Useful Tips

How to measure weight, volume, height, index


In order to independently measure your height at home, you need:

  • measuring tape or centimeter,
  • pencil,
  • mirror or assistant
  • a small box or a thick book.

Then you need to choose the right place:

  • flat and uninforced floor next to the wall,
  • should be able to stand back against the wall,
  • The floor covering must be concrete, hardwood or tile. There should be no carpet
  • find a place near the door or corner to help guide the measuring tape,
  • if the Internet is an assistant, then it is advisable to find a place with a mirror opposite, because then there will be no need for a hand mirror.

Now prepare yourself for measuring growth:

  • First of all, you need to measure height barefoot, because any shoes and socks can affect the measurement result,
  • should be removed from the head and straighten hair,
  • Now you need to stand with your back to the wall (legs together) and straighten. In this case, the heels, back, shoulders and head should touch the wall. You should retract your chin and look straight ahead.

Now you should do the following:

if you are without an assistant, then:

  • take the box in one hand, and the mirror and pencil in the other,
  • the box should be lowered to the crown of your head and pressed against the wall,
  • Use a mirror to make sure that the box is parallel to the floor and forms a right angle with the wall. Do not tilt the box and head, as this will give incorrect results,
  • Now make a mark on the wall above your head with a pencil. Do not move the box or fingers. Try to draw a line without moving from a position at all,
  • Now measure the distance from the floor to the mark with a pencil with a measuring tape or tape measure.

If you measure with an assistant, then the assistant will make a mark with a pencil, attaching a box or ruler parallel to the wall, then you will also see your height with a ruler or tape measure. By the way, the probability of a more accurate result will be if you measure with an assistant, since with an independent measurement you will not be able to stand directly when drawing a mark with a pencil.