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10 tricks to bring back the whiteness of your clothes


- I would try with tape.

- Vera Papkova, we can’t tape such a bunch of things from 2 sides and it doesn’t work out carefully. There are cotton t-shirts, socks, tights and home trousers. In general, everything is black.

- There is a special sticky roller or a shaving machine, depending on what kind of material.

- I understand you! She also washed it with a napkin. But then I shook dry dry, I chose these pellets. Horror.

- You still didn’t wash it with toilet paper! I remember the endless rinses, 50 times, probably, so far. My toilet paper roll was washed. Children threw into the typewriter - did not notice.

- Yes, I would have thrown everything away, and a reason to buy something, than to kill myself with scraping napkins from all things!

- Scooter for clothes long and tedious to clean. It was like that with a napkin. But worse, when I washed white things with a T-shirt on which was a black inscription. And this muck stuck with small dots on white shirts. A few days a little cleaned.

- Dry, iron and remove with a brush.

- In the dryer to dry mode, all the dust will be knocked out.

- Gently clean the tape with dry tape.

- Silicone brush cleans well if you show patience. And to clean, I think, it is better with wet clothes, otherwise it dries up and you can’t take it off.

- Industrial tape, yes, it will take time, but if you feel sorry for things, then it's worth it. Take the adhesive tape that builders use, wind it in the opposite direction and slowly roll it.

- With a damp new dishwashing sponge, the dry thing is easy to clean.

- I vacuumed, and then a sticky roller. And wash again. Everything has departed!

- Didn’t you try to wash it again with black product? Some kind of “Weasel is black magic”, maybe there is a dye there.

Detergent, peroxide and soda

“Mix the peroxide, dishwashing liquid and soda in a 4: 2: 1 ratio and brush it on the places you want to bleach,” the author of this blog advises. If you want to return the whiteness of the whole thing at once, add this mixture to 2 liters of water and leave the thing in it for several hours, and then wash it in the usual way.

The author of this blog shows how ammonia helps remove complex stains such as blood from white things. Be sure to wear rubber gloves and provide good ventilation before using this substance. To bleach a thing completely, mix 4 drops of ammonia, 1 tbsp. l hydrogen peroxide and 2 liters of water. Leave things for a couple of hours, and then wash with powder.

If an oil stain appears on things, try to wipe it off with gasoline for the lighter. Pour some gasoline onto the stain and wait for it to evaporate. repeat the procedure until the stain is completely gone. Then wash as usual.

Put 3-4 aspirin tablets in the drum of the washing machine along with the laundry so that it does not turn yellow. Tablets can also be used to remove yellow sweat stains: to do this, you need to activate aspirin with a small amount of water and apply the mixture to the stains for several hours, and then wash in the usual way.

White bread

To remove traces of lipstick or foundation from white clothes, you need to take a piece of white bread and roll the crumb into a ball. Then blot the stains without smearing them on the thing. It is advisable to do this immediately after the stain has appeared. After that, the thing needs to be washed in the usual way.

Window Cleaner

Use a window cleaner to remove ink stains or stains from markers and markers. To begin, place a napkin under the stain so that the fabric on the back side is not soaked. Then spray the window cleaner on the stain and leave for 5 minutes. Then wash the item as usual.

“Before you put white clothes in the washing machine, hold it for about an hour in lemon water,” the author of this blog advises. Fill the laundry with water, add a few slices of lemon and a teaspoon of peroxide.

Boric acid

Boric acid effectively removes yellow sweat stains from white things. Mix a tablespoon of boric acid with water and apply on stains. Leave on for 15–20 minutes, and then wash as usual. Alternatively, mix a tablespoon of boric acid with powder and add to the washing machine to restore all of your whiteness. But it is better not to get carried away in this way: bleach things with special means no more often than every third wash.

To remove a greasy stain from clothes in this way, rub it with ordinary white chalk before washing. Chalk serves as a good adsorbent, so during washing the stain will disappear faster and more efficiently from things.