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In modern life with its frantic rhythm, it is becoming increasingly difficult for men and women to find their soul mate, their life partner. And so many of them are trying to find their happiness on the Internet. This, of course, scammers are interested in.

Therefore, in order to protect yourself, it is best to contact special agencies. A marriage agency as a business attracts romantic people who want to make money from someone else's happiness.

Profitability assessment

Having decided to open a profitable business, the first step is to draw up a business plan for the marriage agency. Thus, you can calculate at least approximately the necessary expenses, control all stages of the opening of the agency, determine the type of its activity. It is necessary to assess how high the demand for this service is in your city, how many similar institutions are in order to calculate the competitiveness of the future agency.

There are agencies that specialize in finding grooms and brides from other countries, and agencies that work directly in Russia. Another point is payment for services. Either a fee is charged from all customers, or only from grooms. Both types have advantages, but still an international agency with payment from potential suitors is still popular. To open a business in Russia, the main thing is to create a large database of brides.

A VIP-level agency must have appropriate clients. It is not only appearance that matters, but also intelligence, the presence of higher education and other qualities. Then the prices for services will be much higher. Here you will need to learn how to refuse those clients whose chances are hopeless.

How to open a dating agency - initial steps

Start with a business plan, see examples of business plans here, and here how to write a business plan yourself. The first thing you need to decide on is what kind of dating agency will belong. It may be paid when all customers pay for your services. And it may be free when the profiles of girls are entered into the database on a free basis, and the grooms pay for the information. The latter type of institution is the most common.

The second step to start an activity is to expand it globally. The principle of the international dating agency is very simple. First you need to establish contacts with foreign companies, subscribe to their catalogs. Then it is imperative to create a website in the foreign language segment of the Internet in English, which will host brides profiles. Your own foreign-language site will lead you to the groom-clients directly, bypassing the intermediary agencies.

Having registered a legal entity and having rented an office, you can start an activity. By the way, for the first time, your own apartment will be quite suitable as an office, if you can equip a temporary office in it. Of course, the office needs to be equipped with a computer with Internet access, a printer and a scanner. It is important to create a suitable atmosphere in the office: everything should have your client in an open dialogue, create a relaxed home environment.

The walls should be decorated with photographs of happy newlyweds and their thanks. Marriage business is based on reviews and recommendations, the more gratitude to you, the better. And everything should directly and indirectly confirm your experience and professionalism.

The secret to dating agency success (and in a small town too)

The recipe for success of any marriage agency is its vast base of grooms and brides. The quality component of your base should also play an important role. So, your clients can have a strictly defined level of education, intelligence, etc. Therefore, you do not need to expand the base with obviously hopeless options. In any case, it is worth describing to clients their chances truthfully and frankly.

Remember: the more “prominent” brides in your database, the more you are interested in foreign marriage agencies as a partner. If, in the course of time, you manage to switch to long-term cooperation with foreign agencies, not only the rating of your institution will increase significantly, but also your income. In case of successful acquaintance of clients, your foreign colleagues will transfer about 50% of your income to you.

We expand the activities of the dating agency

Entering the international market for marriage agencies is often accompanied by the so-called "tours of the brides." And this is the next step in business development. The essence of the event is simple: a foreign agency organizes the arrival of their grooms in Russia. As a rule, it is 10-20 people.

Your task is to rent a decent restaurant or club where brides will be able to chat with potential foreign grooms in a relaxed atmosphere. There should be many more brides than grooms. Organization of the tour is undertaken by the partner company. In addition, the terms of the contract should also be remuneration to the receiving party, because it is you who represent your base of “promising” brides. For grooms, the cost of such a tour is several thousand dollars. Of this amount, a certain percentage is transferred to a dating agency that organizes a meeting in their country.

Avoiding Risks

Marriage business, like any other, attracts many scammers. It can be either “brides” who lure money from gullible foreigners, or “grooms” who trade in illegal activities.

1. Carefully check the documents of clients when entering information into the database. Applicants must fill out an application by hand and provide a photo. You can take a photo right in your office.
2. Ensure your customers privacy. The data of applicants is stored in a safe, and electronic data is stored under a password.

3. In case of doubt, keep track of the correspondence of potential suitors with your customers. Prepare guidelines for fraud, which is sometimes resorted to by “suitors”. Methodological instructions and instruction should be carried out under the signature of clients.

4. Honestly bookkeeping and workflow. The idea to spend a sum of money past the cash register can turn into a nuisance on the part of the client, who suddenly will be dissatisfied with something.

5. Inquire about blacklisted scammers. It is worth making a direct request to Russian and foreign marriage agencies.

To summarize

You can start a marriage business and open a dating agency almost from scratch. But further activities will still require expenses. Office rent, purchase of computers and necessary furniture will cost a small amount. But an advertising campaign will require serious investment. In addition, it is worth investing in creating at least two versions of the site - Russian and English - and promoting the agency’s services on the Internet.

So, with investments of the order of 200-300 thousand rubles, you can very well count on an income of at least 900 thousand rubles annually. If there is a desire to expand the business to another region, revenues may double.

If you are looking for how to open a dating agency and after reading the article you still have questions, ask in the comments, our experts will answer them.

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Where to begin?

Before you open a marriage agency, you should study in detail the situation in this type of activity, at least at the scale of your locality. Read the print materials, announcements, advertising information regarding how to organize the business.

For example, analyze the price level in your city for the services of a “professional matchmaker.” Chat with your friends or acquaintances - it is possible that some of them have some experience in the field of activity that interests you. It will not be superfluous to schedule a consultation with specialists helping to find one's destiny as a client and research the material, so to speak, from the inside.

Prepare a business plan

Want to learn how to open a marriage agency? Do not hurry. First, you should draw up a detailed business plan for the marriage agency. In this document you should thoroughly work out all the details and prospects of your future enterprise.

For example, you must determine the specialization of your activity, namely: will you look for wives or husbands only among your compatriots or will foreign citizens also appear in your client base. Perhaps you want to open an international marriage agency.

That is why the services of a “professional matchmaker” are in high demand today: Russians dream of a foreigner husband, and a certain part of our representatives of the stronger sex prefers to marry girls from Europe, Africa and the USA. Also, in your business plan, you should detail the cost estimates (rental of premises, equipment, salaries for employees) and predict how long you will be able to recoup the investment.

How to open a marriage agency? This is nothing complicated. Remember that the main goal is to select the ideal candidate for the role of spouse or husband. The principle of the marriage agency is quite simple: the more you manage to “connect hearts”, the better. The popularity rating of your company will depend on this.

At the same time, it’s difficult for your business to come up with better advertising than the words “let's get married” said by customers.

So, the business plan is developed and the goal is defined.

In the next step, you must register your company with the tax authority. As a rule, this procedure is done quickly enough (3-7 days).

As a result, you will have documents confirming the legality of your business. What's next? We turn to the practical side of the question of how to organize a marriage agency.

Choose a room

The location of your marriage agency should be approached responsibly and seriously. It is better to choose an area with developed infrastructure. The building in which you rent a room should be close to shopping centers, supermarkets, hotels, cafes and restaurants. Location must be respectable. One square meter of rent can cost you about 2000 rubles a month. Think about your office design in advance.

Provide an area in the room where the fairer sex over a cup of coffee could discuss with her friends the proposed candidates for the role of “life partner”. The interior of the office should be made in a business style, which, at the same time, would have the client in a trusting dialogue. It is optimal if the area of ​​the office you are renting does not exceed 50 square meters. To decorate the interior space and make repairs you will need approximately 200,000 rubles.

What is needed from the equipment?

You should be aware that each employee must be provided with a workplace and have the necessary set of office equipment: computer, scanner, printer, copier. Also in the room you will need upholstered furniture so that clients feel as comfortable as possible. As a result, your wallet will be empty for another 300,000 rubles.

We hire staff

Paradoxical as it sounds, but in the organization of a marriage agency, the ability to understand the psychology of personality is of paramount importance, while the financial side of the matter is secondary. And one of the main components of a successful business is the competent selection of personnel. You will need a couple of sensible specialists who can thoroughly understand the characteristics of interpersonal relationships. With their help, you will be able to find out as accurately as possible what qualities the chosen one or the chosen one of the client should have.

Many ask the elementary question: “Why can long-term relationships between people ultimately be doomed to failure?” The whole point is their psychological incompatibility. To minimize this risk, we need the help of experts.

With the help of consultations and tests, they will surely pick up the perfect pair for the client. Do not forget that you will pay for the work of specialists: one employee will cost you approximately 30,000 rubles a month. At a minimum, you will need two psychologists.

In addition to the psychologist, you will need the help of an experienced programmer or system administrator, since a huge mass of applications will be posted on your page on the Internet. Of course, the above specialists will also need to pay wages, the average size of which is 25,000 rubles.

Your staff should also include a makeup artist position. The lion's share of your profits will be finances from the wallets of male clients who may ask you to “show” the goods. And you must be prepared for this. Make-up artist will help emphasize the beauty of "potential" brides. His services will cost you about 30,000 rubles. As a result, you should lay about 115,000 thousand rubles per month for the payment of wages in the estimated costs.

Need an Internet resource

A marriage agency as a business cannot be imagined without official representation in RuNet.

At present, any organization that provides services for the selection of a spouse or wife has its own Internet resource.

With it, the process of selecting candidates for “life partners” for your customers will be greatly simplified. In addition, you can provide an option through which the help of a psychologist will be provided online.

On the Internet portal you can also keep track of those people who contacted your agency: it is likely that they will want to communicate independently through the World Wide Web with their potential “halves” from other cities and countries. And you have the right to provide them with such an opportunity. In this way you can be different from your competitors.

At the same time, the design of your portal should be bright and beautifully designed. It should be convenient for the user, namely: quickly load and open pages, have a clear menu.

In addition, make sure that your resource is hyped, that is, it should be in the top of all known search engines (for example, Yandex or Mail). It is possible that for this you will need the help of specialists who are engaged in "site building" on a professional basis.

What profit can you count on?

Before you open your marriage agency, calculate your potential profit.

Profits of a professional matchmaker are generated from several sources. Firstly, customers pay for the fact that their names are entered into the database. As a rule, this privilege costs them from 2000 to 5000 rubles. It all depends on the specific set of services.

The second opportunity to earn is the sale of updated databases, which contain the latest information about grooms and brides. One address can cost from 150,000 to 300,000 rubles. The third type of earnings is the organization of foreign tours for dating. The size of the commission for the client is 6500 rubles. You can also earn money by sending letters to a girl you like - the price of this service is 200 rubles.

Analyze cost estimates

Renting a room, advertising, purchasing equipment, Internet and telephone services, paying salaries and other expenses will require significant investments from you.

Despite the fact that expenses pay off quickly (in about 1.5 years), weigh the pros and cons before deciding to seriously engage in this business.

Business Registration

To register your agency, you must collect documents. What do you need to do? Get permission to provide this type of service. Issue a certificate of registration. Register with the tax authority as an individual entrepreneur. Documents will need the following:

  • your statement
  • copy of your passport,
  • certificate that you are registered in the tax,
  • license fee receipt,
  • constituent documents
  • lease agreement or documents proving own ownership of an office building,
  • certificate from the sanitary-epidemiological station that your premises correspond to your activity,
  • conclude an agreement with the fire inspection.

Room and staff

Of course, for the first time you can use it as an office and your own apartment. But the optimal choice would be a decent room in the central part of the cityso that there is a separate entrance. Pay special attention to the interior of the office. Your business involves coziness and comfort, with soft sofas and armchairs. Do not forget that the bride can bring her friends. So, there should be enough space for everyone.

Office furniture is also needed. Cases and racks for documents. Office equipment and the Internet. Be sure to take care of the availability of a safe. The data of your clients should be stored only in it so that there is no information leakage.

You, as the owner of the business, will manage the office, establish contacts with dating services in other countries. But for meetings and conversations with brides you will need a psychologist. Не у всех женщин, к сожалению, большие шансы найти жениха. И здесь услуги психолога незаменимы, чтобы честно обсудить с ней все детали, чтобы в дальнейшем к вашему агентству не было претензий.

Бывает так, что девушки обращаются в агентство с надеждой найти мужчину для вымогательства денег. The true intentions of clients can only be determined by a psychologist.

No agency exists without its own website. To create and administer it, you will need a system administrator. When you get acquainted, the first thing you pay attention to is appearance. Therefore, in your state, even if part-time, there should be a photographer and makeup artist. You can provide their services if the future bride does not have suitable photos. Of course, you will need a translator.

Marriage Agency Revenues

For high profitability, you should have the lowest costs plus stable profits. What services can you earn? Here are approximate calculations of the cost of services of existing agencies:

  1. You can register on the site only for a fee - about 20 dollars.
  2. Set the price of correspondence and video calls. Such services are inexpensive. For one letter and one minute of video communication, you can set the price one to three dollars.
  3. Photo gallery on the site is viewed by everyone. But a paid service is available for viewing special photos that the bride uploads separately. These may be photographs of erotic content.
  4. Clients can buy contacts of brides for a fee. Average fee for one candidate ten to fifteen dollars.
  5. VIP access service. To get data about all clients, the groom will need to pay within hundred dollars.
  6. Together with a foreign agency, you can organize a tour for grooms. A group of suitors, from ten to fifty candidates, is sent to Russia. You will need to find a meeting room. It can be a restaurant or a night club. Invite all your clients, at least 100-200 people. In a relaxed atmosphere, they get to know each other, find their halves. The costs of such events are borne by foreign partners. And your agency may receive additional income up to three thousand dollars.
  7. You can offer additional paid services - sending presents, organizing photo shoots and others.
  8. For foreign guests, translation services are required, and this is a separate tariff.
  9. Conclude agreements on continuous cooperation with a jewelry store, flower shop, realtors of rented housing. And your agency will be able to offer its customers new services.
  10. Spin up your site, and then a certain profit will also come from advertising.

Advertising and customer acquisition

It is not difficult to create a marriage agency from scratch, but in addition to financial investments, you will need constant work, persistence and desire. You won’t succeed in attracting people without advertising. And advertising costs should be included in your business plan. The location of your office in the central part of the city is already a good advertising step. It will be difficult not to notice him. Especially if you come up with a bright sign and a memorable name.

Advertise your agency on television and in magazines that women love. To know about you on the Internet, promote your dating site. Create your group on all social networks. And then very little time will pass, and you will collect an extensive database of brides and grooms.

Opening expenses

Calculating the exact cost estimate is quite difficult. It all depends on many factors. Therefore, we will try to calculate the approximate expenses.

  • monthly office rent - 12 thousand rubles,
  • office repair and purchase of furniture and equipment - 100-140 thousand rubles,
  • telephone and internet charges - within one thousand rubles,
  • stationery monthly - 10 thousand rubles,
  • payment of work to employees - about 40 thousand rubles,
  • advertising expenses. If done on their own, the costs will be small. If you need to use the services of specialists you will need from 60 thousand rubles.

Total costs may vary. from two hundred to two hundred and sixty thousand rubles.

Tips for beginners

We hope you understood how to open a dating club or a marriage agency. And at first glance it seems that the business is profitable and profitable. But there are also risks in this type of activity. And all because of the large number of swindlers in the marriage business. And therefore, throughout your work, you need to constantly maintain your reputation. You will need to learn to distinguish real grooms and brides from lovers of luring money and hunters for “live” goods.

Therefore, we want to give some practical advice so that you can avoid difficult situations.

  1. Potential brides must fill out questionnaires in person. Do not accept customers without a passport.
  2. All amounts received must be properly recorded. Give customers the roots of receipts for signature in a special magazine.
  3. All customer information received must be stored in a safe so that confidentiality is respected.
  4. Customer correspondence should be monitored so that no hint of fraud occurs. Prepare training manuals on possible unpleasant cases, and give them to your clients for signature.
  5. Ask your foreign partners to share a blacklist of suitors you cannot deal with.

And now the results. How to open a marriage agency from scratch and is it possible, you have learned. Costs are inevitable to constantly grow your business. The list of brides must be replenished regularly. Experts believe that the profitability of such agencies is within twenty percent. In a small town with proper organization of activities You can earn at least 30 thousand dollars a year. But to expand your business, you need to expand the territory, which means that profitability will increase. Go ahead and you will succeed.