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How to set up Smart TV on a Samsung TV


A Samsung Smart TV account is an electronic account that allows a user to access Samsung’s Internet services. The accounting system also helps to take into account the user's preferences and adapt to it (for example, for more effective advertising).

By registering and logging in, you accept the terms of use and privacy policy. So, you allow the company to collect information about your actions, purchases, subscriptions, etc.

What is Samsung Smart TV?

Samsung Smart TV is a new device. This is not only a TV in its usual sense, but also a multimedia center with access to a large number of media content on the global network. In terms of functionality, such a television can be equated to a smartphone.

Samsung Electronic was the first company to turn its attention to combining the capabilities of TV and the Internet. At first, she developed access to the news feed, then the Samsung Apps TV store appeared. In 2011, new opportunities were opened in the implementation of the services of Smart Hub and TVs of a new type.

Now, on the basis of this platform, you can use the Samsung Apps store, a browser, Skype, an information search system, an application for social networks and watching TV shows. Smart TVs are equipped with a Wi-Fi access point, and they can also be connected to the same network with a computer, laptop, mobile phones and other devices using the DLNA protocol.

To implement all these functions in Russia, there is a Samsung UE55D8000 TV with a large screen (55 inches), a resolution of 1920 by 1080, Full HD support and stereo sound.

Thus, thanks to the new application using TV, you will get access not only to TV channels, but also to social networks, search engines and other Internet features.

How to create an account on Smart TV

Consider the steps to create a Samsung Smart TV account.

To create an account, you will need a wireless Internet connection and an active Smart Hub. After you have completed the preliminary steps, continue using the remote control:

  1. Press the red button with the designation "A", the menu should open.
  2. Move the cursor down to the option to create an account and press enter (Enter).
  3. Accept the agreement that is necessary to create an account.
  4. On the highlighted item, press enter again.
  5. Using the virtual keyboard, enter the email address that will serve as your username, then move down and press enter.

Now you can use your account for Samsung Smart TV and enjoy all the new products from the manufacturer.

Can I use another TV?

Today, it is possible to create an account not only on the Samsung UE55D8000. However, you will need to go through synchronization with the server, to do this, do the following:

  1. Click on the blue button "D".
  2. Select the line "Development", which will be at the end of the list.
  3. Select the IP setting and enter the server address
  4. Start the synchronization.
  5. After the process is completed, you will have the InterstatlPTV application installed.
  6. Go to the settings menu by clicking on the red “A”, so you exit the develop mode.
  7. You must exit the Smart Hub.
  8. Again we go into the application and select InterstatlPTV, we start using TV.

If you have Samsung TV version C:

  • Click on Internet @ TV
  • open the settings and enter the ID,
  • you register the user - develop,
  • further on "enter",
  • enter any 4 digits above and below. Click on enter.

When is your TV E / ES:

  1. Click on SMART
  2. Enter the user, as in the previous version
  3. Confirm.

  • on the remote control from the TV, select the "menu",
  • go to Smart functions,
  • find the account and enter develop there,
  • password will be: sso1029dev !,
  • put on a password and press enter,
  • exit the menu.

Thus, you can purchase a special TV for watching Smart TV from Samsung and use simple settings to create an account. Or synchronize your TV with a server from Samsung, then enjoy the quality and quantity of features from modern development.

Internet connection via cable:

In the event that you choose to connect via cable, the first thing you need to find on the back of the TV is the connector for the LAN cable. After you can find this connector, you must insert the Internet cable into it as shown in the photo:

The next step is to go to the TV settings menu. There is a special button on the TV remote control (see picture), after which you click on the Smart Hub interface.

Also, if you do not want to control the TV from a conventional remote control and you have a mobile device on the IOS or Android platform, we can recommend installing the completely free Smart TV Remote application, with which you can control the TV directly from your phone or tablet. You can install the application in the Play Market or the App Store.

In the TV menu, select the “settings” section, then go to the “network settings” where in front of us there is the opportunity to configure the Internet.

Choose a cable. Press the “connect” button and wait for the completion of the setup.

Here, quite a bit of time has passed and the Internet on your TV is already set up. If you don’t need to know how to connect the Internet via a Wi-Fi wireless network, we recommend that you go directly to the second step.

Internet connection via Wi-Fi:

We also open the main menu of the TV using the button on the remote control.

In the menu we find “settings”, and in them we already find “network settings”, where it becomes possible to configure wireless Internet connection. Between the “cable” and the “wireless” we select the wireless network. Among the listed list of available connections, select your network, and if it has a password, enter it. Click on “update” and wait for the configuration to complete.

After a few seconds, the wireless network on the TV is set up.

The second step is to register and create an account.

Registration is a mandatory procedure for the normal operation of Smart TV and its services on Samsung TVs. Therefore, our next step in the setup will be the registration and creation of an account in the Samsung system. It is quick and easy to do, so if it turned out to you to independently set up the Internet on your TV, registration should not cause difficulties either.

First of all, we go to the Smart Hub menu by pressing the already familiar button on the TV remote control. Then we press the red button A on the remote control. After pressing it, the account login window should appear.

Select the item “create an account”
We see “Terms, privacy policy for Samsung accounts”. We check the boxes that we have read and accept these conditions (check boxes are obligatory, but it’s not necessary to read them).

Next, enter the email data, which will become our ID. If you have not yet created an e-mail, you can create it in a few minutes using the services Mail.Ru, Yandex or Google. A confirmation email will be sent to the entered email soon.

After entering the data, we invent and remember the password for the account (in order not to invent the password several times, we recommend entering a password of 8-15 characters in length using letters and numbers). When you log into your account, you will use it.

It is also necessary to indicate the name, surname and date of birth (in case you forget the password, the system will ask you for these details). Optionally, you can uncheck the checkbox for consent to receive messages about Samsung services.
Now you need to complete the registration via email. You can do this through the TV’s browser, but we recommend that you do this through a computer or mobile device — you will save both time and nerves.

We are looking for a new letter from Samsung by e-mail, open it and complete the registration in the attached link.

Now that the registration is complete, there is only the last step left before fully setting up the TV.

The third (last) step is logging into the account

Immediately after you register, the “login” window appears. If it does not appear, you need to go to the menu of the Smart Hub interface, find the item “Samsung account”.

There you will be prompted to log into your account. Enter the username (name of the email specified during registration) and the password (the same one that you thought up when registering on the TV), put a check mark in front of “Remember password”, click “Login”

Done! Smart TV features on Samsung TVs are now available for you. Congratulations on your self-tuning and enjoy your enjoyment!

All the best and see you soon.

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Technology users are interested in how to create a single account and register Samsung TV and Smart TV recordings in one and whether it is possible. Yes, this can be done by strictly following the instructions. Before you start registration, you should make sure that the router is in front of the TV, and not behind it. Creating an account is possible when the device is connected to the Internet. Packet speed must exceed 20 Mb / s.
For successful registration, follow the instructions:

  • Turn on the TV and press “SMART”
  • Open the “SMART HUB” application, go to the menu
  • Now proceed directly to registration.
  • Go to the application menu, using the remote control, press the button A. After that, “Input” will appear
  • The next step is to select “Create an account”
  • In the upper field, enter the email to which you have access. This will be the login.
  • Create and enter a password. It should not be too short or long, within 8-15 characters.

An important point! Please note that the password must be unique. It must consist of letters, numbers and special characters. However, you cannot use three or more identical characters in a row. Please note that email is not allowed in full or in part.

  • Now you need to accept the "Terms of Service Agreement."
  • Now a window with the text “Create Account” will pop up on the screen. In the upper field “Samsung Account” you need to register a valid email and press Enter.
  • Now write in the "develop" field. Please note that character input is done using the virtual keyboard.
  • Below are 2 fields - “Password”, just below “Password Verification”. This should be a combination of 6-15 characters.
  • Be careful when entering, passwords must match.
  • Confirm with “OK”
  • After that, a field with an inscription in English will appear and a check must be put next to it.
  • Click on “Create Account”
  • A message will pop up on the screen indicating that a “develop” account is being created. At the end, the question “Continue?”. Click “OK.”

Samsung Smart TV account created.

  • When the “Login” window pops up, select “develop”.
  • Enter the passwords, then check the box, click on “Login”.

Now you need to configure synchronization with TENET-TV:

  • Go to the application menu “SMART HUB”
  • On the single control, press D.
  • The “Settings” window will appear and select the “Development” option, press Enter.

Attention! To call the “Settings” command in some versions of TV firmware, you need to use the “TOOLS” button.

  • Select “Configure Server IP Address.” And press Enter
  • Enter in the field and confirm. This is necessary for synchronization with the application “SMART HUB”
  • Select “Sync user applications”
  • After completing the process, a message appears on the screen stating that the new TENET-TV application has been added and you have the opportunity to use it.
  • Go to the “SMART HUB” menu
  • Go to TENET-TV

Now see if your TV is registered on the official website of Samsung

If the answer is no, then enter the username and password in the appropriate fields. If all the data is entered correctly, then after a couple of seconds your TV will be registered. If you make a mistake, a message will appear on the screen about the incorrect login or password.

If everything is done correctly, then after setting up, you can use the new features from Samsung's applications and expand your Internet access through the TV. Setting up models from different series may vary slightly, but the principle is approximately the same.


Users are wondering if another TV can be used to create an account. It is possible, but you will have to go through synchronization with the server.

You can do this as follows:

  • press the D button and select “Development” from the list,
  • poke into the IP address setting, enter the following combination in the field -,
  • start synchronization,
  • after the process is completed, InterstatlPTV is installed on the device,
  • go to the menu, press button A on the remote control (this is necessary to exit the "develop" mode),
  • exit the “SMART HUB”.

After that, go back to the application and start InterstatlPTV. Now you can use the television. You must understand that regardless of the TV model and its functionality, it is necessary to ensure that the TV is actively connected to the Internet.

If you have Samsung Smart TV version C, then click on Internet @ TV and open the settings. Enter the ID and write “develop” in the username and click Enter. Also fill in the password field, then press enter. If you are an E / ES television user, the setting will be the same as in the previous version.

F Series televisions have some features. To create an account, select the menu on the remote control. Go to Smart. Find the account field and type “develop.” You do not need to invent a password yourself, transfer the following combination: sso1029dev !.
Remember to check the box next to save. Now click input. Exit the menu.

With these detailed instructions, you can turn your TV into a multifunctional device with lots of Samsung apps. This is possible using the simplest settings that will help create a user account. Synchronizing TV with the company’s server will allow you to enjoy the number of features and their high quality.