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How to develop grace and statism?


It is very possible that your walk is completely fine with you: you are comfortable walking, and you don’t find any reasons for improvement. but beautiful walk It is important not only for the attractiveness of a woman, but also for her health: the position of the spine, which, in turn, is responsible for the operation of all systems and organs of the body, depends on the correct gait. Besides, graceful gait implies the correct location of the feet, which means that the risk of developing diseases of the musculoskeletal system is reduced. Well, do not forget that a correct and beautiful gait promotes the tone of all muscle groups, and presents the figure in the most favorable light. Therefore, whatever one may say, each woman needs to develop the correct gait.

In general, elegance and grace are inherent in any woman by nature, and they only need to be developed to enable everyone around to admire our beautiful tread. This is what we will do with JustLady magazine.

How to learn to walk correctly

Often a model walk is taken for the ideal of a beautiful walk. However, remember that walking with the G8 is only suitable for the fashion world, but in ordinary life it will look vulgar. To learn to walk right, first tell yourself that walking is not only a way of moving, it is also a reflection of personality and character. Therefore, even if you are in a bad mood, you are tired or just upset, try to keep your head up, shoulders straight, and your back straight. Remember how Verochka from “Office Romance” taught her director the skills of a graceful gait - after all, she was absolutely right.

So, how to walk. The first and most important rule is to always hold your posture. Do not even remember how to do it right? - it does not matter, JustLady will remind you:

• Raise your shoulders as high as possible, pull them back and lower - this is the correct posture.
• The heel and toe should be one line when walking, the toe can only be turned a little outward - this is the correct setting of the foot.
• First, the foot should move forward, and after it, the body should be a smooth and graceful gait.

An example of a successful training result is Audrey Hepburn's gait, which achieved amazing grace and lightness with such a well-known exercise: walking with an object on his head. You yourself can regularly do this exercise, for example, with a book. Consider the following: walking with a figure eight with a wagging of your hips is vulgar, small mincing steps are ugly, too wide a step is masculine. The ideal stride length at which you will not mince should be equal to the length of the foot. Try it like this, and you will immediately feel how convenient it is. When walking, it is better not to put your hands in your pockets, just relax them, so your walk will be more graceful.

To maintain proper posture, strengthen the spine. Our spine should not experience excessive stress and sudden movements, because this can lead to displacement of the intervertebral discs. Accustom yourself not to jump out of bed in the morning: first stretch your arms, then heels. Kneel and stretch well, like a cat - so the spine stretches along its entire length. Only after that get up.

How to walk in heels

Walking beautifully in high heels is a science. If you still haven’t made friends with such shoes, and you really want to wear high-heeled shoes, JustLady will teach you how to walk in heels. First of all, be attentive to how you put your feet - socks must be apart, otherwise it will seem that you are clubbing. If you want your walk to be graceful, put your foot on the heel first, and then on the toe. You can often notice how girls in high heels walk on bent legs. From the outside, this, of course, looks somewhat strange, even curious. To prevent this from happening to you, immediately straighten your leg, on which you transfer the center of gravity. By the way, it is much easier to walk in high heels if your legs are strong and trained - so go to fitness or run more often.

How to walk on the catwalk

Now a few tips for future models on how to walk on the catwalk. Walking the catwalk correctly is a rather difficult task. In modeling agencies, models are taught to correctly hold posture and look only forward. You need to try to relax, learn to feel your body, and then everything will work out.

In general, an incorrect, ugly gait develops due to self-doubt. JustLady advises you to tell yourself more often that you are unique and beautiful, and then learning to walk beautifully will not be difficult. When you feel attractive and confident, your shoulders will straighten out and your gait will become more graceful. Sophia Loren gave good advice: “Most often, the reason for an ugly gait is self-doubt. In my opinion, beauty is courage, and that is what attracts people to us. If you are more confident, open, a smile will appear on your face, your walk will become graceful and graceful, and your gestures will be beautiful. ”

Alisa Terentyeva
Women's magazine JustLady

Spiridonova Nadezhda Viktorovna

Psychologist. Specialist from the site

Sit on the fog for half a year under the name Cat will appear grace.

like Pilates. my girlfriend was a log, now after classes I’ve gotten better)

If ballroom dancing didn’t help you, I don’t even know! In general, tall girls are to some extent often ungraceful and awkward.

Staticity is easy to develop, eat buns)

If ballroom dancing didn’t help you, I don’t even know! In general, tall girls are to some extent often ungraceful and awkward.

If ballroom dancing didn’t help you, I don’t even know! In general, tall girls are to some extent often ungraceful and awkward.

good question..
author try exercise for gait do. or if you are very small .. no shoulders .. then push up.

My height is 167, I’m a good figure. Good posture. Gait too. You misunderstood me. I'm not clumsy. Everything is ok. I walk well on stilettos. You just know, there are girls. Well, just the grace of a cat. Both the wallet will be carefully taken out and the bag will be thrown over my shoulder. And I have some sharp, quick movements, often fussy. smoothness is not enough .. ((

I understand you, the same situation (((I’m like a young girl myself, I do everything and I do it in a hurry and fuss. And where I'm in a hurry, I don’t know myself)) I thought about this. Maybe I’ll learn to do everything by loving? him)) Just a friend there, she loves herself very much and so loving to relate to herself and her thing, you can fall in love with her yourself)))


If ballroom dancing didn’t help you, I don’t even know! In general, tall girls are to some extent often ungraceful and awkward.

Shy of their bodies are not complete people, but notorious. Those who are confident in themselves firmly know that there will be lovers for our magnificent forms. If only these same forms remained forms, and did not turn into spreading jelly. For this, it’s all that needs to be able to move. Do you know how?
Let's do a test.
For each of ten exercises, 15 seconds are allotted. Failed √ points do not count towards you. Get started!

We put heavier things on our heads (for example, the “Book about tasty and healthy food”) and squat so deep that the buttocks touch the floor. For each squat, we earn 1 point.
We sit on the floor, toes under the cabinet so that they do not rise. Hands on the back of the head. We bend to the knees and lean back until the back touches the floor. For each exercise completed √ 1 point.
We sit on the floor, legs stretched out, at the feet we put a handkerchief. Toes of the right foot should take a scarf, bend the leg and straighten again. Count 1 point for yourself and repeat the same thing with your left foot √ 1 more point. How many times did you manage to do the exercise in the prescribed 15 seconds?
We put the book on the floor and jump sideways through it. For jumping there √ back √ 1 point.
We lie down on the floor in front of the chair, resting on the floor with straightened hands. The back is straight, the legs at the knees are not bent. Step on the chair first with one hand, then with the other. Straighten your arms, return to the starting position. The whole cycle gives 1 point.
Lying on the floor in front of the chair, you need to take a book from the floor and put it on the chair. And then put it back on the floor. 1 point.
Take a towel, stretch it by the ends. We sit on the floor, hands with a towel behind his back. We transfer our arms over our heads and bend over, trying to throw a towel over our feet. 1 point.
We sit on the floor with our hands on the floor behind us. Next to the legs is a book. We pull off the socks, raise our legs and transfer them through the book, then back. 1 point.
Lying on his stomach, raise his arms and legs. Without the help of arms and legs, we roll onto our back, then back. 1 point.
We squat down, hands rest on the floor. One leg is bent and rests on the floor with a toe, the second is pulled back. We change the position of the legs, adding 1 point to each change.

Ideally, in 15 seconds you should have time to complete 10 √ 12 exercises in order to collect 100 √ 120 points in total. If this is exactly your result √ congratulations: you can safely go even to the beach, even to an intimate date. If you couldn’t immediately achieve such results, it’s not scary: regular training will allow you to achieve the desired flexibility and grace quite soon.