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How to bake cakes and pastries


Any skill begins with desire and practice. But if you want to learn how to bake beautiful cakes, then do not rush to immediately take on the masterpieces from the portfolio of cool confectioners. Start from the basics, gradually moving up the stairs.

Simple recipes - fast results and powerful incentives

It is known that success inspires and gives confidence in a new business. There is only one way to quickly get the desired result - first choose the simplest recipes with simple decor elements available for a beginner.

The easiest way is to learn how to make cakes from ready-made biscuit cakes, which are sold in stores. It is always perfectly even and have the same thickness of the cake. You just have to prepare a cream and decorate the product.

Equipment and tools - necessary tools

If you want to learn how to bake cake cakes, you will definitely need a gas or electric oven. For biscuits, it is convenient to use a multicooker with a baking function (we talked more about this technique and its choice). Of household appliances, you will definitely need a mixer, it is advisable to buy a stationary one to do other things while whipping cream or dough.

If you have a lot of dishes, then most likely you won’t have to buy anything, but make sure there are bowls of different sizes, containers made of plastic and stainless steel, with non-stick and enamel coating, spoons and forks of different sizes.

However, the most important thing in the preparation of confectionery products is the tools for decorating, it is difficult to create beauty with admiration with “bare hands”.

What should be at the beginning confectioner:

  • kitchen scales, measuring glasses and spoons,
  • baking dishes - professionals recommend buying metal non-stick coating with a removable ring, silicone molds and non-stick mats are also useful
  • a confectionery bag with a set of nozzles - it is better to purchase a bag, since working with a syringe is not very convenient,
  • stencils for the quick transformation of simple homemade tori using powdered sugar or cocoa powder,
  • brushes for decoration
  • tools for rolling dough, sugar mass and mastic,
  • vanes for leveling,
  • cling film.

Of consumables you will need: baking paper, border and packing tapes, boxes or disposable paper coasters.

There are many recipes, but there are products that are bought in stock, because they are used very often:

  • dyes
  • vanillin, cinnamon,
  • flavors
  • nuts
  • cocoa powder
  • powdered sugar,
  • impregnation for cakes,
  • milk powder or cream,
  • gelatin,
  • honey.

Later, when you learn how to make cakes and decide on basic recipes, this list will be supplemented by other ingredients.

How to learn how to make beautiful cakes

There are a lot of receptions for decorating home-made confectionery; we will consider only those suitable for beginners.

Mastic is a quick result without flaws. Mastic is a sweet elastic mass that is used to cover cakes and make decorative elements. To cover the cake, the mastic is rolled into a layer (like dough for dumplings) and the product is wrapped in whole or in part with the resulting layer. The result is a finished field for creativity - you can apply other decorations and inscriptions to the surface. You can buy a finished one or do it yourself.

Confectionery spray - a novelty for instant effect. This product deserves special attention, unlike mastic, it does not require any preparation. The spray just needs to be sprayed onto the product, after which its surface will acquire the effect of a flocked coating.

Finished sugar figurines are effortless beauty. Today, a huge selection of ready-made decor for cakes is on sale:

  • flowers for every taste of different sizes,
  • figures of animals and people, including the bride and groom,
  • toys and cartoon characters for children's cakes,
  • figures for anniversaries and children's subjects,
  • inscriptions, names and individual letters,
  • imitation of fruits and berries and other decor.

All kinds of toppings in the form of gold and silver balls, beads, stars look interesting.

Edible decals are another secret of a beautiful cake for those who are just learning the pastry trade. Such pictures are printed with food colors on rice, wafer or sugar paper. The decor is applied to a mastic-lined cake.

Openwork decorations and chocolate figures also quickly turn a regular cake into elegant and festive. Later you will learn how to make chocolate figures, lace and leaflets yourself, but for starters you can buy ready-made decor.

The most popular types of homemade cakes

Cakes made by yourself do not have to be like masterpieces of famous confectioners. Over time, you will have your own flavor, and perhaps your own style. But with all the variety of options, all of them can be divided into several types. Consider the most popular and fashionable ones, because the confectionery world also has its own trends.

Jelly cakes contain a minimum of dough and fat, for which they are valued by adherents of a healthy diet. Jelly is made from sour cream, cream, cottage cheese, soft cheeses, juices, fruits. Read about how to cook and decorate sour cream cake.

Puff pastry products are most similar to homemade ones, as they remind one of Napoleon’s beloved grandmother.

Waffle cakes are suitable for making simple cakes at home. They do not require complex decor and are quickly transformed by sprinkling with chocolate, nuts, and powder.

Honey cake is a favorite delicacy of those who love tender and fragrant dough. The softness of these cakes depends on the cream. If this is a sour cream, then a very soft and delicate dessert will turn out, when using an oil cream, a light crunch will remain.

Biscuit tori are the most popular, dozens of others are distinguished in this group, classifying by the number of layers and tiers, types of cream, type of decoration.

At the peak of popularity there is a naked cake - in this way the sides of the product are not smeared with cream, but left as is, demonstrating cream layers. For registration, fresh fruit is most often used.

Where to improve skills and learn professionalism

If you have been baking sweets at home for more than a day, but want to learn how to make cakes to order, think about courses. There are three options:

  1. One-day trainings and master classes that are held by famous and not-so-culinary specialists. At such events, you can peep pastry decorating options and learn some techniques. However, one should not count on serious results.
  2. Training courses lasting from several weeks to several months. In these classes, you can learn all the stages of baking and decorating - from preparing different types of dough to creating a luxurious decor.
  3. Online courses and online video tutorials organized by professionals and amateurs who have something to share. Someone does it for free, others for money. As a rule, learning on a free basis, you need to understand the processes yourself. In paid classes, the organizers maintain feedback, conduct testing and tests, on which you need to demonstrate the results of the practice.

Homemade cakes are in demand because they are associated with naturalness. Earnings for dessert lovers is an actual direction, but to make it a reality it will take a little more effort than to learn how to bake for yourself. How to make money on pastries is described in detail in our other publication.

If you are determined to learn how to make homemade cakes with your own hands, then start the oven! Only with experience come skills, no books can replace practice.

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Elegant, beautiful chocolate roll with whipped cream and mascarpone cream. Very tender and delicious! How do you like the wonderful decor? Everything is done and decorated with your own hands! . Further

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Cakes have several layers, each of which is smeared with cream. They are necessarily decorated with cream flowers or mastic figures, fruits, grated chocolate. The cake recipes in this section are simple. Learning how to cook them, you can move on to more complex options. Cake recipes very often pass from the older generation to the younger. Therefore, baking cakes at home is often also traditional for a particular family. These cakes usually have their own characteristics, which makes them unique. But this does not mean that the preparation of a delicious cake can remain the property of one family. There are various options for making a beautiful cake. To do this, just go to our website and select the option that you like most in a special selection. Having familiarized yourself with the recipe and following the advice of our authors, you will very quickly learn how to make a festive cake with your own hands, which will be extremely tasty and will surely cause delight among loved ones, guests, and eventually, we hope, will become your signature dessert.

Top 5 easiest recipes

In any business, include common sense first! Do not immediately take on the recipes “with an asterisk”. Choose that simpler. Simpler - it's better!

  1. Cheesecake - the most popular dessert, is on the menu of any cafe and restaurant. Think hard to cook? At first glance, it might seem that yes. But actually it turns out the first time for everyone! In addition, the cost of all ingredients will come out no more than 600 rubles, and the preparation will take a maximum of 20 minutes of your time! Well, if you plan to order an oven, it will be the most profitable cake. After all, you can sell it from 1,500 rubles and more. Do not believe? Then look at the free master class
  2. bird's milk - a cake that we know from childhood. The gentle soufflé dessert melting in your mouth will not leave anyone indifferent. The main advantage of the cake is that it can be cooked in the morning, and already served at dinner.
  3. Pancho - A terrific combination of chocolate biscuit, pineapple and walnuts with a delicate cream. You will like this recipe because you can bake a biscuit in any form, and it does not have to be smooth, perfect - you will cut it into pieces anyway. And the Pancho build is just a song! No alignments or complicated techniques - just soak the slices of biscuit with cream and fold it up!
  4. Mousse cake “Three chocolates” - despite the long name and the word “mousse” that frightens many, this cake will not require fundamental skills from you. Not the cheapest set of ingredients, but the result is a gourmet gift and complete delight!
  5. Pancake cake - a brilliant invention! Each of us will be able to bake pancakes. And the small thing is to mix any cream, grease them with pancakes and put them in a pile! True awesome idea! And most importantly - you can experiment. You can bake yeast pancakes, you can fresh. Add cocoa in them - there will be a chocolate cake. Bake from oatmeal or rice flour - you get a pp cake. And some even manage to make them unsweetened - for example, from the liver or zucchini!

Very often, these recipes are included in the basic courses for beginner confectioners. Clear and consistent, they will become an adornment of any holiday.

Independently and for free

It was with this that I and many of my friends began. How does this usually happen? We are looking for some recipes on the Internet, in books, we take from friends. And it seems like a cool recipe, judging by the stories / photos / reviews. You run to the store, buy a mountain of expensive products, then you don’t get out of the kitchen all day, trying to do everything exactly. But as a result, something didn’t work here, there is a joint, and now, all the efforts of the dog under the tail. Ready cake flies in the bin. Do you know such Internet memes called “Waiting / Reality”? This is exactly where it turns out. I wanted to surprise the guests, but in the end I made fun, and I myself was upset.

And as a result, you will spend energy, time, money, spoil a bunch of expensive products, and everything down the drain. And most importantly, it will be a shame so that all desire to bake something disappears.

Master classes

So why not get real confectioners? Do you think it's long / expensive / tedious?

Not at all! Sign up for a master class to try! By the way, most confectionery schools regularly hold free workshops in webinar format, where they teach live beginners how to make cool cakes in a matter of minutes, share the secrets of skill and answer participants' questions. As a result, you will gain a lot of new information.



Of course, a one-time workshop will not solve all your problems. But then you:

  1. Guaranteed to master the recipe.
  2. You can ask questions of interest live.
  3. Surprise your loved ones with a new treat.
  4. You will understand how easy it is for you to learn.
  5. Decide if the pastry business is right for you and whether to continue your education further.

If the decision is positive, then you should think about choosing full courses.

Online Courses

For some reason, many want to get to live workshops. It would seem that everything is obvious. You stand next to the confectioner, watch how he does it, maybe he’ll even be lucky and they will allow him to hold the mixer in his hands. But in fact, everything turns out to be different than in beautiful films and television shows. For live lessons, as a rule, a large group of students is recruited. After all, it is necessary to beat off the rent of the studio, and to take into account the cost of the products, and many more different expenses. And in the end the bazaar station begins. Someone did not see anything, someone did not hear, someone did not understand and asks to repeat. But he left the course, got home, and completely forgot what to do. But a lot of money was spent, time wasted, and the benefit was not the fact that it would come.

Therefore, I prefer learning online. Modern methods of shooting allow you to create the full feeling that the teacher is standing right in front of you. Everything is perfectly visible, if you do not understand, you can rewind, or even pause it. And most importantly - a complete feeling that you are one on one with the teacher. No one bothers, does not push under the elbow, does not interrupt. And in general, you do not need to adapt, because you can study at a time convenient for you.

As a rule, I watch a video, figure out what's what, and then I go to the kitchen, put my tablet or phone so that I can see it, and start cooking with the pastry chef. Immersion in the process is colossal!

So, in ProfiTroli confectionery school, by the hand with an individual curator, you can go all the way from a beginner to a professional pastry chef. An individual approach to each student decides a lot.
Online courses of the ProfiTroli school:

Course "Beginner Confectioner"

Beginner Confectioner - a step-by-step 2-month online course consisting of 2 main modules (theory / practice), thanks to which you will learn how to cook 7 of the coolest and most unusual desserts. You can please your loved ones and pleasantly surprise your friends. Even experienced confectioners will envy you!

Candy Bar Course

Candy Bar - 2-month online course, consisting of 8 of the most popular desserts, which appeared recently, but have already managed to win the hearts of millions of sweet tooth. These desserts will be a great alternative to traditional cakes and a highlight of any children's or youth holiday, because with the help of them you can arrange a candy bar or a sweet photo zone.

I myself always loved to cook. But I got to a master class on cooking cakes relatively recently. Quite by chance, I discovered a new talent in myself and began to develop it.And for several years now I have been treating my relatives, friends and colleagues with home-made sweets.

What do we need at the initial stage?

How to bake cakes at home? First we need a kitchen. She can be any. It is not necessary to have expensive professional household appliances. Any even the oldest stove and oven will fit. If only everything worked properly.

To knead the dough you will need a mixer or a blender with special nozzles, which will later come in handy for whipping creams. Of course, you can do everything manually with a whisk, but it will take much more time and effort.

The cake does not have to be round. Therefore, square and rectangular shapes are also good. A variety of flowers, hearts and stars - at your discretion. For example, heart-shaped cakes can be easily cut and assembled from a round and square base.

Take care of storing food and finished cakes. You will definitely have to free a separate shelf for this in the refrigerator. And if possible, then buy a separate refrigerator specifically for orders.

This is the minimum toolbox you need. And you will definitely learn about professional gadgets and little tricks in my online school.

Let's start with the main thing - bake cakes

The basis of any cake or cake is cakes. They can be biscuit, honey, sour cream, kefir, from shortbread, puff or custard dough. A variety of options can not be counted.

Each mistress has her own preferences and recipes. In order not to spoil the products and not waste time in vain, find a proven master-class in making cakes. High cakes of small diameter are now in fashion. They look compact and stylish. To collect such a dessert, we need at least 3 cakes.

Cakes without impregnation are dry and lifeless. Therefore, we just need a cream! For my taste, the more cream, the better. The most popular creams are made from whipped cream, condensed milk and butter, sour cream, cottage cheese or mascarpone, there are also various custards, chocolate ganaches and Kurds. For a bright taste and color, you can add a variety of flavors and dyes.

Cake assembly

If you are preparing a cake for yourself and plan to eat it at home, you can collect it on a large flat plate or dish. But if you bake for sale, then it is better to use disposable cardboard or plastic substrates.

We lay the first cake and cover it with an even layer of cream, then on top of it the second cake and again the cream. You can use several different creams and fillers in one cake, lay nuts, berries or jam between layers. If you do not want your masterpiece to look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, then use a pastry bag and spatula to apply the cream.

Decoration and decor

A huge number of decoration options. It all depends on your imagination and the desire of the customer. And do not forget that the price and, in general, the demand for your pastries will depend on the beauty of the cake and its design.

  1. Mastic is a paste based on powdered sugar, similar to plasticine. It is very convenient to sculpt animal figures, fairy-tale characters, comic book and cartoon characters from it. Such cakes are often ordered for children's parties. Their cost ranges from 800 to 2000 p. for 1 kg.
  2. Fresh fruits and berries - not inferior to mastic in the popularity rating. Women who follow their figure like to order them. Yogurt and curd creams are less caloric, and fruits are in perfect harmony with them. In addition, decorating pastries with fruits is the easiest way of all. For such a dessert, buyers are ready to give from 500 to 1500 p. for 1 kg.
  3. Gingerbread figures and sweets are the current favorite in the market. All the salt here is in printed gingerbread with drawings of multi-colored glazes, which are prepared separately, and then stuck into the cake with the help of special skewers, or “glued” to the cream. Cooking such gingerbread cookies is not easy, because in order to decorate them, you need to have a firm hand and artistic talent. In addition to gingerbread, such cakes are abundantly sprinkled with sweets, meringues, dragees, waffles, marshmallows and other ready-made sweets that can be bought at any store. The average price of 1200 - 1700 p. for 1 kg.
  4. Mousse and velor cakes are the latest fashion. They are considered the most difficult to prepare and expensive. Their cost can reach up to 3.5 thousand rubles per kilogram.

Decor is a topic that excites all novice confectioners, that's why ProfiTroli school understands more than 10 options for the actual decoration of cakes, as well as a manual on modern types of decor that every newbie will easily repeat. Just look at the beautiful desserts obtained by students of online courses after a couple of weeks of training.

Could learn how to bake beautiful cakes? Then you probably want to expand the range. What desserts are now at a great price?

  1. Cupcakes - small cupcakes with a massive hat of cream, which is sprinkled with various toppings. The price is 100-200 rubles per piece. But one by one they are not sold. As a rule, the minimum order is completed from 6 pieces.
  2. Trifles - an English dessert made of biscuit, custard and whipped cream. Garnished with fresh fruits and served in portioned cups. The approximate price of 200-300 p. a piece.
  3. Cake pops - round cupcakes worn on a stick. In shape and size resemble Chupa Chups. Top them with chocolate and sprinkled with toppings. The price is 80-150 p. a piece.

How to calculate the cost of a finished cake?

After you learn to cook all these magical sweets, and from the category of beginners go to experienced bakers, you can think about opening your own bakery. And how to make this business profitable, I'll tell you right now.

In the beginning, you need to correctly calculate all the costs and estimate the cost of the cake. For this, you do not need a higher economic education, just look at the recipe and include the following in the price:

  • The cost of products used in the preparation of cakes and cream,
  • The cost of decorative elements, dyes, fruits and toppings,
  • The price of the substrate and packaging,
  • Cake shipping costs,
  • Payment of utility bills (electricity, gas, water).

Make an increase in the amount in which you evaluate your work and time spent.

Correlate the figures with the average market price of such cakes.

Where to find the first customers?

After completing my courses, you should not immediately try to sell your pastries. Try to practice your friends and relatives first. I am sure that they will only be grateful to you for such experiments. And you will beat your hand.

I recommend that you photograph all the creations from different angles, in whole and in cut form, so that you can compose portfolios from these photos or add them to social networking pages.

It is through social networks that it is easiest to find the first customers. Create a separate account on Instagram or place an ad on your wall in contact. Ask friends to repost your entry. More advanced users can create their own baking site. You can advertise on thematic forums and mom blogs, for example, or


Choose only fresh and high-quality products for your cakes. Then satisfied customers will come back to you again and again.

Try to make your style individual. Think carefully about the packaging. It should be not only beautiful, but also ensure the safety of your creations during transportation.

Attach business cards to each order so that customers always have your contacts at hand and they can share them with their friends. Design them yourself or order at an affordable price. You can find all the specialists on the same sites where we were looking for a part-time job on typing.

My advice to you is to make cakes only in a good mood. It is then that they will turn out to be unforgettably tasty. Therefore, I wish you a wonderful mood, more inspiration and new creative ideas! Do not forget to subscribe to my blog and share the link on social networks. See you soon!