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How to make a leaflet? Flyer Layout


Flyer - a popular printing format for distribution on the streets or events. Among similar formats, flyers, leaflets, booklets and others are distinguished. If you are creating a flyer for a business, organization, club, or training session, it is important to clearly and effectively convey all the details to the reader. Admit it, would you yourself read what is written in a tasteless font on a boring leaflet with plain-looking sketches?

Using the Canva flyer creation program, you can make a mocap that will certainly stand out from the rest. In addition, if the design of the flyer turned out to be attractive, the likelihood that it will be read significantly increases. With a huge selection of layouts, images, fonts and design elements, you can create an amazing flyer online - even without the experience of a graphic designer.

How to make a flyer in 5 steps

  1. Sign up with Canva to start designing your flyer layout.
  2. Choose the template you like: flyers for a beauty salon, promotions, exhibitions, advertising, etc.
  3. Download your photos or themed pictures from the Elements tab.
  4. Adapt graphics, apply unique filters and format the text.
  5. Download the PDF file for printing, ready to be sent to the printing house.

Make your design layout unique

  1. Change the images. Add your materials, or use stock files from the repository.
  2. Pick up the fonts. Make the text of the flyer in one of hundreds of fonts for the Russian language.
  3. Replace the background. Find in the catalog one that will be best combined with the overall composition.
  4. Calibrate the palette. Set the color of labels and drawings to add a finishing touch.

Save Leaflet Designer

Visual advertising is extremely effective - it is quite capable of firmly consolidating the appearance and spirit of your brand in the minds of users. Therefore, it is very important to choose graphic elements of the highest quality. With the Canva Editor, a library of more than a million professional images, graphic elements and illustrations is available to you. They are not only great, but also free. And if you like the premium image, don’t worry - you don’t have to rob the bank, because they cost only $ 1 apiece.

If you need to make your layout truly unique, everything is in your hands. In the Canva leaflet designer, any user can download and use their own images in the design for free.

Perfect size flyers

The leaflet templates in Canva have a vertical orientation and standard sizes of 9.9 x 21 cm. Leaflets and leaflets in this format are conveniently stored in the working folder, wallet or exhibition catalog so as not to lose and become familiar with the information provided. If necessary, you can set your own values ​​for the width and height of the layout using the Custom Sizes button.

Print your flyer in excellent quality

Having finished with your design, you can download and print it. Yes, good design is important, but besides it, quality, clarity and brightness also matter. Therefore, we made sure that you can download your flyer in stunningly high resolution with a dot density of 300 dpi. So when you print your design, it will look on paper just as great as on the screen.

Just click the arrow to save the project, select the “PDF file for printing” format and you will get a paper version of your design in maximum quality. If necessary, indentation and crop marks can be added to the layout.

How to make a flyer

Creating a good flyer is not as easy as it sounds. The designer needs to consider hundreds of nuances when creating leaflet templates: format, type, target audience, and others. To understand all the subtleties, you need a lot of experience.

Fundamental rules

How to make a leaflet? At the beginning of the work, it is necessary to determine the target audience of the flyer. The style of the advertising message depends on this. After that, you need to decide exactly how the flyer will be made. Large companies hire professional designers. The layout of the flyer can be done independently using special programs or online services on the computer. Another way: draw a template manually and propagate it using a regular photocopy machine. The flyer should attract attention. Its design should be consistent with the overall style of the business. Often, simple leaflets with highlighting headings in bright colors work more efficiently than design ones.

How to make a leaflet? For leaflet templates you need to choose a bright, catchy picture or photo. It’s better to frame the image and add an arrow that points to the image. If a person is hooked on a picture, he will definitely come up and read the text of the leaflet. You should not use more than two images for one flyer.

A catchy headline also plays an important role. It should motivate a potential client to action. To do this, use verbs in the imperative mood. A slurred message will kill all interest in the flyer. The title is highlighted in large and bold so that it can be seen from a distance of 3 m. You can use capital letters and unique curly fonts. The title is placed in the center of the leaflet or evenly distributed across the width of the page. It should fit on one line.

History reference

Initially, leaflets were a socio-political, not a commercial tool. Their current appearance was formed shortly after the advent of typography, in the 16th century. Campaigning is the first function of “anonymous letters” and “flying publications”.

Using leaflets, they distributed government orders and waged an information campaign. Texts with appeals were distributed, pasted and scattered from airplanes during the years of world wars. The proclamations were used by revolutionaries and social rights activists.

Such leaflets were distributed by the Finns among Soviet soldiers

Today, flyers have almost replaced campaigning. Their functions are informing, attracting attention, forming the image of the company.

Leaflets are combined with promotion tools - lightboxes, sound, billboards. As part of such a complex, ordinary printing is turning into a powerful lever for stimulating potential customers to make purchases and leave orders.

Main text

How to make a leaflet? The content of the leaflet should answer only three simple questions. What? Where? When? Other information is redundant. Every schoolchild knows how to make a flyer in Word. Complicated text will not work as needed. It is better to use short informative sentences. Professional terms, words with a double meaning, negatives and the expression "If you are." Should be excluded from the text. For the main text, it is better to use a font that is different from the font of the header. You can add subtitles that reveal the meaning of the advertising message.

The structured text will make the layout of the flyer more attractive. Lists should consist of 5-7 points. They need to be highlighted with large dots or checkmarks. Do not use a large number of formats. One or two accents in the text are enough. The text should catch the client on an emotional level. It is worth contacting the client directly, using the word "you". It is important to convey the right information in seconds. It is better to indicate at the bottom of the flyer the phone and website where you can get detailed information. You can make a tear-off version of the flyer. At the bottom of the contact information is copied several times. Information on the benefits that it gives to its owner is also placed on the flyer and highlighted. This can be a free entrance to the event or a discount on a product or service. You can also place customer reviews and recommendations on the flyer.

How to make a flyer? The next factor to pay attention to is the color of the leaflet. Do not use solid, irritable and acid colors for flyers. The dark background also does not attract the attention of the reader. Black and white flyers are the least effective. You can leave blank spaces for headings and fill them with colored markers. For text, it is better to use a color that matches the color of the picture. The main thing is that it is easy to read. To do this, the text is highlighted with a black outline.

The size of the leaflet will depend on the capabilities of the selected equipment. A standard leaflet is a sheet of A4 or A5 paper. You can divide a standard sheet into several parts. For distribution use smaller flyers. If leaflets are placed on bulletin boards, it is better to use heavy paper and waterproof paint for them. The finished leaflet needs to be printed and hung on the wall. It should attract attention from a distance of 3 m. You can print a small batch of leaflets, distribute it to friends and ask for an opinion on it. Thus, they test several options for leaflets and choose the best one. After checking, the text of the leaflet is adjusted. His grammar and spelling are checked again. Printed leaflets are pasted on bulletin boards, poles, stops and other crowded places. In this case, it is necessary to observe restrictions on the placement of information for urban areas.

It is important who and how will hand out flyers. Promoters need to be dressed in branded t-shirts of the store. It is worthwhile to instruct the staff, explain to whom it is better to hand out flyers. Flyers can be placed under the car wipers, attach them to the sales receipt. The most common mistakes: inconvenient flyer size and too small font, excess information, lack of headline and call to action, illiterate submission, lack of contact information.

Flyer design

Flyers are massive tools with a clear and short message. Therefore, their size is small. The most common format is A5, 148x210 mm, without folding. It is convenient to hand over such flyers from hand to hand.

  • A4 (210x297 mm) - mainly for stationary placement,
  • A6 (105x148 mm) - compact format,
  • "Euro" (210x98 mm) - a convenient size for advertising mailing list.

Euro is the most popular flyer size

Usually on one side of the flyer is printed information, image, call. The content is compressed, as capacious as possible. The flip side is clean - this is a feature of standard flyers. They are fixed on vertical surfaces, folded, putting it in a pocket or bag. Therefore, placing something on the back does not make sense.

There are also two-way flyers. If the product has 1-2 folds (fold), then this is a booklet. A Euro-format booklet with two or three folds is called a leaflet.

To 80% of the party leaflets were not in the bin, use a professional print design and high-quality printing. Intense colors, clear formulations and appeals create the desired impression of the company and the product.

Types of Flyers

They are distinguished by:

  • content - informational and image,
  • size / format - from A6 to A4,
  • printing features, materials - one-two or full-color, one- and two-sided, on glossy, matte paper,
  • destination.

Another classification of flyers is marketing:

  1. Mass and operational audience coverage - typical flyers are distributed on the streets, exhibitions, presentations, in shopping centers.
  2. Targeted and "cross" advertising - information materials are applied to the purchase, distributed through related organizations (promoting, for example, a movie theater or cafe in a beauty salon).
  3. An instrument of material incentives for the audience - presenting the leaflet, the client will receive a discount or a gift.
  4. Monitoring the number of customers at the event - the flyer acts as a ticket.

Thematic design of flyers for the action

Printing Methods and Materials

Flyers are not intended for prolonged use. They are rarely printed on thick coated paper. It is better to give preference to offset. It is used for inexpensive one-two-color flyers and CMYK (4x4, full-color layouts). The designation 5x5 means that shades are added to the standard palette (most often Pantone). Need a specific corporate color, is corporate identity important? The print “according to pantone” will help to comply with them.

By ordering full color printing on glossy paper, you increase the visual appeal of printing. The standard density of the flyer is 90-150 g / m² meter. Matte, designer paper with a density of 150 g / m² is used for exclusive products with targeted delivery.

Flyers on designer paper

If the circulation is small, offset is unprofitable, which means that digital printing is preferable. If the circulation is needed very urgently, operational printing will help.

Layout Design: Online Editors and Software

Creating flyers is a computerized process. To compile the original layout using:

  1. Online editors. They do not need to be installed on a computer and paid for use (there may be limited functionality within the free version). Service catalogs are regularly replenished with templates; access to photo stocks, sets of graphic elements, and fonts is provided. Downloading the finished layout is free or paid (depends on the conditions of service).
  2. Office programs. MS Word - the basic program for creating layouts. The “Brochures-Booklets” tab (path: “File” - “Create”) contains templates for simple flyers. Even a beginner can make such a layout, no special skills are needed.
  3. Photoshop and other graphic editors. Professional design software takes time to master, but the effort pays off by the opportunity to develop a unique high-quality original layout.

Creating a flyer in Photoshop

If there is no time and desire to create a layout yourself, it is better to contact the printing house. There is probably a designer in her staff who will develop a layout for you leaflets with full compliance with the technical parameters of printing requirements.

Layout Secrets

For advertising materials to attract the attention of the audience, you need:

  • print the essence of the sentence in large print - a cursory glance from a distance should be enough to understand what it is about,
  • Do not oversaturate the sheet with text - the flyer refers to operational advertising and is not designed to be deeply immersed in the topic,
  • print “attractions” (information about attractive moments) in the second largest font, making them more visible than ordinary text,
  • to make sentences is simple, in an affirmative manner, without negatives - consciousness is straightforward, a person skips the “not” particle in the text,
  • reduce the size of the text, but not the font - it’s better to compress the information to a capacious message,
  • to ensure the leaflet’s own value (the reason it’s worth saving it and not throwing it away) is to associate it with a discount.

Creative design is remembered more than the name of the product / company

ROMIR Monitoring Holding conducted a study in 100 settlements of the Russian Federation, interviewing 1,600 people. Experts found that 30% of purchases were made by customers thanks to information received from leaflets.

It is important that the flyer format allows you to use several distribution channels: hand out, put under the car wipers, in mailboxes, put in packing bags. But if you can move away from universality and choose a format for each type of use, the advertising effect will be more pronounced.

An online lesson on creating layouts in Photoshop will help you design a flyer:

How to make a flyer yourself

Imagine that you are organizing an event or just want to promote a product. You need an advertisement. Using flyers is a good solution. You can make flyers yourself, and this does not require experience in design. Crello has a variety of thematic flyer templates. This format has predefined sizes, but you can change them. Crello offers 10 500+ design elements and 12 000+ ready-made templates, so you can use any of them as a starting point.

The creative process is completely absorbing! This is a chance to bring ideas to life and create your own masterpieces. Who says flyer can't be a masterpiece?

Create cool flyer design.

Some Internet users fear that they will not understand how to work with visual editors. This is why the Crello team has developed a simple interface. Anyone can understand how the program works and how to create your first design. Moreover, we have a Crello guide, which will certainly help a lot.

For greater convenience, Crello designers have created many flyer templates that you can change to create your projects.