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The rules and nuances of heating food in the microwave


Well, turn it on, of course.

If you put the disk in the microwave, and even turn it on, then there will be fireworks. A small one. The surface of the disc is metallized. And metal burning under the influence of microwave radiation creates such an effect. Experiments can be viewed on YouTube.

If you put an unnecessary CD or DVD in the microwave, you can watch a rather entertaining sight. Under the influence of microwave radiation, the metallized coating of the discs will begin to sparkle and glow from the microflashes, like a Christmas tree.

Indeed, when microwaves are reflected in a metal (most often in aluminum), induced electricity arises. The sparks we see are electric charges. When heated, the metal melts, melting the plastic base of the disk.

Can foil be used to heat food in the microwave?

It is strictly forbidden to heat food components or prepared meals in ordinary food or technical foil. Any experiments, even short-term ones, will lead to undesirable physical reactions. In the best case, sparks and smoke will fall out of the camera, in the worst case - the microwave will fail, while knocking out traffic jams in the apartment.

Even if the foil dish was heated without critical consequences, it is strictly forbidden to eat such food. Most likely, it is impregnated with decomposition molecules of aluminum compounds, which are very harmful to the human body and can provoke the development of a number of pathologies.

Today in hardware stores you can find specialized wrapping paper, the use of which allows you to quickly and efficiently heat food. Dense components, such as fish or meat, are heated by wrapping in foil. Liquid dishes are covered with an improvised lid made of material; it holds its shape perfectly. In this case, the standard exposure time must be reduced.

What happens if you heat baby food in the microwave?

Contrary to popular belief, baby food or breast milk should not be heated in this way. In the process of such processing, the products lose almost all useful components, so the child receives absolutely useless food. And expressed milk, having undergone a number of chemical changes, turns literally into poison, which has a negative effect on the kidneys. It is best to warm up baby food for the baby in the old fashioned way, using a pot or jar of hot water.

In extreme cases, it is allowed to heat ready-made baby food in a microwave oven in the form of vegetable or fruit puree. In this case, open the container, mix the contents and put in a deep container, which is covered with a plastic lid.

How to heat pots in the microwave?

Clay pots do not come into disrepair due to being in a microwave oven, but only if they are made of a matte material. Shiny products can crack even if they easily transfer the temperature of the oven. It is recommended to mix the dish and put in the microwave first for a couple of minutes. Then mix the product again and warm up for another three minutes. Mix again and send for warming up for another 2-3 minutes. All stages are carried out at medium power.

It is strictly forbidden to heat ceramic pots in the microwave! The material consists of pores, the penetration of warm air and electromagnetic waves into which can lead to their explosion.

Rules for heating milk and water in the microwave

It is quite realistic to heat milk and water in a small amount in the microwave to the desired temperature, the main thing is to approach the manipulation correctly.

  • When warming up milk, you should not rush. If you immediately put the liquid on the maximum or prolonged heating, then it can run away, covering all the walls and the bottom of the device. It is better to pour milk into a deep container and warm it up for several short runs at medium power, each time checking the result.
  • When working with water, especially if you need to add it to baby food, you need to act very carefully. Do not heat it in a glass or cup, they often have cracks that you can not notice. It is better to use specialized utensils, and act in the same way as with milk.

Covering containers is strictly forbidden, otherwise the emitted steam will provoke an explosion.

How can I heat food and dishes in the microwave?

Despite the fact that manufacturers allow the use of containers of various types, it is better to use special refractory dishes for specific manipulations. Usually it is made of refractory glass or plastic. Today on sale you can find flat and deep plates, cans, bottles, bowls and cups from similar raw materials. In addition, it is worth taking care of special foil, devices to mix and lay food. It is strictly forbidden to use any kind of metal, polyethylene, cardboard, non-core plastic during the heating process.

How to heat honey in the microwave?

Many people prefer to use sugared or thickened honey in liquid form. To obtain the product of the desired consistency, it is allowed to use a water bath, but the housewives can imagine how much trouble this will entail. The easiest way to melt honey is in the microwave.

To do this, put the product in a deep bowl, knead it with a spoon and heat it up in several passes with an average power of half a minute. At the same time, it is impossible for the temperature to rise above 60 ° C, from this all useful substances in the composition of the component will die.

True microwave oven professionals are able to turn an ordinary egg into an exquisite fried egg and effortlessly evenly heat a complex multi-component dish.

One breakdown - different reasons

If the pan does not spin, cook, as before, it will not work - the food will warm up only on both sides. You can still put up with poor-quality warming up for some time, but we cannot talk about the preparation of raw products.

The easiest way to solve the problem is to contact a service center. But what if it is far from him: to call a private master or to fix the damage with your own hands? It all depends on the cause of the malfunction. The same failure can be caused by completely different conditions. In some cases, it is possible to cope with the problem on its own, in another you can’t do without a specialist.

Why the plate is spinning

The first microwave ovens were not equipped with a rotating tray, they came up with it later. The owners of the first expensive stoves cannot be envied - they manually turned the food over, the device had to be turned on at least twice. Later, developers improved the design of the microwave and automated the process - the technique began to work without human intervention.

In order for the food to warm up evenly, a plate with wheels was introduced into the design. Uniform rotation allows the product to fully warm up in one cycle.

If the plate stops spinning, you can:

  • Do nothing and turn manually. This is not a serious approach, modern technology should work according to the declared functions, without taking the time of its owner and without complicating the cooking process.
  • Find out why the mechanism does not rotate the pan. When the cause of the malfunction is discovered, take measures to eliminate it.

If a malfunction occurs due to carelessness

Do not rush to bring the microwave to the service center or call the master - perhaps the pan does not rotate due to some trifles of a non-technical nature. Then you can eliminate it yourself.

When inspecting the device, pay attention to the following points:

  • The dishes that you put in the chamber are too large - touching the walls, it prevents normal rotation. Because of this, the plate with wheels is completely blocked or spinning jerky.
  • Food fell out of the container placed in the chamber and blocks the movement. Even crumbs clogged between the wheels can cause braking and blocking. Product rotation may also prevent rotation. Suppose you put a piece of meat to defrost, and it is too large and when you turn the pan, it touches the walls - the movement becomes intermittent or completely stops.
  • Perhaps, having cleaned the rotating stand, you incorrectly installed it: if the flanges of the sleeve or the sleeve did not fit correctly into the grooves, there will be no movement. To fix the problem, you just need to put the pallet correctly.

We are looking for a technical reason

If the microwave is inspected, and you did not find anything that prevents rotation, you will have to look for technical problems. Most likely, the microwave oven will need repairs, the degree of complexity of which is again determined by the source of the breakdown.

It is logical to assume that the stop of movement is associated with a malfunction of the torque mechanism. But the problem can be caused even by such a trifle as a burned out internal light bulb - owners of microwaves of the old generation are faced with this. Look for the problems that led to the shutdown in the following components and details:

  • Gear. A broken gear wheel is one of the most common causes of a pallet stop. Replace her. If it does not help, you will need a serious and expensive repair - replacing the engine. Given the cost of such repairs, it is cheaper to dispose of the old device and buy a new one. So you don’t have to spend money on repairs, you will get a new, more reliable and functional model from a reliable manufacturer.

  • Coupling. This coupling mechanism, slipping on the shaft, may prevent rotation. Try to strengthen it by eliminating slippage. Did not help? Then you need to change the clutch.
  • Motor winding. If it is torn, the intervention of the master will be required. The winding is not subject to restoration, it is necessary to change. You can radically solve the problem - change the motor. You can learn about damage to the winding without disassembling the equipment - the smell of burnt varnish appears.
  • Power circuit. To check the integrity of the power circuit, call the wiring tester. Found an open circuit? It is only necessary to eliminate it.

Bulb replacement

In some versions, the microwave backlight is included in the serial circuit. When the lamp burns out, the circuit is interrupted, and the motor turns off. The decision is ill-conceived, but it is unlikely that one of the buyers, when choosing a microwave oven, delves into such nuances - they will know about it when it fails.

In such models, you just need to replace the burned out lamp, and the problem will be fixed.

If the engine breaks down

The most unpleasant reason why the plate does not spin is a broken engine. As mentioned above, replacing the engine is an expensive pleasure, not every owner of a microwave oven can decide on it. We must first calculate the rationality of such a step. Often, a malfunction is associated with a gearbox breakdown or poor-quality wiring. In any situation, a motor replacement is needed.

To understand the causes of the malfunction, you need to know the engine device. Let us consider in more detail the mechanisms affecting the operation of the motor:

Motor shaft. With its help, a rotational movement is performed. Damage to the shaft can be caused by careless handling or interference with its operation, for example:

  • manual braking
  • touching the walls of the chamber with dishes,
  • increased load on the mechanism.

Important! Having bought a microwave oven, be sure to read the instructions to know how to use it correctly, what loads it can withstand.

Motor housing and gearbox cover. Their task is to prevent the ingress of water, food particles and foreign objects into the microwave.

Gearbox. Responsible for the functioning of the rotating element. Gearbox failure rarely occurs - it is a fairly wear-resistant mechanism. When the gears involved in the rotation wear out, it breaks.

Attention! Today, in microwave ovens, instead of metal gears, plastic analogues are used, which does not contribute to the gearbox durability.

To find out the cause of the breakdown, you need to disassemble the device. First remove the panel that covers the engine. Then it is removed and untwisted with a screwdriver and pliers. Often, fat accumulates under the lid - it must be carefully removed without damaging the mechanism. You can use ordinary alcohol or a special composition. When grease is removed, it is necessary to lubricate the important components of the motor and fix the housing.

What motor is needed

For the motor to work fully, it must have low revs and high torque. It also requires high efficiency and energy efficiency. Microwaves use low-power synchronous motors (4 W), making 3-7 revolutions per minute. They easily turn a plate on which several kilograms are set.

To replace a broken motor or gearbox, special talents are not needed - follow the relevant video instructions:

When replacing the engine do not rotate the shaft if you touch the power terminals - you can break the gearbox or you will be shocked. When choosing how to replace a broken part, do not take cheap analogues - they are of poor quality and are unlikely to last long.

Check power

If you find that the dish is broken and the microwave does not heat, it is likely that it simply does not receive power. Perhaps the wires burned out in the motor or the microcircuit was damaged. This problem often happens in homes where there is unstable voltage.

In addition, the failure of the batteries can provoke water that has got inside the case - you will need to deal with the internal block of the stove. Not having sufficient electrical knowledge and skills, it is not worthwhile to independently fix such problems. Do not want to break anything else - entrust the work to qualified specialists.

Depending on the cause of the malfunction and the cost of the repair, you will decide whether to repair or dispose of.

Remember Warranty

When planning to intervene in the "inside" of the microwave, remember that service centers do not like this. If your equipment is under warranty, it is better to immediately give it to specialists. If you open the case - and warranty service will be refused.

If the warranty is out, then you can try to solve the problem yourself. If it does not work out, go to the masters. They have everything they need for diagnosis and repair.

Microwave oven without pan

A microwave is a complex household appliance, a product of innovative technologies. It’s even more offensive when you lose it because of such a trifle as a spinning plate. It turns out that this problem can be avoided in advance if you buy a device without a rotating mechanism.

Inverter oven is the most perfect representative of microwave ovens. Its main difference is the inverter regulation of the magnetron. One of the advantages of such microwave ovens is the absence of a rotary table:

  • No moving parts - less damage.
  • The magnetron is located below, and not from the side - the volume is used more rationally. The capacity of the camera increases. Cooking and defrosting are accelerated.
  • Maintenance is simplified and reliability is enhanced.
  • You can cook several dishes at the same time in different dishes.

Before deciding on an independent repair of a microwave oven, evaluate your capabilities. Definitely do not disassemble the device, which is under warranty.Before contacting the service or the master, be sure to check if there are any obstacles preventing the pan from rotating. When troubleshooting, try not to aggravate the problem.

Check out helpful videos to help you fix the breakdown yourself: