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How to cheer yourself up and others


Mood - this is an emotional state of a person - a long general psychological background with moderate or weak intensity ... Everyone knows well what it means to have a good, excellent, joyful mood ... or depressed, sad ...

Everyone understands how mood affects life activity, communication and relationships between people, activities and success. But probably few people know how to cheer upif it suddenly fell and became bad.

Today, on the website of Psychoanalyst-Matveyev.RF, you, dear visitors, will learn how can a person cheer up: yourself, your girlfriend, boyfriend ... man or woman ...

And most importantly, you will find out how to cheer yourself upbecause if you are personally in a bad mood, then you cannot raise it for another person ... the mood, whether it is bad or good, is “contagious.”

How to cheer yourself up

As you know, mood - this is an emotional reaction, response, but not to the situation, the event "here and now" (this is a situational emotion or affect), but to the significance for you of any events or life situations in the context of your overall life plans, interests and expectations.

In other words, your good or bad mood depends on how you feel about a particular situation, what you think, imagine, and how you interpret it ...

And you think, imagine and interpret ..., you are based on your worldview: your inner beliefs about yourself, other people and the world as a whole, as well as, based on your interests, needs, life plans and expectations from this situation, and from life in general ...

for example, the guy wants to get acquainted with the girl - he has an interest, need, plan, and expectation that he will be reciprocated ... He approached the girl ... began to get acquainted ... but he was "sent off" ...
The mood can go bad all day ... because he will interpret, think about this situation on the basis of an unfulfilled need and an unfulfilled expectation ... (frustration, “bummer") ... that is. while he is negative about this situation, he will have a bad mood.

And vice versa, if they reciprocate, i.e. his interest, need will be satisfied, and the expectation will come true, the guy will have a good mood.

Frequent change of mood, or a drop in it, as well as a long “freeze” in a depressed mood, may indicate that a person has the appropriate temperament, character accentuation, as well as anxiety or depressive disorder ... or other psychological problems ... then, to raise the mood may need treatment and the help of a therapist ...

However, most just need to know how to cheer yourself up, and change your emotional background.

So how to cheer yourself up:
If you have been cheated in a store or hurt your car, then you should clearly understand that not those louts ruined your mood, but your own interpretation of this situation ... rudeness in a public place or on the road should cause a situational emotion or affect, i.e. a negative feeling will arise directly in the situation, and after a while it will work out and pass.

If you remain in a bad mood for the rest of the day, or even longer, then of course you need to urgently raise your mood by performing a simple mental exercise ... spending 10-15 minutes on it.

  • Find a comfortable place, sit in it and relax ... you can use the right breath and any method of relaxation (self-hypnosis techniques, psycho-training Silva ... auto-training ...)
  • Remember the situation after which you fell, your mood turned bad ... imagine it in your imagination as colorful and vivid as possible ...
  • Watching this “video clip” in your head, catch the very moment of switching from a good mood to a bad one, that is, presenting the situation in your mind, you see, hear and feel, as if from the outside, everything that is going on well - the mood is excellent ... all of a sudden, the situation is changing, something is “click” ... and the mood has dropped to almost zero ... Remember the very moment of the “click” ...
  • Then, think up a new, happy continuation of the situation in the fantasy after the “click” ... imagine this new situation as bright as possible, using all the senses ... remember it ...
  • Further, imagining the “old” bad ending in the form of some imaginary object, “burn” it in an imaginary ritual fire ...

  • After that, return to your imaginary “video clip” again, living in your mind a situation: everything is good - click - and a new, good continuation ... watch this new video three times in all colors ...
    If you have visualized well, imagined this new situation, then you will cheer yourself up because our brain doesn’t care, in reality there was a situation or it was invented virtually ...
  • To consolidate the success of raising your spirits, and then, in the future, in similar negative situations, you would have a great mood, come up with two or three new sequels to your “video clip” ...

    The same people, who are often in a bad mood and cannot raise it themselves, should seek the help of a psychologist online, because perhaps there is a need to solve deeper, intrapersonal psychological problems ...

    How to cheer up a girl (woman)

    To cheer up your girlfriend, you need, no less, understand what she subconsciously wants ...

    There are traditional, in a separate culture, desires and needs of a girl (woman), and there are individual ...

    Traditionally, it is generally accepted that girls “love with their ears” ... that “all” girls want to marry, have a family, have children, and have a caring, attentive, generous, and unpretentious husband ...

    Individual needs can be identified in the process of communication and observation, with the help of the ability to read thoughts through body language ...

    Having defined her wishes and needs, and at least creating the impression of their satisfaction (the same fantasies), you can easily cheer up girl, which means you can manage it (the last one, I highly recommend not messing around - it is fraught ...).

    How to cheer up a guy (man)

    Girls and women also want to know how to cheer up a guy, to his man ... or maybe not to his, maybe to the man on whom something depends, because his decisions and attitude towards you may depend on the mood of the guy or the right man ...

    It’s even easier for a girl to cheer up her boyfriend, you just need to get to know his inner world better. Any woman, with the right approach, can not only cheer up and control a man, but, if desired, “twist the ropes from him” ... (I also do not advise doing this) ...

    To cheer up guy, girls should know the main thing that traditionally most men more perceive logic and common sense, they are less sensual and emotional (this is not natural, this is an internal prohibition on education), therefore, if a man is busy with business or is worried about something, then women’s shusi-pusi "at this moment subconsciously perceived as a mockery, ie can cause defensive aggression (although some loving guys hold back ... but it’s just a strong-willed or well-educated restraint, which means accumulation of negativity, which will then splash on you anyway) ...

    Being able to read the thoughts of a man, determining his hidden feelings and needs, you can easily cheer up a guy and any man. and that means placing him in his possession ...

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    Possible causes of mood decline

    • When, due to various circumstances, we cannot get what we want at the moment, especially if we apply our efforts to this. This happens in situations where our desires and opportunities do not coincide. Then we are disappointed.
    • Feeling unwell, various diseases. Physical ailments lead to mental disorders.
    • Lack of sleep and rest significantly increases the tendency to depressive states. This is our natural need, which cannot be neglected.
    • Hormonal disorders that can occur during certain periods of life (pregnancy, menopause) or, for example, as a result of treatment.
    • Constant concern for someone or something.
    • The influence of others. We can experience negative emotions because they do not pay attention to us, criticize, do not reciprocate love and care, do not recognize achievements, do not provide support, etc.
    • Experiencing stress.
    • Conflicts, quarrels quite often emotionally devastate us.
    • Waiting for some unpleasant event.
    • Doing an unloved affair. This usually takes a lot of strength, but moral satisfaction does not occur.
    • Financial difficulties.
    • When we experience any negative feelings (envy, jealousy, hatred, fear), then the mood decreases.
    • Personality traits predisposing to experiencing negative emotions (melancholy type of temperament, anxiety, suspiciousness, self-doubt and others). In this case, raising your spirits is not so easy, since serious internal work is needed to overcome the complexes. But with great desire, and this is very possible.

    Free up space for positive

    • Do the cleaning. It has long been observed that order in things leads to order in the head and in the soul. Laying out things in their places, we achieve stability in emotions.

    Throwing away something unnecessary, we sort of get rid of negative thoughts and feelings, free up space for positive energy and fresh ideas.

    • Get rid of negative emotions. This can be done by splashing them in a constructive way. Write on paper, draw as a picture, crumple and discard or burn. You can shout a little "nowhere" (without scaring anyone at the same time) or beat soft inanimate objects.
    • Sleep is one of the best medicine.. If you do not get enough sleep, then brain activity decreases, and with it the mood. Sleep - and you will feel a surge of vivacity and desire to act. Neglecting rest and sleep and thus wanting to have time to do more, we are engaged in self-deception. After all, the body wears out, and we begin to work “half-heartedly”, without enthusiasm. As soon as you allow yourself to fully sleep, immediately feel a surge of vigor and can act faster and more efficiently.

    Act, strive, change!

    1. Take care of what you like. Each person has a favorite cause, which charges with positive energy and helps to cope with a bad mood.
    2. Take a walk. Visit the park, walk from work to home, take a trip to the countryside. The main thing - find yourself in the fresh air. Saturation of the brain with oxygen helps to improve the state and mood, the emergence of new ideas and bright thoughts.
    3. Get creative. Many famous works of art were born among famous figures at precisely such moments.
    4. Sports and occupational therapy are also effective ways to deal with blues.
    5. Smile! Himself in the mirror, his loved ones, passers-by on the street. This is exactly the case when, giving positive emotions to others, you will feel in response to their double portion. Just like in the children's song "Smile".
    6. Please yourself with a new purchase or just go shopping.
    7. Complete the work you have begun: that which you constantly put off or for which you were afraid to take.
    8. Maybe try to change something in your life? The choice here is wide: from appearance (hairstyle, clothing style, etc.) to the development of new activities.

    Your main assistant is you!

    To quickly elevate your mood, you can use the following methods.

    • Give yourself a compliment. Praise yourself for any achievements, even the smallest ones.
    • Within 30 seconds, remember 3 of your strengths. They will be your internal resource in overcoming a bad mood. Recognize these traits in yourself, and they themselves will help you deal with the negative.
    • Chat with a loved one, with a girlfriend. It is important that this is the one you trust. Moreover, the effect for raising the mood can be given both by the communication itself and the exchange of interesting information, as well as the opportunity to receive outside support.
    • Watch your favorite movie. It is doubly effective if it is a comedy. A good opportunity to recharge with positive emotions.
    • Listen to music or dance (you can combine everything). If you sing along with it - even better! The more emotions you throw out in different ways, the faster you are released from the negative. So make the music louder and come off to the fullest!
    • Browse Photo Album. Pleasant memories and the opportunity to once again plunge into the positive emotions that are captured in the photo will make you distract from gloomy thoughts and add a touch of positive to your mood.
    • Do something good. It can be a small gift to your loved ones (colleagues, friends), a phone call or an SMS message with warm words. Take care and attention. Make a delicious dinner for your husband or take your child to an amusement park. Help someone who needs it. Now it is very easy to take part in various charity events. Even a small contribution can help to improve and save someone’s life. Help others - and the soul will become easier!

    Let the tasty be positive!

    • Eat something tasty, something that is now to your liking. It is proved that some products have in their composition substances that contribute to raising the mood (serotonin, tryptophan, endorphin and others). These include: oily fish, cheese, eggs, nuts, seeds, chocolate, bananas, citrus fruits, avocados, whole grains.
    • If you got up in the morning in a depressed mood, then the cause may be a lack of glucose in the blood. A sweet drink (coffee or fruit juice) will give you vitality and help you feel better. And be sure to have breakfast properly. Cereals, eggs, fruits are perfect.

    For body and soul

    Stress and apathy always take possession of both the body and our emotions. Therefore, in the fight against them, both physical exercises and psychological methods will be effective.

    1. Take a shower. The feeling of freshness cheers up. From the jets of falling water you can get a massage effect. The most suitable in this case will be a contrast shower.
    2. Use breathing techniques. We do not notice how under stress we literally catch our breath, which leads to a lack of oxygen. Or, conversely, it can become more frequent, which also violates its rhythm. The most basic action is to take three deep breaths through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Over time, you can master longer breathing techniques that will help improve your physical condition and get rid of negative experiences.
    3. Relaxation (relaxation). This method is based on the use of special exercises when you take a comfortable pose, focus on sensations in different parts of the body and present pleasant images. For example, you can imagine how you sway in the waves or lie on the beach, and your body is blown by a pleasant warm breeze.

    Positive in your pocket: pleasant little things for every day

    You can come up with and make symbols that will always help to cheer you up.

    • "Positive figure". Make any of the souvenirs you have (or buy a new one) a talisman of positive emotions. You can carry it with you, you can just keep it on your desktop or shelf on your home shelf. Look at the figure more often and recharge with positive energy.
    • "Notebook of good mood." Type a notebook with a life-affirming phrase on each page, for example: “I can cope with any difficulty” or “Today is my day!” You can use the sayings of famous people, but it’s best to come up with a list of phrases that are meaningful to you.
    • "Calendar of solar emotions". Make it to order or print yourself a wall-mounted desk calendar with your photos on each page (corresponding to each month). Important conditions are that they reflect any positive aspects of your life or that you smile at them and look happy.
    • "Good Luck". Make a beautiful small envelope (in the style of hand-made), put in it cards, “predictions” or motivational cards in the style of “Your salvation in creativity”, “Color the life of others, and yours will also become brighter”, etc.

    How to cheer up other people

    If we find ourselves in situations where our relatives or friends are experiencing certain difficulties and are not in the best mood, then we are faced with the task of supporting them and charging them with positive emotions. How to cheer up a friend or girlfriend? The following methods will help you do this.

    How to cheer up a guy

    1. If your loved one doesn’t make an appointment, doesn’t invite you, tries to “temporarily close” everyone, still find the opportunity to visit him. You will be together - and this is important! Мы можете посмотреть фильм, послушать музыку, потанцевать с ним. Если он упорно отказывается, то начните сами энергично приплясывать и скажите, что хотите научить его новым движениям.Take along some foods to make some delicious food. Most likely, your friend will be involved in this process with you.
    2. Take care and take care of the guy. Let him relax and for a while distract from the role of the conqueror. Buy something for a friend, tidy up his things, etc.
    3. Talk to him openly and support him. Sometimes it’s enough just to listen to a friend, to be near. Try to make him share his feelings. Try to reflect your vision of the situation, recommend something to him, because men always seek to find a solution to the problem.
    4. Give a friend a massage, help his muscles relax. This is rarely anyone refuses, moreover, such actions bring together.
    5. Invite him to a cafe, cinema, club, bowling, etc. Pleasant leisure will always help to distract from negative thoughts.
    6. Select together on the nature or just walk along the street, in the park. Fresh air and the opportunity to have a casual chat will help to cope with stress.
    7. Get the guy involved in something by saying that you need his male help. For example, repair something or figure out a new gadget that you recently purchased.
    8. Invite him to do what he has not done yet, but would very much like to. For example, parachute jump, fly in a wind tunnel or go snowboarding. All men are more or less attracted to extreme sports. In this case, there is a powerful surge of adrenaline, which is useful in the fight against bad mood.
    9. Dream together or plan for the future. Dreams will help to experience pleasant emotions, and plans will bring constructive and specifics that men love so much.
    10. View your collaborative photos that are filled with positive experiences. Ask a friend to show you a children's album, comment on your photos.
    11. Have a relaxing session with the guy (of course, subject to his consent). When he takes a comfortable pose, invite him to completely relax and voice the pleasant images that you need to imagine.

    How to cheer up a girl

    Many methods are similar to the previous ones, but there are some peculiarities.

    1. Give a sincere compliment. Observe something that was not told to her before (in beauty, in clothes, in skills, in internal qualities). The main thing is not to flatter, but to highlight what you really like.
    2. Invite to a cafe, a movie, a park or an exhibition. Ask her about your impressions, share your emotions, try to communicate more.
    3. Be sure to listen to the girl. Let her be emotional, cry into your vest, express your feelings.
    4. Give her a surprise. This may be some small gift or invitation to spend time in an original way.
    5. Joke, tell a funny story. Women love male humor very much and return their laughter in gratitude.
    6. Cook something for the girl. The fair sex appreciates men's culinary fantasies and abilities. In extreme cases, you can simply pamper the girl with some purchased goodies.
    7. Give flowers. They rarely leave women indifferent.
    8. Warm the warmth of your arms and kiss. It always gives strength and helps to cope with the negative.

    How to cheer up by correspondence

    This is true when you exchange messages by phone, email or on social networks.

    • As in a normal conversation, ask what happened, what is the reason for the bad mood and anxiety. Emotionally join a friend (girlfriend) with the help of sincere comments: “I am very sorry”, “Yes, it must be hard”, “I understand your anxiety”, etc.
    • Just write warm words of support and recognition (depending on who you are talking to: just a friend or loved one). Send an inspirational poem, if possible - of your own composition.
    • Try to distract from negative thoughts by asking some conversation topic. Share your impressions and ask the opinion of the guy (girl) on this issue.
    • Send a positive picture or video that will make you smile. You can choose them depending on the problem that bothers the person. For example, with the help of this, give self-confidence to a friend (girlfriend), push him to some important decision, stop worrying, etc.
    • Variety of messages with emoticons and various symbols. The main thing is not to overdo it.
    • Take your photo with a sign in your hands, which will be some inspirational phrase, and send it to a loved one.
    • You can take advantage of the offers of social networks and send a virtual gift that also helps to cheer you up.

    By all means, draw positive energy into your life. Start smiling, and over time it will become a habit. Laugh and thereby strengthen your health. Do good deeds and you will feel that you can change the world. Agree, this is a powerful argument for uplifting.

    How to cheer up a young man

    First, meet the young man kindly from work or school. No matter how angry and depressed he is, he will not become rude in response to affection. Any rudeness is unarmed against a female smile.

    If you live together, the next step should be a delicious lunch or dinner, which should cheer up a young mood. Delicious food and a romantic setting will not leave anyone depressed.

    It’s easy to have a conversation. And in no case should you ask why the young man came home so depressed. If he wants, he will tell you about it.

    Even if a young man is rude to you, do not react too violently. Be sure in a few hours it will pass. If you answer rudeness to rudeness, then you can finally spoil the mood not only of a young man, but also of himself.

    And then you don’t have to wonder how to cheer up a person, but have to think about how to cheer yourself up.

    If you know that a guy is depressing something for several days, then you can prepare a small gift for him. He will understand that you are very dear to him and will not tear off your anger at you. Do not give any expensive gifts to improve your mood. Just buy a cute souvenir that will talk about how much you love a young man.

    After a hearty and tasty dinner, you can invite a guy to spend a romantic night. If the guy does not want sex, then do not insist. You will not be forcibly sweet. No need to insist. If a guy wants to conquer a girl, then he will immediately begin to act.

    What will cheer up a guy

    There are situations when a guy is frankly depressed. With the naked eye you can see that his eyes are in a wet place. Give him the opportunity to speak and cry. Do not treat this as nonsense and blame it. You have to convince the guy that he is very dear to you, and you can always come to his aid. Most importantly, do not humiliate the dignity of a man, just try to help him, try to cheer him up.

    If the guy says that everything is in order, but actually very upset, then in this case it is best to talk about what happened, which is called "heart to heart". Everything that a young man tells you should in no case be followed by strangers.

    Invite the young man to go somewhere together. The best way to unwind and cheer up is a joint trip to a museum, theater or night club. It is safe to say that all this will help the guy relieve stress.

    Maybe the young man urged you not to call guests and not to go anywhere. In this case, you just need to be together, maybe just lie on the bed with the young man. You can talk with a young man on abstract topics.

    To cheer up a person, you can play board games with a young man that can cheer you up. But, in no case do not allow yourself to constantly beat him. This state of affairs can only exacerbate his depression.

    You can visit close relatives together to help you answer the question of how to cheer up a guy. Perhaps they will help you and the young man to unwind.

    But the most important advice will be the desire not to bring yourself to a bad mood or depression. You need to be able to leave all the problems and troubles in the past and not bother them with their heads. Advise the guy to be upset over trifles and be able to joke any life troubles.

    What to do to her husband to cheer up

    A wise and intelligent wife will immediately see changes in her husband’s behavior, see that his mood has deteriorated. It is very important at such moments to be close and figure out what is the reason, and try to help your loved one or husband overcome this condition. Men are subject to depression no less than women, and these conditions can be much harder and longer.

    The reasons for the change of mood can be different: problems at work, health status, conflicts with loved ones, etc. In men, nervous breakdowns are rare, but, as they say, aptly. They do not follow their words, actions, try to be saved by alcohol. But the condition worsens, and they need your help, and you need the ability to cheer up your husband.

    A loving wife is able to instill confidence in a man with just one word, that he is needed, that life without him is meaningless and empty. He is an important part of their marriage, and the condition of the whole family depends on his condition.

    The best way that you can cheer up a person - is food. It’s worth trying and preparing your favorite dish for your husband. And if you are also setting a table for him - this is generally a holiday. Men are very fond of when attention is shown to them through deliciously cooked food,

    It’s very useful to spend a relaxed evening with your husband watching a great comedy or just a good movie that your heartfelt prefers. Prepare a warm blanket, delicious and fragrant tea and, of course, popcorn. Crunching together is so great!

    Invite your husband's friends to your home, let them cheer him up, showing that friends are nearby. He should know that he is not alone and, apart from family members, are friends next to him. Have a barbecue, beer and a football match. Let them shout, discuss the game, etc.

    Give your husband a good massage, this will help to cheer up your husband. You do not need professional skills; do as you can. The main thing is that your touch gives him care and warmth,

    To cheer up your husband, arrange a romantic evening when there are no children at home. Any woman knows what to wear, how to look and what to do so that the evening becomes unforgettable,

    Help your husband get carried away with his favorite pastime. Let him be alone with him. Such moments always inspire

    Speak encouraging words to your husband more often. Do not bother with him, but simply support or compliment, admiring what he has done. This is a great way to cheer up your husband,

    Make a personal gift - something that can be intended only for him, and hide it. Create a situation that you are looking for something and ask for his help. Let him find it. Such a find will make him smile.

    How to cheer up a person in a hospital

    Life does not often make us happy with happy moments. But much less happiness goes to people who are bedridden by an illness and lose hope of recovery day after day. How to cheer up a patient and how to please him in such a difficult period of his life? You will find the answers to these questions in this article.

    To get started, tell the patient a funny joke or some funny stories. Share with him the positive news that can really please him. Then start a conversation on the topic of interest to the patient, leaf through with him his personal or family photo album.

    To cheer up a person, prepare a favorite person for the sick person or treat him to one of those products that contain “hormones of happiness” - bananas, chocolate, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, strawberries, oatmeal or pineapple.

    Organize a patient meeting with his friends, friends and other people whom he would like to see. Easy, easy communication on pleasant topics, discussion of news and a little gossip will lift his mood and distract him from hard, negative thoughts.

    Bring the patient his favorite magazines, newspapers, books, games, crosswords, turn on his favorite music, television show or film. It is better if it is a comedy or an easy, informative, interesting documentary series.

    Give the sick person the opportunity to stroke his pet, play with him. This will help to cheer up the patient. Animals easily cheer up their owners, soothe and tune them to a positive wave.

    Make sure that the patient does not suffer from excessive fatigue or lack of sleep. Create comfortable sleeping conditions for him and give him the opportunity to sleep well. Make sure that no one bothers the sick person at this time.

    Want to cheer up a person? Then change the situation in the room in which the patient is. Add as many bright, sunny colors to it, hang a beautiful reproduction or picture, put a vase with beautiful flowers near his bed. They are definitely able to cheer up a sick person.

    The most important thing is not to forget that the mood of your loved one depends on your mood and feelings. Therefore, you must make every effort to prevent the depletion of your own resources, as it is simply impossible to raise the mood of the patient, while remaining in a depressed state, despondency and poor mood.