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10 signs that she will break your heart


Sometimes life can surprise us in the most unexpected way. And sometimes our first love can come back. The man who broke your heart will creep back to you, and you will stand, bursting with bitter tears. You will stand madly in love with him, still obsessed with every bit of his being. But when the one who broke your heart crawls back to you, please do not accept it.

The universe brought him back to me in the summer, when I finally started everything from scratch. I finally chased away the ghost that had haunted me for so long. I finally saw myself with a smile, and not in tears, with dreams of the future, and not memories from the past.

I remember seeing him for the first time in six months. He stood on the stage and played the guitar, and when he looked at me, my heart skipped a beat. I ran out of the hall, afraid to look at him again. And so I have not forgotten it.

That night, I lay in bed and again and again lost this situation in my head. Months of hard work in an attempt to forget him went down the drain after one look. I was terrible evil. Who is he to come this way and again rave my soul?

I couldn’t let him in again, I had to protect myself. And that is exactly what I did. At least I tried.

A few days later he came to my house. He cried, apologized, said he wanted to bring me back. And I sat calm, without a single tear in my eyes. Shaking my head, I said one word that I didn’t think I could say to him: "No." And for the first time I was proud of myself. I did the unthinkable. I stood up for myself, I stopped thinking only about him.

Then something happened that I should not have done. I hugged him goodbye and we kissed. It was not just a kiss. He said: “Do not leave me, I love you. And I will always love. Please, do not go". And I let him in again. I lost.

I remember how he left, and tears rolled down my face. Tears from the fact that I so badly wanted to shout out his name so that he returned.

Therefore, when the one who broke your heart crawls back to you, do not let him in. Do not give him again the power to break your heart. Do not give in. And do not kiss him goodbye. He broke your heart once and will do it again. Do not let him make you weak.

Many people dream that the person whom they loved will return to them. But the truth is that if he comes back, it will not end the way you expect it to. It only hurts you even more and you have to start all over again. And you will feel so powerless, because you allowed something alone to take power over you again.

So please don't let this person who broke you break you again. One day you will be grateful that you survived, and did not try to create something that has never happened.

1. She has no old friends

This girl is a real social chameleon drifting from one interesting social group to another. She constantly makes new friends. Sounds great?

Yes, probably, but you won’t be able to stay with her long enough to know for sure. If she does not have constant friends whom she has known for many years, this can mean two things: either no one can bear her, or she can not do without constant changes. Both of these reasons make a serious relationship impossible, and sooner or later she will break your heart.

9. She's new to relationships

If you are looking for a serious relationship, meeting a girl who has not had anyone before you is not the best choice. She may be much younger than you or just inexperienced - if you have different experiences, you can’t hold out together for a long time.

At first, all this naivety of her will seem sweet to you, but soon she will begin to annoy you. Despite all sorts of advantages of relations with a person who does not have emotional baggage, she may not know what she expects from a man. There is a chance that she does not need you, but this is a sure sign that your heart will be broken.

3. She needs a lot of space

She is a freedom-loving person and does not like to be limited. When you start dating her, she will tell you that she needs a lot of space to do her job. She herself sets the boundaries: how much time she will spend with you, and how much alone. If you find the strength to get used to it, it can still work out, right?

Do not entertain yourself with illusions. Those who value their personal time and space so much do not really reckon with others. You will see her once a week and it will be normal for her, and in the end she will break your heart.

4. She built herself for too long

You followed her on the heels for months, and she kept playing cat and mouse with you. You gave her flowers, called on dates, made various romantic gestures. She finally agreed to meet with you, and so it all worked out, right?

But no. If she makes herself out of touch, it means that you are simply not interested in her. She just wanted to amuse her ego, and she agreed to stay in the company of a person who does not have a soul in her. When her self-esteem returns to normal, she will no longer need you, and she will break your heart.

5. She is in the clouds

Some people are never happy with what they have. They have high standards and aspirations, and this is attractive, but if she has some unrealistically high expectations, then your chances are small ridiculously. It can be anything: money, fame, a new life or an impeccable relationship - she can dream of any things and at the same time she will certainly break your heart if she comes up with an option that is more similar to her dream.

6. She's shy of you

Getting to know your girlfriend’s friends and family is still an experiment, it’s like a shot in the leg: it’s painful and painful, and those around you think that you are not particularly suffering because the wound is not fatal. After all, you are dating her, not her family. Why does this acquaintance matter?

And again, why doesn't she introduce you to them? We all went through this, we all had girls with whom we did not want to introduce friends and family, and they remained our invisible friends. Why? For various reasons: sometimes fat, then scary, then abnormal.

7. She does not have a particularly significant former

Dating a girl who has never had a serious relationship seems like a great prospect: she does not expect you to meet her standards of true love, and you don’t worry that she will suddenly be drawn to her former life. She is a blank canvas that you can turn into a perfect girlfriend for yourself.

However, a girl whose relationship summary consists of only a two-week affair is not for you. Perhaps she has her reasons for not meeting anyone seriously: she does not want to. And you can hardly make her change that mind.

8. She has serious problems

Everyone has their own cockroaches. No one is perfect, everyone has flaws to work on. However, there are people who are more like a walking problem than a person.

These can be problems with alcohol, drugs, sex, loneliness, or gambling. If there is something in her life that constantly puts you in the background, this relationship will not last long. It may sound arrogant, but you deserve something better than always being on the sidelines.

9. She has a close relationship with her former

If your girlfriend is able to maintain good relations with her ex, this may seem like a good thing. This is as if hinting: she is a mature person and does not turn parting into a performance. After all, you know that under no circumstances will she turn into a demon if you fail.

In reality, this is a sign that it will only bring you harm. This girl easily switches between “lover” and “friend” modes. This fact means that she is not able to create strong relationships.

10. She had someone when you met

You started to be together when she met with another guy. You might have thought: “Well, that’s a bit wrong, but now everything will go right.” No, nothing will go wrong with such a girl. Treason is always treason.

When she starts to tell you something about the new guy every day from work, when she constantly lingers in the bar with her friends, when she wants a little more time for herself, this may mean that you have already found a replacement. Already feel your heart beating to pieces?

And finally

We all know very well that many relationships end in nothing and do not pass the test of time. It makes no sense to sit and wait by the sea for the weather. If you look at this list and understand that one of the points applies to your girlfriend, you may have something to think about.