you are looking for a web proxy server, then I advise you to look at this site. There free web proxy distributed by rating and hundreds of them.

Method number 4: Browser Thor

Thor - a browser tightly hiding your real ip. If you need to hide ip for free, Tor - an anonymous network - is another way to hide your IP address. Better than Wikipedia, I won’t explain to you what it is, so I advise you to read the article

All that is required in this method is to download, install and run Thor browserwho will automatically take care of your anonymity. You do not need to bother looking for working proxies.

From interesting facts about Tor.

Thor is a network within the Internet. The so-called "deep web" or "deep web". This network has its own sites with its own domain zone .onion, which cannot be accessed without connecting to TOR. Some sites sell drugs and weapons, sell credit card information. They say that even killers can be found there.

Since there are no search engines in the TOP, link catalogs such as the "Hidden Wiki" site, which contains the most comprehensive collection of Tor sites, are widespread there.

The way to access blocked sites No. 5: VPN

VPN - virtual private network. For example, I used a VPN to buy bitcoin through Sberbank Online for rubles using the Telegram bot (read the article here, who is interested). In order to hide the computer ip using VPN, you need to download the client program, install it on your computer and run it. After that, you should check your IP address.

PrivitizeVPN does not work

There was a VPN, which I sometimes used - PrivatizeVPN, but now the site was blocked, and when entering from Russian IP addresses, the message “We apologize, but access to the requested resource is limited” is displayed on the page. Plus, the program itself began to fail, and now PrivitizeVPN is not working. When trying to start the client, the error "Can not update Privatize VPN client" pops up.

I went through a web proxy to their website, downloaded the program and tried to start, but the system returned errors with the messages "Cannot get item, because index is out of bounds", "Error: Cannot access list" _Map.Keys :: __ ERROR ", because it does not exist! " and "Error: Cannot access list" _NULL ", because it does not exist!" Apparently, this service will have to say goodbye.

Of course, you can try downloading PrivatizeVPN and trying to install it, but I warned you about problems.

How to find out your ip address?

To test these methods, you will need to know it. How to find out your ip address?

To do this, it will be enough for you to go to the address before taking measures to hide the ip address and after, and compare whether the address and geolocation displayed by this service has changed. If the ip address has become different, then you have successfully completed one of the above methods and hidden your IP address.

Well, the most effective check after applying one of the above methods will be your attempt to access a blocked site that was previously not available to you. If the site opened, then the method worked. Good luck

How to change your IP address?

VPN is designed to encrypt the web traffic coming to your device and going back, as well as its tunneling through the selected server. From a practical point of view, it looks like you are connecting to the World Wide Web from another place.

VPN also makes it difficult to monitor your behavior on the Internet and allows you to unlock a huge amount of content with access restrictions.

Registering and using a VPN to hide your IP address is legal in almost all countries.

How to use a VPN to hide an IP address?

In this section, we will look at some VPNs that mask the IP address. They are evaluated by the following criteria:

  • Speed ​​and stability of service.
  • The number of servers worldwide.
  • Strong encryption standards.
  • The ability to unlock various content.
  • Apps for Android and iOS.
  • Ease of use.

ExpressVPN does not save traffic logs. The only information it retrieves is related to the connection date, server location selection, and channel bandwidth.

ExpressVPN uses the 256-bit AES-CBC encryption standard and HMAC authentication.

The service is available in the form of applications for Android and iOS, as well as for Windows and MacOS. The provided tariff includes a 30-day money back guarantee.

The company strictly adheres to the policy of zero journals. This means that no internal records of user sessions, traffic, or timestamps are kept.

NordVPN manages 1850 servers in 61 countries. There is a huge selection of servers in Europe and North America, as well as a relatively small network in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Servers are provided according to specificity. Some of them are suitable for stronger encryption, such as anti-DDoS and dual VPN. Others are better equipped for video streaming and services that require a dedicated IP.

The AES 256-bit encryption protocol is used by default in combination with 2048-bit SSL keys. DNS leak protection is enabled.

The service is available as an application for Android, iOS, as well as for desktop PCs running Windows and MacOS.

The service provides a choice of 850 servers located in 60 countries.

By default, IPVanish uses 256-bit OpenVPN encryption, SHA512 authentication and 2.048-bit DHE-RSA key exchange with complete direct secrecy. This means that even if your account is hacked, hackers will not be able to decrypt the session data.

IPVanish does not work with Netflix or Hulu, but is a reliable choice for the BBC iPlayer.
The service is available as applications for iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS.

Currently, in 47 countries, the service uses more than 1,100 servers, and their number will increase.

VPN is available as applications for Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS.

This VPN does not work with Netflix, but allows you to unlock access to the BBC iPlayer.

Cyberghost Pro by default uses 256-bit AES encryption using OpenVPN protocol together with 2048-bit RSA keys and HMAC MD5 authentication.

At the same time, the company insists that it stores the above information only for 30 days and uses it to improve the service. We did not find any complaints from its users who believe that their privacy has been violated.

VyprVPN is a popular choice in China because it allows you to bypass the Great Firewall. All connections are encrypted using OpenVPN protocol, 256-bit AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA keys without full direct secrecy and with SHA256 authentication.

The premium package of the service allows you to access the Chameleon ™ protocol, which scrambles the metadata of OpenVPN, so in-depth inspection of the packages cannot recognize it.

VyprVPN allows you to unlock Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer content. Он предоставляет более 700 серверов, расположенных по всему миру.

Сервис VPN реализован в виде приложений для Android, так и для iOS, Windows и MacOS.

Используйте чужую сеть

Кроме того, вы можете воспользоваться бесплатными услугами Wi-Fi, предлагаемыми кафе, гостиницами или любыми общественными местами. Это не решит проблему блокировки сервисов по географическому признаку, но все же не даст доступ к вашему реальному IP.

Если вам так и не удалось скрыть свой IP, то советуем вам обратиться к нашим специалистам заказав услугу IT-аутсорсинг. Предложение актуально только для юридических лиц Москвы и Московской области!

Программы чтобы скрыть IP-адрес ПК

In this case, in order to hide our IP, we will use special programs. Their advantage is that they allow working through a remote server not only to one web browser, but also to other programs. But there is a minus - almost all good programs are paid, and viruses often hide under the guise of free ones.

Among the programs that are worth paying attention to, two can be distinguished. The first is Safeip.

She has a fairly impressive list of servers in different countries of the world. In addition to the fact that the program can hide the IP address of a computer on the Internet, it can also encrypt traffic. The application works seamlessly with most Windows web browsers - Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, SeaMonkey, K-Meleon, Konqueror, Maxthon, Flock, Lunascape, Avant Browser, Sleipnir, Epic, Orca.

The second program is Hide ALL IP. The functions are almost a copy of the previous application.

Its main advantage is that Hide ALL IP allows you to let traffic through games, torrents and any other programs through you. To do this, add the program shortcut to the list on the right side of the program window.

Using Proxy

This method is the oldest of the listed. It was used to hide the IP address of the PC 20 years ago. Now on the network you can find various proxy server addresses - from free, with a low level of privacy, to paid, with maximum protection. Which one to use is a purely individual matter.

After you have received the address and port of the proxy server, you will need to make the necessary settings in the system. You can open them by pressing the key combination Win + R and entering the command inetcpl.cpl.

In the window that opens, go to the “Connections” tab and click on the “Network Settings” button at the bottom of the window:

In the window that appears with the local network settings, check the "Use proxy server for local connections" checkbox:

Below you will find the input fields where you need to register the IP address and port of the proxy server. After entering the data, click on the "OK" button. In some cases, authorization may be required and then you will be additionally requested a login and password for authorization.

Should I use a free VPN to mask my IP address?

Free VPNs look attractive because they do not require a credit card to register. But many of them use unreliable methods of data encryption.

Free VPNs usually offer one or two servers to which you can connect. They also regularly participate in channel throttling and impose restrictions on the amount of transmitted data.

Our recommendation is to avoid using free VPNs. Most of them monetize their services using tracking modules and selling data about their users to third-party advertisers.

I signed up for a VPN. What should I do next?

Follow the steps in this section to hide your IP address:

  1. Browse the list of recommended VPN services and select a tariff plan.
  2. Register on the service website and pay for the service. Most VPNs accept bank cards and PayPal, and a significantly smaller amount accepts Bitcoin.
  3. Download the application you need.
  4. Clear cookies and cache in all browsers used to remove old location identifiers.
  5. Reboot your device.
  6. Open the software provided by the VPN service and log in.
  7. Select a server from the country in which you want to obtain an IP address. Wait a few seconds.
  8. When the connection is established, a green notification icon will appear on the taskbar.
  9. Please note that the websites will assume that your location is in the country through which you are currently connected.

How do VPN services handle IP addresses?

Most VPN services assign all users connected to the same server a “shared" IP address. This makes tracking the activity of each specific user even more difficult.

VPNs also use “dynamic” IP addresses. This means that each IP changes at a given time interval. Some providers also allow their users to independently determine how often they want to change their IP.

Other types of IP addresses provided by VPN services, which are less common:

Dedicated IPs never change and are used by only one party. They are more common among corporate VPNs. Static IP addresses do not change, but are distributed among users. They can be used for online banking when you need to log in from the same IP address for several sessions at once.

How to protect yourself from DNS leaks?

DNS leaks occur when network configuration settings are not optimized. This causes traffic to “leak” from the secure, encrypted tunnel created by your VPN provider.

VPNs work by routing web traffic over alternative, encrypted channels. When the settings are incorrect, DNS queries can be redirected over an insecure network, and not over a VPN.

DNS queries are the foundation of your web activity: the way computers translate hostnames (e.g. into an IP address.

When a DNS leak occurs and web traffic drops out of an encrypted tunnel, your ISP can see which sites you visit. Simply connecting to a VPN is not enough.

Some VPN services provide automatic protection against DNS leakage.

Are there other ways to protect my identity?

Unfortunately, masking an IP address is not enough to remain completely hidden and anonymous. Most people do not realize that their “digital footprints" remain ubiquitous.

A more advanced user identification technique is called the fingerprint of the browser. You can imagine it as if law enforcement agencies are collecting data at the crime scene. No matter what data is collected, it is mapped to existing databases to help blame the perpetrator.

Can I hide the IP address without using a VPN?

We recommend a VPN for people trying to change their location to access resources such as media, banking, VoIP calls and other localized services.

The Tor browser is another way to mask an IP address. It encrypts user traffic in the same way as a VPN. But at the same time, there is no service provider that helps organize the flow of traffic. In the Tor network, traffic is routed through multiple exit points or “nodes” provided by volunteers.

The route changes every time a request is sent to a new site, which makes tracking users almost impossible. This option is great for anonymity. The disadvantage is that traffic passing through the Tor network is very slow.

Why should I change my IP address?

One of the most popular reasons why people prefer to change their IP addresses is to bypass blocking streaming services. Such as Netflix, ESPN, Hulu and BBC iPlayer.

Many also do this to circumvent the blocking of resources such as Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter, in the workplace or in their country.

As already mentioned, IP addresses are used as location identifiers. This means that governments and Internet service providers can determine the approximate geography of the user. This is not very good for those who want to remain completely anonymous while browsing the Internet.

This publication is a translation of the article "How to change or hide your IP address to avoid hacker, ISP and government snooping", prepared by the friendly team of the Internet technology project