Useful Tips

Friendship with sex


Perfect friendships with bonuses will help you to have a good time both in the restaurant and in bed without any special emotional costs for this. Sometimes it is difficult to draw a line between friendship and courtship, but if you follow the tips below, you can get a great relationship without obligations, in which no one will be traumatized. Just relax and enjoy a guide to the mysterious world of privileged relationships.

Good side

No need to look for sex, no need to go anywhere. There’s no need to offend anyone in the spirit of Barney Stinson when you are looking for a girlfriend for one night. Two adults enter into an agreement to provide each other with sexual services. Ideally, this implies zero personal interest, and this is so necessary for people who are tired of serious and not very relationships, hopes and all that. It is these people who choose this form of relationship.

And now the bad side

The emotional side. Usually no one lives up to the tenth meeting. If the relationship ends after three or four meetings, it is absolutely clear that the girl (most likely) fell into emotional dependence from the dude, builds castles in her head, invents names for children, and thinks about getting to know his mother. In short, if a girl is smart, she will stop it right away, if she’s a slab, you will have to. But it is very difficult not to fall into emotional dependence. The main thing in friendship with sex is choosing the right partner.

The choice. Sophisticated, bitch, choice.

The most important principle is the choice of a girl who is truly satisfied with such a relationship.

Typically, these girls are divided into two groups.

1. Those who simply can’t live without a guy

Despite the rapidly moving feminism in the world, girls who cannot survive without a strong male shoulder, at least chew booty. She will assure you that she does not feel emotional involvement, but this is not so. When she realizes that all that keeps you two together is sex, she will immediately break off your relationship. After all, she just hoped. Try to break the relationship as quickly as possible, you're not a sadist, man. Oh yes, never trust a girl who repeats as a mantra “We only have sex / you and I have no emotional involvement”, she had seen a snotty movie with Mila Kunis and will now suffer.

2. Those who do not need a man nafig

But these are really enough now. Sometimes it’s just an insult to an old relationship, and sometimes this woman doesn’t need a relationship at all: she already has something to do. But I want to fuck. You can even be friends with such women later, though. Truly like bros. And occasionally fuck.

So how do you start such a relationship?

Understand, for starters, that this is more than once. At one time - random connections, but our case is not at all from this opera. First, you need to make friends with a girl in order to understand what kind of person she is and what she, in fact, needs. If a girl needs a relationship, our advice is: quit this thankless job, do not break the girl’s heart. When you are convinced that this girl is, openly offer her friendship with sex, do not wobble. Say it bluntly: “We are both not looking for anything serious right now, so why not have some fun while we are still young and find our halves?” If she is from the right type of girls, she will agree.

What does it look like from the outside?

Each arrangement has its own rules, friendship with sex is no exception. These principles will help you keep the situation under control.

1. Do nothing together except sex

This is cruel, but correct. Do not walk under the arm under the moon, do not go on dates, and especially do not spend the weekend together. Otherwise, emotional dependence, all things. In addition, do not forget that this kind of relationship with a strong lady is tantamount to the contest "who first becomes emotionally dependent." You don’t want to lose, right?

2. No need to do this too often

Ten times is the limit; it’s better to stretch it in time. Much does not mean good, do not overeat!

3. Be honest

If you have someone serious, say so, she will understand. If you're tired - just say so. This is adult behavior.

4. Keep yourself in control

If you learn about other dudes, don’t shake your eggs: it’s not yours.

5. Keep this kind of attitude to secret

In general, talk less with your tongue, you can create a bad reputation for yourself and for a girl, all kinds of swingers are flourishing in enlightened Europe, and in the territory of the former CIS this kind of relationship is the same whore only in profile. And never think that other people do not care: few people dislike washing other people's bones.

6. Respect her

This is not some kind of youngster that you met at the club, hung noodles on your ears and took advantage of it. She is a partner - and that’s the point. The less you respect her, the faster it will all end.

When and how does it end

All good things come to an end. When, we already roughly know - focus on ten times. But how?

1. If you fell in love

Remember the principle of honesty. Tell her straight. If she, too, is experiencing something for you, you can live happily ever after. If not, then no!

2. If you feel that she is falling in love, and you yourself do not feel anything

Put an end to this - the sooner the better. She may want to continue, but it will only break her heart. Do not do that!

3. If you found another girl

Tell me honestly. And do not have goodbye sex - you're going to start a relationship.

4. If she finds another dude

Run away, of course, it's over! And don't make her a scene!

But personally from the editorial staff, we note that friendship with sex is not friendship at all. If you had a good relationship before, then you are unlikely to keep them the same (guess why). If this is your ex, the situation is the same. In short, in any case, this relationship, despite all its honesty, does not smell of honor, it is pure destructivism. And what do you think?