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How to grow an orbit


Many flower growers, probably, have already noticed that a wonderful soil appeared in stores in the form of transparent balls. It is written on them that they can be used instead of the usual land and nothing more needs to be added. Just plant a plant and that’s it. This is true, but they are called orbits. What is it and what is needed for, how it works - we will tell in this article.

What are they made of?

These colorful, funny and eye-catching little circles are not really a new invention. The word "orbiz" itself has become popular recently, it is often used by bloggers, but such substances appeared back in the late 50s and are widely used in agriculture, medicine, and children's hygiene products.

The polymer adsorbents of which the balls are made Orbeez - a material that can absorb a lot of water, turning into a gel. At the same time, they increase by about 100 times and are absolutely harmless. Thus, throwing a grain of such a polymer into the liquid in its original form, after a few hours you will no longer get a grain, but at least a cherry-sized kernel.

The name Orbeez has taken root among the people and has long become a household name. Now people call all similar products that way, forgetting that this word is a brand. Diapers are also called diapers today, having almost forgotten the product called Procter & Gamble called Pampers.

What are orbits needed for?

Due to the unique structure and adsorbing properties, they have found their application in various fields:

  1. In gardening. Since they do not contain harmful substances and dissolve perfectly in the earth, saturating it with moisture - any seedlings grow in them faster,
  2. Lovers indoor plantsThey also come in handy. When you go on vacation, and there is no one to water the flowers, add the balls to the ground about half the pot. Now you can be calm, for 2 weeks the soil will be moist enough so that the plants do not wilt. For this invention, it has received a triple name - aqua soil or aqua soil,
  3. Put a gift for you bouquet in a vase with aqua soil - it will last longer. The stems of cut plants do not rot in it, but they get enough moisture,
  4. Diapers for children are also made of them. The absorbent layer consists of small grains and when moisture gets on them they instantly collect it, turning it into a gel.

And children love to play with them.

In this video, Anna Egorova will show what can happen if children are left alone at home with orbiz balls:

What can be done with orbits?

If the baby is afraid to bathe, throw hydrogel balls into the bathtub and he will be happy to get in with them. In addition to these, you can make unusual pictures:

  • Take multi-colored orbits and crush them in a bowl. This can be done by hand, but it’s better to take, for example, a mashed potato crush,
  • Now from the crushed pieces you can lay out any picture with the baby. Perhaps it will seem very simple for older children, but for children 3-5 years old it will do. They gladly pick their fingers in transparent soft pieces and lay out bright drawings on a plate from them.

The content of the article

Orbiz is made from environmentally friendly materials based on polymers. They are absolutely safe for both plants and animals. In the initial form, the size of the balls does not exceed 2-3 mm. Having absorbed water, it grows to 1.5-1.8 cm in diameter.

Orbeez balls are sold in mini-packages (20-50 g each) and after soaking the package gives bulk balls of 2.8-5 liters.

How to grow Orbeez?

  1. Open the package and soak the balls (the whole pack) with clean cold water in a deep container so that they are completely immersed in water. Hold the balls in water for five to six hours. Water can be a little warm, so the balls swell faster.
  2. About a thousand peas of balls Orbiz grows in volume to 3-4 liters in a few hours. Try to take purified, filtered drinking water. Hard water will not allow the liquid to quickly absorb into the hydrogel and spoil the beauty of the toy.
  3. If the balls are large and designed for long-term growth, keep them for more than 24 hours (see time on packaging). Orbiz usually grows 100-300 times from its factory size.
  4. Having absorbed moisture as much as possible, Orbis will become chubby, round, of the same size, will have a uniform color. Excess water should be drained. If you over-hold Orbiz in water (more than a week), they will begin to disintegrate and turn into a homogeneous porridge-like mass resembling wallpaper paste.
  5. A grown Orbis will retain its size for several weeks, but only if stored outside the world, in a closed jar or container. In the sun and in the heat, the balls get crowded in one day.

Orbiz have amazing properties

They are so safe and non-toxic that they will not stain water, dishes, or hands. They do not smell and leave no marks on clothes. If you come across a fake: the balls will not gain enough weight, they will emit an unpleasant odor and even paint. Get rid of such products immediately - it can be life threatening. And buy licensed balls from a trusted seller.

If a child unknowingly ate a ball (dried up or swollen), do not worry - the hydrogel will come out on its own and in no case will it dissolve in the gastrointestinal tract.

When the balls begin to shrink, simply fill them again with water and leave for several hours. And they will again grow in size. To keep the already used Orbis longer, add a little salt in warm water. This will keep Orbeez beautiful longer.

Small balls can be grown often, and only once on the 10-15th can they become unusable. Large Orbis is suitable for growing fewer times, because cracks form on them faster. Play balls while they are new.

How to play with balls?

They really captivate the kids, you can use them for children's development and leisure. And most importantly - it's that simple:

  • Take any container, pour there swollen balls and put your favorite toys. Let the child dig into them with his fingers, take out and lower the fish, for him it will be a great alternative to a basin of water. In addition, fine motor skills develop during such a procedure, and grains pleasant to the touch soothe,
  • Now give him a spoon and a cup and you can forget about him for a couple of hours. He will be happy to catch and shift iridescent lights from one container to another,
  • Children also really like to put round logs in a bottle through a food funnel or transport them in a truck around the house,
  • Massage the legs with them, pour on the bottom of the basin and let the kids trample,
  • You can learn colors with them, folding them into different jars.

The main thing is to ensure that children do not swallow orbits and choke on them, otherwise they are completely safe - not toxic, not smell and dye, do not collect garbage from the floor.

How to grow and store orbeez?

Anyone can handle this, the instruction is simple:

  • The contents of one bag (10 milligrams) will need any container with a capacity of 2 liters. Or consider that for every 200 pieces you need 300 or 400 ml of water,
  • Fill it with tap water, warm or cold - no matter
  • Pour the contents of the bag,
  • Leave to swell
  • It takes about 4 hours for standard sized grains to fully bloat. But there are still large sizes - 6 hours in liquid and gigantic - they need to be in water for up to 40 hours,
  • When the liquid in the container becomes smaller, add it so that it completely covers the rounds.

The transparency of the resulting beads depends on the quality of the water, the cleaner it is, the more transparent. If the water is very hard, orbits can not grow to full size, some impurities do not allow them to swell to the end.

Ready-made balls should be stored in a closed jar or box, sometimes moistened with water, so they hold their elastic shape for several weeks. In the sun, they dry out in a day.

How to make orbits?

It’s easy to make orbits yourself, the products that are available in almost any kitchen are useful:

  • Sunflower oil,
  • Gelatin - 2 packs of 10 g,
  • Food coloring,
  • Water.

The cooking process looks like this:

  • Take a glass and pour gelatin into it,
  • Fill with water 1/3,
  • Next, you need to wait a bit until the gelatin swells,
  • At this time, pour oil into a 0.5 jar almost to the edge and put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes,
  • We heat the gelatin thickened quite a bit and tint with dye,
  • Take a spoon and drip it with gelatin into chilled oil.

The balls are ready, it remains to catch them from the oil. A strainer is suitable for this, put thickened gelatin in it, excess oil will drain. Now put the resulting objects to dry on a clean cloth. That's all, these round balls are practically no different from the branded ones, and they can also be eaten, their composition is completely safe for health.

So, we told you about the orbits, what it is and why they are used. If you decide to buy such a toy for your child, make sure she is safe. The fact is that today there are a lot of Chinese fakes made of substandard, sometimes toxic materials. Real Orbeez are odorless, resilient and pleasant to the touch. Fakes often spread, quickly burst, have an unpleasant consistency.